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(1) Internet says Miss Jamaica, rocking natural hair, was robbed of Miss Universe title (2) Celebs Rally For Cyntoia Brown, A Child Sex-Trafficking Victim Who Killed A Man(3) Indiana nurse...

Started by Universal Divine Being AUSET. Last reply by Universal Divine Being AUSET Nov 27. 1 Reply

...loses job after saying sons of white women 'should be sacrificed' Internet says Miss Jamaica, rocking natural hair, was robbed of Miss Universe title Miss South Africa Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters won…Continue

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Turkeys tossed from plane, rooftop find new home at a Connecticut farm

Started by Universal Divine Being AUSET. Last reply by Universal Divine Being AUSET Nov 23. 1 Reply

Turkeys tossed from plane, rooftop find new home at a Connecticut farmmore…Continue

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Do You Feel Like You Don’t Belong Here? 4 Reasons Why It May Be a Good Thing

Started by Universal Divine Being AUSET. Last reply by Universal Divine Being AUSET Oct 31. 3 Replies

We grow up believing that in…Continue

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Comment by John T. Wills on August 9, 2013 at 2:28pm

A Black Man’s Message

By Thought Provoking Perspectives

I have long wanted to write a message that speaks to black men and family. I know this is a very polarizing and controversial subject – but it is a crucial piece of the African American Diaspora.

We are, as a community in crisis, in terms of Black Men, fatherhood, and family. We need men who give of themselves to the benefit of others, raising children, empowering the community, carry themselves with dignity and respect, but more importantly to “represent”. Over my relatively short lifetime, I have been referred to as Colored, Negro, Afro-American, Black, and an African American, which were the polite terms assigned to make known that African Americans were not American citizens. We are in essence a nation of people living in a nation without a nationality.


Comment by John T. Wills on August 8, 2013 at 5:39pm


We are a unique people, a forgiving people, a steadfast people, and a brave people unlike any known to the world. It was our labor that built this country and is responsible for the great wealth America enjoys to this very today. When you look upon America’s enormous wealth and the power derived from its tremendous control of resources, think about the sacrifices our families made to make all of this possible. We have looked out for this country for hundreds of years and still doing today, which is simply amazing.


Comment by John T. Wills on August 6, 2013 at 8:55pm

In my novel, “Just a Season” titled for the religious knowledge referring to a period of time characterized by a particular circumstance, suitable to an indefinite period of time associated with a divine phenomenon called life.

During this passage through time I have come to realize that there are milestones, mountains, and valleys that we must encounter. This speaks loudly to the challenges of a proud people – African Americans. So as I continue the twenty nine days of Black History this writing is about the rise and fall of a great legacy.

Let me tell you about one of America’s best kept secrets –

 “Black Wall Street”.

Comment by Madala Baba Fronse on July 5, 2013 at 6:18pm

An interesting discussion :

1. Constantly compare your country, its people, its practices, its food, drink, scenery and products to the overseas version and always find the local version wanting.
2. Ignore the cynicism and spiritual poverty of nations who have seen better days.
3. Have no faith in home-grown solutions. Always look for international or European or US best practice.
4. Strive always to be “world-class”, whatever that is.
5. Hold in your heart a deep-frozen vision of country your ancestors came from, and foster a nostalgia for a time and place that never really existed, except in some books.
6. Travel thousands of kilometers to see second-rate musical theatre.
7. Regard as artistic success only those people and productions that make it big overseas.
8. Build houses and buildings better suited to the chilly, sunless Northern Hemisphere than the sun-abundant south.
9. Fulminate against corruption of developing countries and not against the rich northern companies that do the corrupting.
10. Never be happy with where you are.
Comment by Neo_111 on June 1, 2013 at 9:27pm

watch and listen to this , it is what most of you must learn the law and how ignorance is used against you ! http://youtu.be/no8zxGPyapU

Comment by Marion Lamar Perryman on August 28, 2012 at 4:58pm

 Sis. Shelia Sheckles. See if you like this approach. I am a Member of the WACPtv family and i believe that the solution to our promblem is a tribal/socio-ethnic unity.
 This unity would transcend as well as blend any other beliefs to the unity, welfare and consciousness of the whole. It is time for Native Black America to WORRY/BE CONCERNED about our ownselves now. If we cannot save and propel our ownselves first and foremost then what can do in the rest of this country, Central-South America, Haiti, Cuba, Africa, Asia, Europe or anywhere else.???
 It is a matter of the HIGHEST PRIORITY now, not just a whim, fad, personal choice etc.


 (We urge all members of our facebook group-sites to join all outreach efforts in our communities including WACPtv too.).

Comment by Neo_111 on April 16, 2012 at 5:53pm

Pleaase share totally free Help all Seniors , the unemployed this is a much needed service Scroll down click on the Blue link when you land and Print Easy , Share ... http://www.freerxplus.com/FRP00053/en/FlyerV3.html   

Comment by Neo_111 on April 16, 2012 at 5:48pm

You do not have to belive this but everything falls under the UDSA ! that is a Very little known fact !

