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 Please note that all is not lost and yes we must stand up as Black men in the World we talk much but no good action. The Black men in the World are playing los with our Black Women and as Black…Continue

Tower of Return

Started Sep 9, 2010 0 Replies

SUCARDIFTOWER OF RETURN MONUMEMENT“Afrika Spiritual World” projectBOARD APPLICATION777 One Power Sation P.O. Box CT 732 Cape Coast Ghana West AfrikaSUCARDIF@yahoo.comNanagyepi@hotmail.comCellphone…Continue


AfrIkans SUCARDIF is calling on you for your support to build the Tower of Return as we move forward with the Ghana Ministery of Tourism and AU as well as UN

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"Greetings my Brothers and Sisters of Afrika Worldwide I want you all to know that I am ready and coming back to be with you and support the family this time OK   I have been very busy working on Afrika with new things coming your way…"
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 Please note that all is not lost and yes we must stand up as Black men in the World we talk much but no good action. The Black men in the World are playing los with our Black Women and as Black Women gave them self’s to others that have no business with them that made us lost the respect and it must return. It is not OK the way I see it and come to think of it as how it all started the Black man not respecting the Black Woman them be came two ways of thinking and this must be stopped by…See More
Aug 25, 2013
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"TYhank you my Brother I have been thinking of you and many of our family and I do know where I am with you and the family I have been workin"
Aug 25, 2013
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Aug 24, 2013
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"God of Afrika is my Boss OK I am working for God children and with time thy will enjoy it with much love peaceful and blessings there is mor"
Aug 24, 2013
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Aug 24, 2013
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Aug 24, 2013
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Jan 14, 2010
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"It was wonderful seeing our first Afrikan bone American president and his first wife Micelle Obama visit the Cape Coast castle dungeons of Afrikan enslavement business of the Mid Atlantic seas. This visit is to let Afrikans worldwide to know that…"
Jan 14, 2010
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"BEEN MISSING YOU AROUND THE PLACE, HOW ARE YOU?... Greetings Family Member, as the admin for the WACPtv Community, we are in the neighborhood visiting Members today. We want to find out what is on your mind. Are you pleased with your friends and…"
Jan 8, 2010
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Oct 19, 2009

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Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III
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Sankofa United Continent Afrika Root Development International Family Association
NOVEMBER, 1, 2008
SUCARDIF Association is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to the unification of all African Descendants in the Diaspora and the continent of Afrika as a whole. It is a humanitarian effort aimed at the reawakening of the African consciousness through education, community development programs, human resource development, exchange programs for youth, job creations, investment generation and tourism as a tool for unification and development of Africans around the world. .
SUCARDIF was duly founded in Mt.Vernon, New York, 1987-1989, with registration in the U.S.A. It was inaugurated in Ghana in 1991. The SUCARDIF association is independent with no political, tribal or religious inclinations. Membership is open to all persons to do voluntary activities in communities in Ghana and indeed the whole Diaspora.
The Association is currently active in implementing diverse programs in various aspects of nation building and development such as the “SAVE GHANA LIBRARY PROJECT,” and programs in education. One of the cardinal aims of the Association is to erect a monument in memory of our brothers and sisters who perished during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, and to those who survived to contribute to nation building worldwide in numerous ways.
The Tower of Return Foundation, a subsidiary SUCARDIF, has on its board eight (8) paramount chiefs and seven (7) queen mothers representing thirteen (13) Ghanaian Townships in five (5) regions of Ghana. .This Foundation institutes private sector models to attract and direct investment into each Township. Working cooperatively with local and international business communities efforts are being made to locate new Industries and bring Jobs into each township. In addition, the completed Tower of Return Monument Project will draw Africans from all parts of the world as a pilgrimage in honor of our proud heritage. People of all national and ethnic backgrounds will derive a greater respect for the struggle of Africans to survive, and contribute so much toward the advancement of civilization throughout the world. Scholars from around the world will seek out the Tower library and museum collections for research and documentation of African History. The economic benefits will be tremendous.
SUCARDIF has acquired 85 acres of land in Cape Coast, Ghana, to build a commercial investment enterprise, the “Tower of Return monument" project. The structure will rise to the majestic height of seven hundred and seventy seven feet, overseeing a historical African library and museum, conference center, restaurants, shopping mall, hotel, and various other businesses. What is needed now are funds for planning and fund raising activities for project development such as assessing the land layout and architectural design; grant writing and solicitation activities to seek contributions from peoples around the world; exhibiting, producing and selling of memorabilia of historical significance in various designs and forms in Africa and abroad; personnel to oversee and carry out activities; transportation needs; and, equipment, materials and supplies. Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi, III, president and founder of the SUCARDIF Association, has agreed to allow his doors from the Cape Castle to be used as collateral for a loan for these purposes. The doors are currently on exhibit at the African American Museum of Philadelphia in the United States of American. The doors are insured for one million dollars ($1,000,000.00), and are believed to be worth much more. .
Staffing $150,000.00
Consultants 100,000.00
Transportation 135,000.00
Equipment 40,000.00
Materials and Supplies 105,000.00
Grand Total 530,000.00
For further Information Contact:
Attention: Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III
Founder and Chairman
SUCARDIF Association
777 One Power Station
P.O. Box CT 732 Cape Coast Ghana
West Africa
Cell 011 233 20 833 5571

