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this is your reparation study now because it is the only way !

The only way to reparations is you as an individual making your claim , which is your stolen birth right . you leave the CORPORATION by changing your STATUS ! this is what needs to be done stop posting about Russia , MISSING JETS THEY ARE BAITING ALL OF YOU and you are being distracted concentrate on getting out leaving the Plantation and it can all be done in a peacable manner with out violence just by simply saying No ! , threw filing your paperwork WAKE UP NOW ! You are the creditor , they…See More
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First video how to become Free updated_0001.wmv

First video of a series on "Becoming Free", what a US citizen is and how to stop being a citizen so you can regain your rights, your property, your family an...
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L@@K and Learn how to become free with love and respect to all @ WAPCTV

This will explain in a nut shell it just takes a few minutes , Do NOT miss this and share come to the Matrixx and read the Matrixx truth . This is what they are hiding from You ! Do this for the love and future of our children…
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Striving To Live With Optimal Good Health, To Live In Misery

Striving To Live With  Optimal Good Health, To Live In MiseryBy Chief Elder OsirisBlack people seem to get our satisfaction from pointing to the evil white folks do to Black people and in the world, never to entertain the thought of the danger we are exposed to as long as we reside at the foot stool of our oppressors;There is no Law ever to have been and is enacted today by white folks, that have justice, freedom and Independence for Black people, written to be the enforcer and protector of…See More
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Join The Opportunity

When you join The Ignite Opportunity as an Associate, you can start earning residual income every month and even qualify to earn free energy on your home! En...
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By MIKE MELIA, Associated Press Writer Mike Melia, Associated Press Writer – 9 mins ago
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Desperately needed aid from around the world began arriving in quake-stunned Haiti on Thursday, while rescuers struggled frantically to save the trapped and injured, turning pickup trucks into ambulances and doors into stretchers.

Planes carrying teams from China and France, Spain and the United States landed at Port-au-Prince's airport with searchers and tons of water, food, medicine and other supplies — with more promised from around the globe.

It took six hours to unload a Chinese plane because the airport lacked the needed equipment — a hint of possible bottlenecks ahead as a global response brings a stream of relief flights to the airport, itself damaged by Tuesday's magnitude-7 earthquake.

Search and rescue squads from Virginia and Iceland arrived Wednesday and some groups — from Cuba's government and Doctors Without Borders — used staff already in the country to treat victims immediately after the quake.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said that "tens of thousands, we fear, are dead" and said United States and the world must do everything possible to help Haiti surmount its "cycle of hope and despair."

The U.S. dispatched troops and ships along with aid to Haiti, and other nations were joining the effort to help the Western Hemisphere's poorest nation, where the international Red Cross estimated 3 million people — a third of the population — may need emergency relief.

In the streets of the capital, survivors set up camps amid piles of salvaged goods, including food scavenged from the rubble.

Bodies lay in the street, often covered by a white cloth. Some people dragged the dust-covered dead along the roads, trying to reach a hospital where they might leave them.

Trucks carrying police and U.N. workers were often stuck in traffic on roads filled with pickup trucks, cars and pedestrians.





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Comment by Dwight W. Hayes on January 14, 2010 at 9:25pm
Proud of your work, keep it up.
Comment by Ngonea on January 15, 2010 at 1:10pm


Hassan, Very informative blog post/Article, great job. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti wherever they are in the world. Many are worried and cannot get word of their loved ones.. Also concerned that the word LOOTERS is being bantered about already on the internet news articles in regards to the people who are certainly still in severe shock. My prays are that we do not see a repeat of the shameful behaviour of so called rescue workers and private for profit contractors such as BLACKWATER, who were used during the Katrina travesty. We must be VIGILANT and mindful to MONTITOR what REALLY goes on there very CAREFULLY. The following video was after the fact in New Orleans, we must not let that happen this time. EYES WIDE OPEN


For more in depth information on EARTHQUAKES & THEIR CAUSES be sure to visit,

US Quake Test Goes “Horribly Wrong”,


Comment by MCh606 Fashions & Accessories on January 16, 2010 at 5:42pm

Comment by TheArtiste Hassan on January 18, 2010 at 8:09am
More US troops, UN peacekeepers expected for Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Thousands of U.S. Marines were expected off the shore of this crumbled capital city Monday to help relief organizations get supplies to Haitian earthquake survivors who questioned foreigners, soldiers and God about aid yet to arrive.

The troop increase and an expected request to the U.N. for more peacekeepers were coming a day after sporadic violence and looting in Port-au-Prince underscored how an uptick in water and food deliveries still fell far short of overwhelming demand.

"We don't need military aid. What we need is food and shelter," one young man yelled at U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during his visit to the city Sunday. "We are dying," a woman told him, explaining she and her five children didn't have any food.

