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July 2014


Paracetamol for back pain questioned

Taking paracetamol for lower back pain does not improve recovery time or provide any greater pain relief than using a placebo, scientists say.

'Casual attitude' to vCJD warning

The government has a "casual attitude" to the human form of "mad cow disease", MPs warn, while ministers say the issue is treated "extremely seriously".

Warning over NHS trust finances

Nineteen NHS trusts have been referred to ministers after auditors raised concerns about their financial health.

Indian boy has 232 teeth removed

Doctors in India extract 232 teeth from the mouth of a 17-year-old boy in a seven-hour operation.

Victorian-era diseases 'returning'

Diseases traditionally associated with the Victorian era are on the rise again in England, experts are warning.

S Leone chief Ebola doctor infected

The doctor leading the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone is now being treated for the deadly virus, a statement from the presidency says.

NHS 'should work more with hospices'

Hospices could play a greater role in end-of-life care and stop hospitals being the "default option", says former Tory party leader Lord Howard.

Quarantine over China plague death

Part of a city in north-west China is sealed off and dozens of people placed in quarantine after a man died of bubonic plague, state media say.

Call to end FGM 'in this generation'

David Cameron has said female genital mutilation (FGM) and childhood forced marriage should be stopped worldwide "within this generation".

NHS staff balloted over strike action

Midwives, nurses and ambulance workers are among more than 400,000 NHS workers in England being balloted on industrial action, including strikes, over pay.

Three person IVF plans 'progress'

A public review into the three person IVF technique has been broadly supportive, says the Department of Health.

Fly in ear time-wasting call to 999

A man with a fly in his ear and a woman questioning if a green potato was poisonous were among thousands of non-urgent 999 calls made to the Welsh Ambulance Service last year.

NHS tests 'plaster' patient-monitor

The NHS is starting to test a sticking-plaster-sized patient-monitoring patch.

'Exciting' drug flushes out HIV

Scientists say they have made an "exciting" step towards curing HIV by forcing the virus out of its hiding places in the body.

'Large gene find in schizophrenia'

In the largest ever genetic study of the disease, scientists have discovered some 80 genes which could leave people at higher risk of schizophrenia.

First 'clean' hospital announced

Falkirk Community Hospital records the first perfect score in an initial Healthcare Environment Inspectorate review.

'Pain-patch' warning to patients

Patients using patches containing potent painkillers are being urged to ensure they are thrown away carefully.

Early HIV drugs 'may not stop virus'

HIV can rapidly form invulnerable strongholds in the body, dashing hopes that early treatment might cure the virus, according to new research.

Food learning theory for obese women

Obese women may have a "food learning impairment" that could explain their attitude to food, research from Yale School of Medicine suggests.

Admitting fewer patients 'won't cut costs'

The risks of a plan to admit fewer patients

I OCCUPY POVERTY, and I’m not alone. There are millions of Americans who have been or are becoming improvised because of the greed, arrogance, corruption and lack of compassion of both our government, and people with big money and power.

As far as the upper 1% of Americans are concerned, I am a non-entity except when it comes to utilizing me as an example, a scapegoat, or a victim to cut back on entitlements and government spending. Then my fixed income suddenly becomes un-fixed and is cut down to shore up mismanaged spending.

And because there was no voice crying out about the injustice to which I am subjected, there was no one to assist me in fighting this iniquity … until now. OCCUPY WALL STREET arrived and the entire picture of my condition and that of millions around the world has changed.

Now there are faces of outrage and demanding voices to speak for those who have been silently waiting; and there are tens of thousands to represent the file folders or case numbers to which we have been relegated. There are determined human beings insistent on obtaining equity, compassion and respect.

Although I OCCUPY POVERTY, I am not, nor have I been lazy or trifling. I have worked, paid into the system, gotten an education and training, never been arrested, been a home owner, tried to become self-sufficient, did volunteer work, voted in every election, and performed my civic duties to the best of my ability. I take full responsibility for my life.

But try though I might, I like so many others, have not been able to advance from my position. Some may say that it is our own fault, and we must take responsibility for the choices we made in life, and to an extent that’s true. However, the disadvantage of one’s origin of  birth, color, sexual preference, class, status, age, health, sex, or beliefs should not be a reason to punish or penalize. Our humanity should be enough to qualify for equality.

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