Never Again
Dear African Family.
We are sending the proposal on the Stones of Tears for the Tower of Return Monument Project out this week, so please, Brothers and Sisters, it would be great if you would write a letter of endorsement to support this important work for our African world history in the making. We believe that with your endorsement we can get this project off the ground. We hope to hear from you and your organizations as well. Please forward your letter of support either by e-stationary or postal mail
to the address below.
Thank you in advance for helping..
The Stones of Tears Project
c/o The BroomLady Event Design
Suite 107. 101 West Broad Street - Lower Level
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Cell: 011 243 834032

Spiritually, Danita
CC: Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III


Bridging the
Gulf between Many Centuries

By Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III

The world is fast becoming a global village and we must make an indelible mark upon our psyche as to the role we are to play if we are to not only survive but also be relevant to the world of the future. My travels outside of Africa have convinced me that we must be wise enough to be able to expand our mental and spiritual scope to recognize that ancestors were torn from our midst and their seed-our undeniable blood relatives exist. We must then develop a consciousness that includes the genuine concerns of our people no matter who they are and no matter how far slavery has flung them! This, in my view, is a duty, an obligation and a responsibility we have to ourselves for it is time for the voices of those who have not been heard for almost a half thousand years to be raised: those in exile!

Every African man, woman and child, regardless of the environment in which they came forth into life, must expand their views to recognize and include those victims of the holocaust that we know as the slave trade. No individual was a willing victim! Not one fled our land! All were unwilling captives in the unholy, profanely vicious and unforgivably wicked enterprise of the trafficking of the flesh of our people. This, in fact, ushered into being the most devastating brain drain that has ever happened to any people on earth-a fact from which our beloved Mother Africa still suffers today! Thus, it behooves men and women of consciousness and clear perception who are mentally, spiritually, politically, socially and economically responsible for the future of our species to see the urgent need to link our people and unite despite artificial geographical boundaries.

It would be unthinkable not to do so! It would be unconsciousnable not to do so! It would be unforgivable not to reach out and out and send forth the call to all of our people to identify themselves and to prepare to join in a worldwide crusade to reunite ourselves back into a family structure! For, the same blood is pumped through all of us our veins. Hundreds of millions of our people survived the holocaust. They are vibrant and gifted and still astound the world with their Africans genius. Yet, they do not know from which village they come, to which tribe they belong or their true tongue. However, even having lost all these tools knowledge, they remain African. Yes! It is truly a wonder of the world that we are still strong and endure against such incredible and unbelievable odds!

That then of then is the profound reason why Africans born in Africa must expand our thinking so as to include these hundreds of millions of Africans and call ourselves back together and begin working together to forge a greater African link than ever before in the history of our people! When we dare think of the advanced technical knowledge and skills acquired by that captive segment of us and then look at our needs in our Holy Motherland, we are immediately able to grasp the significance of making arrangements to tap into the vast experience and expertise of our people that was gained despite their grave, grievous disadvantaged of being kidnapped and spirited away from us hundreds of years ago!

I speak on this for me, for you and for our leaders who are charged with securing our future! We must not allow our hard won genius and development to go by the wayside. We must not be too narrow minded or too local in our understanding to be able to see the future that looms before our eyes. We cannot afford to be too selfish to admit that we are one people despite the fact that we operate as tribes, nations and different political nationalities! The fact will remain that there was but one creation that brought Africans into being. Thus, we are one people!

