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Black People Must Learn To Become Satisfied By Stop Pretending To Be satisfied!!!

Black People Must Learn To Become Satisfied By Stop Pretending To Be Satisfied!!!

By Chief Elder Osiris

Satisfaction is an expression of approval, and anything we show approval of, eliminate our rightful opportunity to complain about that which we show satisfaction about.

So, how we express ourselves, is an indication of our state of mind, and the mind can not be fooled by you, and if keep on pretending to be the way you are not, by the display of your action, will and does only harm you and all of those who hold you dear to them, dear meaning compassionate respectful.

Self satisfaction is an expression that indicate all is well with the way you treat your self, and that you hold your self to the highest of esteem for your own self satisfaction, and will guard and protect your self from all that threaten to do harm to your self, because in self satisfaction there is honorable respect for your self, which only come from thinking Divinely of your self.

I pigeon hole my perceived concept and thoughts concerning Black people to see only Black people, because I know in order for Divine self satisfaction to be the quality of living Black people who is designed to expressively live, then all of the harm and dissatisfaction coming from all the evil action that the Black life living has encountered, must be first corrected, before we can become meaningfully helpful to others, whose life way of living is interfered with by a common action of evil disrespectful action coming from the evil spirit of those that harm the ability of others to use the mind Divinely.

Therefore, in order for Black people to be of benefit to others who are living an unfortunate life experience, we first must become satisfied with the Black life living experience, and the requirement for such self respect, is to first become honest about the Black life living position and condition in the world today.

So we should stop trying to fake such a state of mind that reveal your spirit in the world, spirit being your attitude and behavior, first toward self.

We Black people are the people who know the Divine Truth concerning whether you are satisfied with your way of living or not, even when you are faking that you are, which is a sign of a self destructing mind.

For instance, have you Black people ever seen and heard, coming from a low level of a Black profane mind that make such comment as this, which is, what is wrong with you black people in America, you who always complain about our present stay in America, I am over Slavery and you need to get over it too, because if you had not been brought to America, have you ever wondered about the way your life living would be, so stop the complain about what happen to Black people that have us in America, and try and make the best of your life in America...

Beloved, being satisfied while living your life, it is the highest Divine act of respect you can display to self, and to submit to a situation your life living condition is not the way Nature has designed life to be experienced, which is without Divine self respect, absent of enjoyment caused by freedom, justice, and independence being the expressed attributes of life Cosmic Right to be lived, then to live life in a way that is not under your control and authority, make you to be a faking satisfied foolish Black Afrikan, one that is interacting with stupidity.

Why should Black people showcase a spirit that indicate that the Black self is in a believing mode set by Lucifer the Human Being, he who have us living and acting as we have been told to act, in comparison to Lucifer the human white Being, which is that, we Black people have no rights that white folks are bound to respect, and that we carry not the level of intelligence that white folks carry, and that Black people are inferior to white people and all others who adopt such prejudice of the Black Afrikan people, they being those ethnic groups who also developed a reputation and spirit of being of a higher life living experience than Black Afrikan people, as they too developed a history of abusing and oppressing, and stealing from Black people what Black people divinely knew about life, once upon a time.

All such spiritual expression toward Black Afrikan people, such is a matter of those people history, regarding the way they have acted toward Black people, and yet and still, you have some Black people who expertly fake being satisfied with the way we have been forced to live our life and to believe about our Black self.

So much, until we have sunken to the level that we honor those people who have shown nothing but disrespect for Black people, they who from the beginning of our acquaintance to the present time, interfered with Black people, causing us not to be enjoying freedom and justice, because of the way that we are made to believe today, we not being in control and authority of the Black life living.

Black people rather submit than to commit to fighting for a life living condition that will have us to be with honorable respect and to be truthfully satisfied with our life living condition in the world.

A life living satisfaction of honor that will come only through the receiving of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, other wise, as long as America treat our Enslaved Ancestors as slaves, even into the grave, America will be a Racist prejudice discriminating lying and deceiving abusing country of white people, toward Black people.

Therefore, we who are in America, not by choice, and sure as hell, many of us are not satisfied about the way our Enslaved Ancestors was and is being treated, when and while they were on the journey to and in America, even down in the grave, and in the bottom of the Atlantic, and over the Enslavement path in Afrika, that reality has no expiration date with me, and I sure as hell, will not fake my satisfaction, just to please some self disrespecting foolish believing black American, you who act so glad to be in America, regardless of how we got here.

Because, today here we are, not being qualified to know how the black life living in america can be any better than what it is today, and therein lies the mental problem of such Black people, we who believe like that, valuing better of life living, more so than freedom of living the Black life, in an environment that we will create for our children, using our own Divine mind, and not the mind of Lucifer the Human Being.


Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved,

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