Haitian riot police meanwhile fired tear gas to disperse crowds of looters in the city's downtown as several nearby shops burned.

"We've been ordered not to shoot at people unless completely necessary," said Pierre Roger, a Haitian police officer who spoke as yet another crowd of looters ran by. "We're too little, and these people are too desperate."

A reliable death toll may be weeks away, but the Pan American Health Organization estimates 50,000 to 100,000 died in Tuesday's 7.0-magnitude quake. Haitian officials believe the number is higher. Survivors live outside for fear of unstable buildings and aftershocks.

On the streets, people were still dying, pregnant women were giving birth and the injured were showing up in wheelbarrows and on people's backs at hurriedly erected field hospitals.

On Sunday, supplies of water made it to more people around the capital and while fights broke out elsewhere, others formed lines to get supplies handed out by soldiers at a golf course. Still, with a blocked city port and relief groups claiming the U.S.-run airport is being poorly managed, food and medicine are scarce. Anger mounted hourly over the slow pace of the assistance.

"White guys, get the hell out!" some survivors shouted in the city's Bel-Air slum, apparently frustrated at the sight of foreigners in their streets who were not delivering help.

At a destroyed nursing home, a 71-year-old resident said she could hold on for another day.

"Then if the foreigners don't come (with aid)," said Jacqueline Thermiti, "it will be up to baby Jesus."

Improbably, five days after the magnitude-7.0 quake struck, more survivors were freed from under piles of concrete and debris.

At a collapsed supermarket, rescuers late Sunday pulled a 30-year-old man and a 40-year-old woman from what had been its fourth floor. Officials said both were in stable condition, able to survive for so long by eating food trapped along with them.

"She's responding, she's with it. So she's in very good shape for somebody who's been basically trapped for five days," said Capt. Joseph Zahralban, a South Florida rescue team leader.

Earlier in the day, a policeman reported three other people had been rescued from market's rubble. Emergency teams said they were still hopeful of finding more possible survivors in other parts of the damaged store.

U.S. teams with search dogs also found and rescued a 16-year-old Dominican girl trapped for five days in a small, three-story hotel that crumbled in downtown Port-au-Prince.

At the U.N. headquarters destroyed in the quake, rescuers lifted a Danish staff member alive from the ruins, just 15 minutes after Secretary-General Ban visited the site, where U.N. mission chief Hedi Annabi and at least 39 other staff members were killed.

U.N. spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs said it was possible people could survive until Monday, adding to the 70 lives saved by 1,700 rescue workers since Tuesday's quake,

"There are still people living" in collapsed buildings, she told The Associated Press. "Hope continues."

The U.N. World Food Program was on target to reach more than 60,000 people Sunday, up from 40,000 on Saturday, spokesman David Orr said. U.N. officials said they must raise daily deliveries to 2 million within a month.

But the aid group CARE had yet to set a plan for distributing 38 tons of high-energy biscuits in outlying areas of Haiti, CARE spokesman Brian Feagans said Sunday. He did not say why.

The Geneva-based Doctors Without Borders said bluntly: "There is little sign of significant aid distribution."

The aid group complained of skewed priorities and a supply bottleneck at the U.S.-controlled airport. Doctors Without Borders spokesman Jason Cone said the U.S. military needed "to be clear on its prioritization of medical supplies and equipment."

The on-the-ground U.S. commander in Haiti, Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, acknowledged the bottleneck problem. "We're working aggressively to open up other ways to get in here," he said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Part of that will be fixing Port-au-Prince's harbor, rendered useless for incoming aid because of quake damage. The White House said Sunday that the U.S. Coast Guard ship Oak had arrived and would use heavy cranes and other equipment to make the port functional.

Some 2,000 Marines also were to arrive off Haiti on Monday, Keen said, reinforcing 1,000 U.S. troops on the ground. Former President Bill Clinton, the U.N. special envoy for Haiti, was expected to visit the country and meet with President Rene Preval. Also Monday, U.N. peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said he planned to ask the Security Council to temporarily increase the U.N.'s force. There are currently about 7,000 U.N. military peacekeepers and 2,100 international police in Haiti.

During Mass outside the ruins of the Port-Au-Prince cathedral, the Rev. Eric Toussaint preached of thanksgiving to a small congregation of old women and other haggard survivors assembled under the open sky.

"Why give thanks to God? Because we are here," Toussaint said. "What happened is the will of God. We are in the hands of God now."

Others said their faith had been shattered.

"How could He do this to us?," cried Remi Polevard, who said his five children lie beneath in the rubble of a home near St. Gerard University. "There is no God."


Associated Press writers contributing to this story included Jennifer Kay, Mike Melia, Tamara Lush, Jonathan M. Katz, Gregory Bull and Edith M. Lederer in Port-au-Prince; Alexander G. Higgins in Geneva, and Jill Lawless in London.


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