As we look around the world today, we see many nations putting away their differences, submerging their politics and re-tying themselves back into their own racial and family groupings. They are preparing to become more powerful than ever before! It is also evident that our Continent will be even more plundered, gutted and exploited with greater vengeance if we are not careful to properly analyze what these new formations mean! If we understand these things, we must recognize that the future of this Continent we call Africa is actually in our hands! We will then be able to have the vision of those individuals that sprang from our midst and came forth advocating the “United States of
Africa” our mind. Our vision, our understanding, our ability and our willingness to reach out and include our own people regardless of where they were born and let and let them know that we are concerned about their well-being and are prepared to welcome them back home will create a spiritual bridge between us.

To properly prepare for their return and for the much needed development of Cape Coast Ghana and Africa. An international African council staffed by our experts in every field or human endeavor from around the world must be formed ASAP. They will serve as counselors and advisors to our government and work to bring the technology and resources to Africa to help us to develop our own industries. By exploiting our own raw materials and resources, we can product the products to feed, clothe shelter, protect Africans in Africa and around the world, and then have some to share if we so desire! This opportunity stares us in the face if we are responsible enough to take full advantage of it! Sisters and Brothers of Africa worldwide this call must be taking as very important as Africans. As a first corporative gesture to bring about a global re-tying of our people, I suggest greatly that a TOWER OF RETURN us to be built in Cape Coast Ghana West Africa. West Africa.

This TOWER OF RETURN will be a monument to our ancestors who were captured and will acknowledge their descendants who still reside in the exile in the North America, South America and the Caribbean. This Project, invites cooperation, invites respect, exhibits our concern and ultimately establishes for the first time in the History a tribute to our people whose incredible story of survival must not be ignored! This epic story defies belief, yet it is one that must not end in exile but in return! Hence the name the name TOWER OF RETURN This tower will stand forever calling the descendants of our captured ancestors home to the sacred soil of Mother land Africa!!!!

The TOWER OF RETURN will wipe out the myth that says that Africans at home aren’t sensitive or concerned with our people in exile! The cooperative building of the Tower of Return should be the imitation of our cooperative building of our continent. This then is the first task that we humbly and respectfully propose for your consideration! This mandate offers us the opportunity of a life time. Let us start in stone our concern for the hundreds of million of our ancestors who were captured, for those who died and for those who survived and for their descendants our brothers and Sisters who still live today!

Please ponder the significance of the foregoing and come forth with action.

Please to get more information on this NGO for Tower of Return project you can contact:
SUCARDIF Association
Attention: Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III
President and CEO.
777 One Power Station
P.O. Box CT 732 Cape Coast Ghana
West Africa


Cape Coast Slave Castle


The Tower of Return is a concept of a monument that was conceived, contributed and collaborated by His Excellency, Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III.

The Tower of Return addressed itself to Africans scattered throughout the world, having no home base and thus no tangible reality in any a real form to which to attach themselves whereby each could focus and look forward to some kind of homeland and holy land to which one could migrate to for spiritual refuge.

Something had to emerge, had to come into being that would symbolize what the unrequieted yearning and secret inner burning of hundreds of millions of African men, women and children. This something, or this thing, needed to, and had to, address this yearning and burning focus of their deeply divine secret hopes, dreams and visions to one day return to the continent of Africa for renewal, rejuvenation and spiritual elevation!

These hundreds of millions of exile no real significant or singular identification that would tie tem mentally, spiritually, ideologically, culturally or linguistically, and yet all of their common history ties them to the West Coast of Africa, as a beginning departure point that led into the holocausts odyssey that marked the initiation into their baptism of fire in the holocaust better know as the “Slave-Trade.” Their common ancestors were victims in the hundreds of millions of Africans whose names are never to be known to anyone including historians whose will never be able to give an accurate account of these Africans! One must ask who were these Africans, where exactly were they captured, what land, nation and linguistic group were they take from prior to becoming victims of this God awful holocausts demonic. Diabolical and unutterable anguishing? Centuries upon centuries of nightmares and mentally befuddling and spiritually stifling, there horrendous, life wasting and human destroying situations, conditions and circumstances had befallen these hundreds of millions of nameless African people!

