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It Ain't Gonna Happen For Black Afrikan People!!!

Chief Elder Osiris today

If you are Black, in and out of Afrika today, you are with a mind to look with and not see through.

With the mind Black people are using, it ain't happening for you, being free and Divinely self aware I am sharing about, which should be a concern of Black Afrikan people, and it is because of the mind Black Afrikans are using today.

The low quality of Mind that is in possession of Black Afrikan people, it use Black Afrikan people to look with and see nothing,  but there is a mind Black Afrikans need to have, that will allow Black Afrikan people to see through to be able see beyond the fantasy of looking illusion.

A Mind that is with you, have you looking with it, and looking  project things that are illusionary and fantasy, but a Mind that you are with, have you seeing those things that are real and true, no fantasy and illusion come with the mind that have you seeing through it.

So, today, the Black world is with a mind that is having Black people looking and not being able to see, and with such a Mind guiding Black people, it ain't happening for Black people to see what we must do to be able to collect our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation and so that we may repatriate back Home to Afrika, and to have A Afrika United States, and to become a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again, but with a looking mind, that ain't happening Black Afrikan people, and today, Black Afrikans are only able to look and not see.

So yes, it ain't happening for Black Afrikan people who are so occupied, looking at what we want, and is not capable of seeing what we need, in Afrika.
So, looking in the mirror reflect the fool you are looking at, you being locked in delusional fantasy that have you with a mind that have you believing all that you are looking at, and with such a lying deceiving mind, It Ain't Happening, Your Freedom I Am Thinking about today.

Day in and day out, we Black people turn to the internet social media to talk to anybody who will read what is written, and is never able to communicate to Black people what we really need to know.

Because, to communicate Divine Revolutionary information, such has to be done up close and personal, in an organized group fashion, that is, if you have anything that is Liberating worthwhile to communicate to Black Afrikan people, otherwise, it ain't happening for Black Afrikan people, Reparation, A Afrika United States and having a Unified Black Afrikan Nation again, I am sharing about on this internet public media.

Now, here is another thing that verify that it ain't happening for Afrika and Black Afrikan peole collectively, and individual accomplishment that does not benefit the collective  of Black Afrikans, in obtaining the freedom of unity, then individualism is a failure to the Black Afrikan collective, which is another thing to be, that show the lack of seriousness among the Black Afrikans, about collecting our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation,
So, to have A Afrika United States and to become a Unified Black Afrkan Nation again, then there must be among the Black Afrikans claiming to be so revolutionary, a plan of how to fund such an under taking which require money for a Liberating venture for Afrika and Unity for Black Afrikan people being held under the yoke of oppression, but without money to make such a claim worthy of respect, we Black Afrikans remain to be a people of all talk and no Liberating action.

In a capitalist Racist unjust world against the Black Afrikan Race with a need to be freely unified and self respected, we claiming to be revolutionary fighters for justice in this Racist World and  because it is Racist and unjustly prejudice toward Black Afrikan people, and it is racist prejudice that have our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation to yet be paid for all of the evil been done in the time of Chattel Enslavement, having such evil to be still dripping upon the soul of Black Afrikans today, and will continue to do so, until Justice is done to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

 Which can only be by the paying of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation and to have them returned back to Afrika with their children serving to be the next established State in Afrika.

None of this is going to happen, not as long as there is no Afrika Liberation Foundation is established to collect contributions from all freedom desiring Black Afrikans, everywhere we have been scattered to become the Divided Black Afrikans we are today.

So yes, it ain't happening, our freedom I am thinking about, not until we Black Afrikans are wise enough to trust each other to finance the cost for Afrika and the Black Afrikan to become free again.

You Black Folks can accept this Divine Truth or remain saddled with the Profane Lie that misinform you about your need to be free, it ain't happening for Afrika and Black Afrikan people.
Becoming free, Black people in this evil lying and deceiving Racist prejudice world against Black Afrikan people, must lose the mistrust we have of each other and identify those among us who do not deserve our trust, and cease to use the mind we have that have us looking at rather than we seeing each other today.

Niggers Rather Contribute To The United White People Way, Rather Than To Establish a Afrika And  Black Afrikans Liberation Freedom International Foundation Way, Which Will Only Come To Afrika And Black Afrikan People, Revolutionary Style, and there is nothing more of a cause to be Revolutionary, Than Freedom being kept away from Afrika and Black Afrikan people.

You Can Accept This Divine Truth, Or You Can Hold On To The Profane Lie That Now Control You, Black Afrikan Woman And Man!!!

So Yes, It Ain't Happening, Not Until You Are Ready To Fund Your Way To Freedom, Your Black Self!!!

To Be Continued:

Chief Elder
Written@4 / 16 / 2017
Pan Afrikan Inter'Nationalist  Movement (PAIN)
Sankofa Reparation / Repatriation Movement
All Rights Reserved@2017

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