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on January 22, 2012 at 9:00pm

Ron Paul Introduces Legislation To Repeal Indefinite Detention Provisions Of NDAA

When President Obama signed the NDAA with a signing statement rather than outright vetoing the bill, there was a short but noisy uproar from many who feared the bill was a substantial threat to our civil liberties. Tucked away in a fairly larger appropriation bill was section 1021, which authorized the indefinite detetion of anyone associated with Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or anyone who assistaed those forces, even if they might be U.S. citizens. While the Obama administration argued that this section only codifed a previous law (the AUMF, passed during the Bush administration) and would not be used against American citizens, the very existence of such broad powers created a lot of concern. Then SOPA came up, they shut down the internet for a day, and everyone seemed to forget all about the NDAA - everyone but Ron Paul.

Paul took time off from his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee to introduce HR 3785, titled "To Repeal Section 1021 Of The National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2011." Not the catchiest title, but at least it gets to the point. Here is the full text of the bill, which is short enough that even Herman Cain might read it:


continue read


Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on January 12, 2012 at 7:17pm

All Whites People, Arabs, And Jews, Are Not Racist

By Chief Elder Osiris


Understand that unjustified prejudice can be just as overtly depressing as Racism is depressive and oppressive.

The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth and Rather a lie And To Be Deceived, Than To accept That Which Is Divinely True.

This is not a testimony claiming that we Black People need to Love Everybody, this is far from it, based upon the way our lives have been abused for no justifiable reason at all.

Only a free and objective critical thinker is qualified to understand what I am about to share with you Black people, you who have been made to believe everything that the Lucifer Human Beings have trained you to believe and is without a desire to know, which include even your Black so call Afrikan selves.

so, allow me to qualify my subject statement by defining what constitute a Racist while in the practice of Racism.

Racist: A Racist is one ho is financial wealthy and has power and authority to control and manipulate the lives of the unfortunate with intent to receive personal gain from those of a different pigment and body features, such power is what give the Racist the ability to make claim to be superior over the poor with a different pigment in comparison to those with extreme fair pigment, which is referred to as representing white, or that which Lucifer the Human Being has labeled as being white.

Racism: Racism is the action by the Racist practice against people with a Dark pigment for the purpose to secure their social, economic, educational, political, and religious standing in the world, by manipulating the poor with Dark pigment to be and act as servants to the elites in order for the elites to be able to profit while manipulating and controlling the lives of the poor with Dark pigment, Black so call Afrikan people, only the wealthy is qualified to practice Racism in the world.

Now, here is what the Racist in the world has succeeded in doing to the weak Luciferian Minds of the world, the mind even Black people are guided by today.

 The Racist has succeeded in causing the world to be prejudice and to practice discrimination against Black people and each other, and by such practice, Justice is not awarded to Black people, so my concentration is on the ethnic group considered to be people with a Dark pigment and is referred to as Black Afrikan people.

 So, keep that in mind as you continue to read this information that I am sharing with you and I am doing so with prejudice toward the true Racist, because it is the Racist which make my life living experience today to be factual, which is an action that serve to reflect my life living condition and position in the world today, as the Black life is controlled and manipulated by racism today.

So, today, Black people are only qualified to be prejudice and to discriminate in the world and it is that prejudice which we mislabel to be racism, and so it is with the broader spectrum of white people, and those ethnics with a history of practicing unjustified prejudice and discrimination against Black people, which we in the broader spectrum of the world of Racial identity been manipulated and conditioned to believe, done so by the true Racist, we now treat such a behavior of prejudice expression to be that of an expression of Racism, not so beloved.

First of all, Black people are not in a position to practice Racism, therefore is not Racist in practice of our justified prejudice expression, so it is with the broader spectrum of white people in relation to Black people, the rank and file of white people are not qualified to practice Racism toward and against Black people.

 Yet, they are conditioned to show a deep unjustified prejudice toward Black people and that is because of the indoctrination by the Racist of the world, teaching that white people are superior over Black people and that Black people are of a less intelligent level than is white people, and such lies and deception is what breed the unjustified prejudice and acts of discrimination against Black people, done so by the rank and file of white people, and the belief that they have about what they have been lied to believe about Black people inferiority, which now run viral in affecting the rank and file of  Arabs and Jews behavior toward Black people in and of the world today.

So no, all white people are not Racist and do not practice Racism against Black people, yet all black people are in some way or another prejudice and show a discriminating behavior toward and against white people and such an expression is justified, yet is mislabeled to be an act of expression of Racism, when it is not.

In our fight for freedom, prejudice has no place in such action being taken by Black people, because all who would join in the fight for Afrika and black people freedom, become just as Black as the Black Afrikan in thought and action, fighting for Afrika and the Afrikan freedom, and no greater evidence can there be to show the expression of sincerity than someone being ready to offer their lives while in assisting in the fight for Afrika and Black Afrikan freedom.

The prejudice of Black people has blinded Black people from being able to see the presence of reasonableness, and it is all because Black people are guided by the Mind of our oppressors, and the Racist oppressors have taught us to be Humble in the presence of their racism and to show a behavior of belligerence only toward the rank and file of white people, those many of whom would be willing to serve as an ally to Black people when and if we ever involve ourselves in the fight for Afrika and the Black Afrikan freedom.

Prejudice, Discrimination unjustifiably expressed, are attributes of Racism, but is not Racism, it is an action based upon the spirit of the Racist, but is not in and of its action, Racist, Having Racial overtone yes, but not that of Racism, just that of the attribute of Racism, which is unjustified prejudice, because the only justified expression of prejudice behavior, come from Black people, and poor people, because such a prejudice is based upon an actual oppressed life experience, so to prejudge the Racist is justified, because the Racist Modus Operandi is Racism in practice and in our lives experience.


Chief Elder




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