These were questions along the way and laid ambushing within corridors of our memories, within our minds, hearts and souls a we have struggled with coming up with that special and significant something that would welcome something address these needs to know answers to these painful and agonizing questions that so haunted the corridors of our souls .

The Chief came forth with “The Atlantic Slave Trade Monument” but that would now say exactly what needed to be said, has to be something that involved all of us in exile that rose above and beyond the holocaust of slavery and yet something that would inspire us to actually return to pay homage to all of those lost dead that would honor them and honor those of their survivors. Thus the name was changed to “The Tower of Return!” that is how it actually came to be so named. We both were satisfied with the name and a corporation was established to officially signify that it had to come into being!

During further discussions between the two men, thoughts dealing with ways means and methods of launching this concept and the idea of having a rendering done to put a picture in our minds and detailing what this could and would involve as a living monument began to take shape, and piece by piece it began to fall into place! Such places as libraries, hotel facilities businesses that would cater to the pilgrims would be returning to this sacred place to pay homage to their lost dead in a spiritual way. As it began to unfold and unravel in our minds suddenly it dawned upon us that this project would become the spiritual focus and headquarters to untold millions of people who would at long last have a focus point and something to which they could see as the home for wandering souls. It would also at long last lay under the long standing propaganda that Africans at home had no love nor possessed any concern for those Africans in exile who were victims of the holocaust called the slave trading of many centuries prior.

Having arrived at satisfaction of the idea and having it firmly in our minds, we understood that this project could mushroom into a powerful economic boom for the country that encouraged and participated in erecting this monument. Furthermore, the country that helped in its construction would itself be making global history and becoming the most famous country on the continent of Africa! The Chief wanted to be the person charged with leading this project and assigned himself to seek an audience with his country’s leader, His Excellency, Flight Lieutenant President Jerry Rawlings of whose support and blessings he would need to bring this project into being!

Since the Chief had to return to Ghana for his enrollment in July 1991, it would be an opportune time for him to brief his president on this project. His president being a highly sensitive and acutely intelligent man of integrity and honor, with visions of leading Ghana into the twenty first century and making Ghana a powerful country, this project would very likely be the kind of opportunity that would appeal to him personally if not economically and politically! Moreover, the president has a rather extensive knowledge of Africans in exile as did in said of Kwame Nkrumah before him! This would have been something that Nkrumah himself would have favored being so immensely qualified as a scholar and leader that he was.

To put it sufficiently, the Tower of Return will serve for us as the Wailing Wall, Mecca, as Rome, and as symbols of many other nations who are converged upon by world prisms to their holy lands across the world! The Tower of Return will take its place among the world places as it so rightfully should and Ghana will once again light the torch of inspiration to hundreds of millions of Africans home and abroad and to generations for thousands of years to come! It is much too awesome to contemplate the power to this idea but the concept is absolutely awesome and mind-boggling to put it mildly! Thus, you have the story of the idea that === minds of two men to answer questions of the wondering souls of their unsung dead and wondering spirits of their royal, noble and great ancestors.



