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Black People Problem Is Being Of This Evil World

Black People Problem Is Being  Of This Evil World
By Chief Elder Osiris
We came to this planet being the world with a Cosmic intelligence that qualified our Ancient First Way Ancestors to be the first to this planet to become a Divine Civilized world, and we did act according to our Natural Divine Design, and we lived free from the fetters of evil, until the coming of evil in the spirit of Lucifer the Human Being, he who make claim to be the bearer of the Light, light meaning knowledge, but is and was a false light that Lucifer used to lie and deceive the First World to come to this planet, earth.
Our Divine Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors knew of the Cosmic value of living a life of Divine knowing, they were exposed to what they refer to be Cosmic Righteousness, meaning a life living, functioning in Harmony, Order, and Balance, as Beings, who is a member of the Cosmos. (Universe)
Therefore, any world that is not of a Divine environment, is a evil world, and to be immune from such evil, it is a Divine requirement by the nature of our Design, to not become of that evil world, because if so, then we become a part of that evil action, having Black people to be in and of this evil world.
Black people, because of the lost of our Divine Dark Light, (knowledge) we have been tricked into becoming in and of Lucifer the Human Being evil world, a world committed to keeping Black people confined in the clutches of self ignorance, believing it to be common of Black people to be in and of the Human Being world, a world that has been established by the Devil, Satan, Lucifer The Human Being himself, a world that survive from being the perpetrator of evil, whose target is the Black world.
Today, Black people must come to realize that to be in the world is different in being of the world, and we must strive to not remain of this evil world, which Lucifer the Human Being has indoctrinated us into becoming in and of his world.
It is the Human Being that is causing us to not be able to see the evil of our ways of living, because we have become of habit to looking, and Black people no longer can see what we be looking at, because looking is deceiving, so we live looking, while being blind and can not see what we be looking at, which have Black people to believe that our position in the world, is that which we must be and have been made to be a part of.
So, being a part of this evil world, is the reason why we rejoice in our suffering and we submit to us believing everything told to us by the evil one, Lucifer the Human Being.
To be in the world, have you not to be of the world of evil, because to be in the world but not of the world of evil, it qualify you to be able to see all of the evil that is used to keep Black people exposed too, in this evil world, and for us to see while not being of this evil world, will have you to know what it is Black people must do to become free from this evil world.
But, the Black life that is in and of this evil world, is a victim of Lucifer world, and do not have the quality of mind that would have you to know that evil is not of nature design, but is of Lucifer design, so those Black people referring to themselves as leaders of Black people, and is in and of this evil world, then they are not qualified to see what the solution to the problems are, that Lucifer has designed to be, which is in disorder to keep the Black World ignorant of the Divine Essence, God, the Cosmos, and Life, in this instance, the Black life living condition today.
Therefore, all that those Black leaders tell Black people to do, and it be information in disguise, claiming that it will serve to be beneficial to the life living of Black people, all is no more than talking points that have been given to those so call Black leaders, by their master Lucifer, and it is information designed to maintain Black people to be in and of this evil world, making those Black leaders in and of Lucifer World, to be not leaders of a Divine nature of Black people, but to be agents of Lucifer the Human Being, committed to keep Black people to be in and of this Evil World.
So, how in the hell can Black people who are elevating away from being of this evil world, though in it, be concerned about what those Black folks talk to you about when being critical of the Divine Truth we share, when in fact, those Black people who are of this evil world, know nothing that come from a Divine Mind that freely think, and all that is being used by those Black people who is of this world, they who is always confusing Black people, so that they will not listen to the Divine Truth, the only information being used by those of this world Black people, is no more than the talking points that come from their master, Lucifer the Human Being.
We must strive to break free from being of this evil world, so that we can become the force to fight against the evil in and of this world, because only the Black world in its Divine Mind, is qualified to defeat the evil been designed by Lucifer the Human Being to keep the Black world to be in and of this evil world, full of self ignorance.
To be not of this evil world would have you to know of the power of Reparation, the only issue capable of, when obtained by Black people, freeing Afrika and Uniting the Black world with its Divine Mind again.
A mind that can not see because of being of this evil world, will not be able to know of the sacred value of Reparation and nor will such a mind of Lucifer World, be able to comprehend how we Black people will be able to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, which is now the time to demand with fury, our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, because the safety of the black world is needed, that is if the world in general is to be prevented from causing immeasurable destruction.
Whining, all Black people should be whining pointing to the evil that prevent freedom from being enjoyed by the life living of Black people, and whining come in many form, even when fighting against evil is a form of whining, demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is us whining in action, but to remain silent in the presence of our oppression, is the inaction of a foolish mind.
Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved, 

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