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Benefit Humanity, Change Your Mind, Change Your world! Preventative Health In oakland and Around The Country

Benefit Humanity, Change Your Mind, Change Your world! Preventative Health In oakland and Around The CountryWelcome to my oakland iMarket Direct wellness blog! This is the place for information on preventative healthcare and the most promising oakland wholesale business here and around the country.Have…See More
Nov 16, 2011
halfmask posted a blog post

Benefit Humanity, Change Your Mind, Change Your World!Why iMarket Direct In Detroit? and Around The World

Benefit Humanity, Change Your Mind, Change Your World!Why iMarket Direct In Detroit? and Around The WorldHi! Welcome to this week’s iMarket Direct post. If this is your first visit, congratulations! If you are looking for an exceptional entrepreneur opportunity, this may be the most important business website…See More
Nov 13, 2011
halfmask posted a blog post

Benefit Humanity,Change Your Mind, change your World! Alkaline Water In oakland, and around the world For Balanced pH

benefit humanity change your mind change your worldoakland men and women: have you ever wondered if you have acidic body chemistry? Many people in who drink the municipal water in Michigan and around the world have acidic body chemistry without even knowing it.Low pH may contribute to premature…See More
Nov 9, 2011

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However, we must rearrange the way we were taught, change it by rearranging the messages we tell ourselves. As a member our training videos, up line support system, weekday mind set calls are designed to help each member think outside the box to create wealth. It works, positive reinforcing messages wipes out negative messages. Positive actions wipe out negative actions, and when we act positive we change reality. It's simple, but the hardest thing to do many times is the most simplest, so they say, in my opinion another myth we must shatter to live our life to the fullest. Here's a good example how we can change our reality around us, and benefit humanity with our products using positive thought with actions. Keep in mind, this principle applies in business, after all you we like to treat others like we want to be treated don't we. 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It's the same outcome from our previous road rage incident, example, if we ask in a shared cooperation, respecting another person rights around the world to share in everything our business have to offer, we benefit humanity. Ask and you shall receive, we'll able to spread the wealth around freeing up this stagnate world economy. You still doubt this connective change brewing in your soul, well keep watching the news it's all around us, global warming debates, need we say more, ok, I will. These events we're witnessing can be stopped. How did they start? From doing business the old fashion way, once we change our mind set, humanity changes, the economy changes, poverty can be wiped out, food shortages reduced, environment cleaned up, germs controlled, war a thing of the past, but we must change our thinking from selfish desires to embrace the mindset allowing us to benefit Humanity. As I stated earlier, the powers that be created this myth reality, and we must change it or continue feeling its' pain. If you're like me, I'm tired of feeling the pain from someone else's insane suffering miserable reality. I prefer a new reality where everyone can fulfill their positive human potential for themselves, loved ones, and the world. Don't you agree the time's now we put the best of what human beings are about into practice to create a new world.CHANGE OUR MINDS, CHANGE OUR WORLD, OUR FUTURE'S NOW!Let me introduce myself. My public name's Half Mask. I produced a television program called Half Mask on Comcast Cable in the 1990's, and invested in real estate. Now, you may say these two careers are polar opposites, what investing in real estate has to do with producing a television show. You might say there's nothing in common, and I could agree, but I don't. If you asked that, than why not ask the same for Donald Trump, he produced a television show, and he's in real estate, and Network Marketing. I can't speak for the Trumpster but I’ll try, I think it goes like this. Donald Trump enjoys creating wealth from nothing; he's one of those people we talk about that creates his own reality. Simple, creation is constantly being created, and expanding, human beings are the same. You can't keep doing business the same way using outdated business models, look around those business models have imploded. So for me the idea of creating something new out of nothing has its' own reward. In real estate you can still purchase property for no money in this economy. However, that does not mean monies not in the deal; you have to know how to find the money to close the deal, for the right price making it a win for all. How's this done, simple, you ask the buyer, or if it's the seller how you can help them for us all to benefit. 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Don't misunderstand me; I carry many ideas from the old way of thinking into my new way of thinking. However, I empowered my thought processes to control who I am, thinking outside the box for myself, not allowing institutions to guide my every step. I desire to work with you, work with me. I feel no guilty to create as much wealth as I desire to help myself, loved ones, humanity develop into a new way of reality enjoying life, and neither should you. Creating wealth is good, good, good. Poverty and suffering is evil, period!Try this exercise for yourself. Whatever routine you've done over a period of time, break the ritual if just for a moment. See what thoughts come to mind allowing you to change your reality into a new reality. For example, at home, next time you notice always putting on your shoe with the same foot first, try the other foot, or your pants leg, switch it up. If you notice those routines and you make an effect to change it, aren’t you changing reality, yes, so the same with the way we are taught as babies? We can as adults do the same kind of reality change in everything we do to create wealth; just like deciding to ask that drive can we change lanes instead of opting to creating road rage, and so on. Changing this economy, creating wealth with our products we must think anew everyone. I hope you enjoyed this mental exercise. Keep in mind, so you don't forget http://www.myui.com/benefithumanity is designed to create wealth for everyone, however, all of our life experiences are interchangeable in relation with our behaviors. In other words, the talk we give ourselves affect the way we act out in our personal life, family, business, work, and so on. Thus, addressing any part of our human essence will help us in other areas of our lives, as you know one affects the other. It's called having a balanced life. 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Neutralizer Disc is proven to neutralize radiation emitted from our cell phones, computers etc...I'm a wholesale dealer with this product and others, and you can be too. I URGENTLY suggest you join with me, what better way to reduce your exposure to harmful EMR (electromagnetic radiation) on ourselves and family. NEED MORE PROOF? READ THIS ARTICLE! http://health.yahoo.net/rodale/WH/is-your-health-on-the-linehttp://www.myui.com/benefithumanityWhen Joining Type Dealer I.D. # 85477Site Meter

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BENEFIT HUMANITY! Detroit Alkaline Water For Inner Balance, Here and Around The World

Posted on March 24, 2012 at 11:02pm 0 Comments

BENEFIT HUMANITY! Detroit Alkaline Water For Inner Balance, Here and Around The World

Today’s Detroit iMarket Direct article is for everyone in the Southfield, Michigan area who drinks water here and around the world. Think for a moment about all the water you use every day.

Most Detroit people here and around…


Benefit Humanity! wayne iMarket Direct News Here and Around The World: Close The Nutritional Gaps In Your Diet

Posted on March 9, 2012 at 2:39pm 0 Comments

Benefit Humanity! wayne iMarket Direct News Here and Around The World: Close The Nutritional Gaps In Your Diet

Important wayne health news! iMarket Direct introduces Mind Nutritional Super Drink. I have made Mind the cornerstone of my healthy lifestyle in wayne. First off, Mind packs a tremendous punch of potent…


BENEFIT HUMANITY! Weight Loss Solutions for wayne, oakland, macomb, and Around The World

Posted on February 9, 2012 at 5:27pm 0 Comments

BENEFIT HUMANITY! Weight Loss Solutions for wayne, oakland, macomb, and Around The World

Many people in the Detroit area and around the world face these common dieting frustrations:

Inability to lose weight

Weight keeps coming back…


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