What the Tower symbolizes and equates to Africans home and abroad will be a sense of global and universal holiness and wholeness OF AN ENTIRE RACE OF AFRICAN people.
It shall serve as a reminder that African stretches forth it hands unto God, unto its people regardless of what land and irrespective of what nation they now dwell in, saying that each of you are blood of our blood, bones of our bones, flesh of our flesh, and that although we exist worlds apart, we move to one rhythm and to the heartbeat of a single heart. It says that we are one, our would is one, our future is one, our destiny is one, our blood is one our aim is to restore ourselves to a status of one powerful, international, global and universal family as it was meant to be from the founding of the world, by our own African creator.
It says that we have by the charge of our very existence a divine duty, a supreme obligation, a holy responsibility to lend our knowledge, our skills our finances, wealth and riches, our advice, aid and aberrance to our members that call upon us because we are bound by a tie that is original, binding, unbreakable and that is eternal and everlasting. We are bound in more ways than any language can explain bound in such a way that it transcends language, transcends cultural variation, transcends the boundaries of geography, personality and symbolic status in lands we might by happenstance been born; we are bound by the very genes that houses the life force that alienates our beings and its bound cannot be broken by superficial markings or temporary allegiances to systems of governments, ideology, politics and such mundane considerations!
We have become brave enough to take the change of investigation our history, we are struck dumb and make num by this God awful experience that impact4d our beings; that shaped and moulded our character! When we look squarely into the face of our history, it sends us reeling mentally; it discombobulates one spiritually, it shocks and reveals something that is so aghast, one is moved to tears in wonderment as to how did our people survive this incredible and unbelievable terror. There is no language on the earth now, nor has it ever been nor will there be in the future that is precise enough, full in expression enough, nor possesses the capacity to touch the level of human strength that our people had to have had to endure and survive a holocaust in which approximately one and one half billion Africans lost their lives in trade that trafficked in the flesh of their forefather and foremothers! There just isn’t such specialized language that can explain it! And yet wherever one travel throughout the earth you find African people smiling, singling, dancing, creating, inventing, and appearing to the oblivious of everything that has happen to them in ways that are so profoundly vulgar, in ways that are so extremely diabolical; in ways that are so ruthlessly relentlessly humiliating, so God awful in its awesome repression, so thorough in its denial of their rights to be human beings, it makes one wonder what is the meaning of this people’s suffering! It is still the ninth wonder of the world and it is still the major mystery for all mankind to learn and come to understand!
The Tower of Return will become the archival of lost histories, the vaults of historical treasury of African people from all lands of the earth and become a living testimony that houses the aspirations of a people whose inspiration will pierce the universe! The Tower of Return will be a holy place where ignorance will be forbidden because knowledge will reign supreme! The shame that we might feel by being materially poor will not merely be explained why it is, but show us ways to rise above that status and become once more heirs to the oldest and the earth’s greatest material fortune of all. A fortune that is beyond estimations and all human calculations. That fortune is Africa and its people! Our people themselves are fortunes, are jewels and are world’s richest and wealthiest people alive now or will ever come to inhabit this planet! It can be realized when and only when we put our collective knowledge, will and skills under a single discipline and into a single direction! The Tower of Return holds == to us that promise and it dares us to reach for the reigns of power and prosperity through cooperation with one another in honesty and sincerity.

This is a burden of guilt that hovers in the air, it hovers our soul; it hovers in our veins as to why we are still not cooperating and coordinating our efforts to realize our true power!

The Tower of Return is extending the hand of African spirit to Africans throughout the world that are able to understand that our right to all that we need is in our hands, hearts, heads, minds, souls and we must tap into this awesome source for our own redemption.


In accomplishing great tasks for any race requires great sacrifice. It also requires original thinking, setting new goals and confronting new challenges through which we forge, invent and bring into being powers and opportunities for people who shall follow in the footsteps of those who pioneer great futures for their people.

We must dare to think new thoughts and think in original terms see through mental lens and see what others do to, we cannot see and are unable to see before they have pictures drawn for them by new artists. The bold initiatives that we must take must do two things; one open up new vistas in thinking and; two increase our involvement in actually forging the future that we want to come into being.

Culture, customs and traditions do not come into being by happenstance. Such are forged, such is conceived, established, implemented and sets new human activities. Africans are in all parts of the planet. We are there due to the single most powerful unfortunate circumstances that can ever befall a person! Yet because of this unfortunate circumstance of location, we can turn this unfortunate circumstance into the single most powerful opportunity we ever had in all of our existence.

We can take our culture and make it a vehicle for change, for liberation and uplift it to a height beyond our wildest dream! Since we are so scattered and are thus, in so many places and have so many varied and assorted knowledge and experiences that can be used to ferment and accelerate the transmission of useful knowledge that can be readily used by our people. It demands collecting usage and implementation to advance use as a people!

There is not a single African on the planet earth that does not need the knowledge and power of his of his own racial group behind him in whatever endeavor he seek to accomplish. Individually small tasks can be practically impossible for him or her own group supporting him or her!

For those who are qualified through the growth and experience of life and have learned what it requires to represent the best qualities of being leaders, teachers, advisors, counselor unto their people and those who know the common tread that runs through every African of truth, love dignity, decency and has become filled with altruistic and benevolence and goodwill, must be assisted in his, her or their missionary work in and among their own, with a view of reforming, focusing, guiding, uplifting and helping to restore Africans throughout the world to an exhausted state of oneness as a people!

It is through this type and kind of work can one repay those hundreds and thousands that comprises the communities from whence they themselves cometh. Each of such individuals, therefore, must be raised and elevated to the status of an international Cultural Ambassador or Ambassadress Extraordinaire and charged with this holiest of missions!

They must be given Diplomatic Passports and given the charge, the task, the opportunity, the duty, the responsibility and obligation to travel everywhere, anywhere and wherever Africans dwells and teach each his global connection to the whole of the African Family through the administration of our culture!

They must be charged with spreading globally African culture and reconnect this scattered, jangling and discordant and highly splintered and fragmented people of ours into a wholesome, harmonious symphony of a global family into the fold of brother and sisterhood! Each of us that can be raised to the high and exhausted level of conciousnss of complete and unconditional brother hood and fatherhood, sisterhood and motherhood must be granted the means of helping to raise our unconscious people once more!

This sense of commitment must originate and spiral up out of the mind, heart and soul of our people who will see the need to do the work of greatness t========great people! These ambassadors and ambassadresses ought to have and must have total, complete and have absolute freedom to travel the entire world in the spread of the gospel of African brotherhood, African sisterhood and assisted in their task of weaving back together these scattered people into one universal family of concern.

Their task must be viewed as a holy one and a great one that serves our great people! Certainly and without doubt whenever we began to understand what it means to consciously work together towards a common end, whatever we undertake shall change the status of our people everywhere on the face of the earth! We are capable of doing exceedingly wondrous and great work in teaching our people the importance of unity and letting unity forge the power that we need to perform global miracles in uplifting and advancing our entire global family!

Diplomatic Ambassadors and ministers of African’s global culture, cooperation and commerce will lend to our recovery in every sphere of human endeavor! There is nothing we need to wait for, bow down to and other people on this earth to get in order to carry out this task. All we need is ourselves and the will to do great things! Thus I deeply urge and encourage that serious consideration and full debate be given and had on this question of diplomatic cultural ambassadors extraordinary that their mission might become a reality in our lifetime.

Arming our cultural ambassadors with diplomatic passports to move freely throughout the world in search of their members will be the single most powerful act any government shall do in the changing status of African people everywhere. I seriously and sincerely believe that it is time that such an undertaking comes into being! I therefore hope that full consideration and cooperation will bring forth such coordination of the genius of African people.

Sankofa means ‘return to your roots” in the Akan language of Ghana

Elimina Slave Castle

There are approximately 40 more castles and forts in Ghana that were engaged in the slave trade West Coast of Africa
It to bring to the African world’s attention the creation of The Tower of Return, which will represent African people in the continent of Africa itself, Africans Abroad, whoever they, wherever they are and regardless of whatever conscious of unconscious state they may find themselves. We this day, proclaim them as Citizens of Ghana.
We today declare that Africans, everywhere, anywhere and wherever they are who possesses a deep yearning and an un-requieting burning to return to this country of Ghana will be welcomed, appreciated, accepted as Ghanaians in all realms of Ghanaian society!
We proclaim a new day and declare an end to disunity among Africans at home and abroad! In conjunction with this history making reclamation and declaration we are initiating and are establishing the apparatus through which citizenship papers together with official passports manifesting the legal and the political reality that such newly proclaimed and declared citizen may travel to Ghana. These passports will be permanent and irrevocable by any future government.
This bold proclamation and declaration initiates a bold historical undertaking which is the building of THE TOWER OF RETURN. This TOWER OF RETURN will serve as the holy shrine of all of those Africans living in exile and a shrine to the spirit of all of those hundreds of millions of Africans that lost their lives in the holocaust of slavery that were scattered throughout the world and who died in these cruel exiles in ways too ghastly to describe and in profanely vulgar and undignified manners too numerous to name!
The structure of the TOWER OF RETURN will rise to the majestic height of seven hundred and seventy seven feet, overseeing a historical library containing books, papers, magazines, films, newspapers, articles and a collection of information from, by and about Africans throughout the world, telling of their incredible and unbelievable struggles that transpired during their many epitomizing and spirit to redeem themselves from extinction during their many centuries of struggle against all conspiracies to render them nonexistent!
Information cataloging their inventions the development of the arts, sciences, literature, agriculture, medicine, music and sculpturing, and all such information from all lands in which African culture through them expressed itself in countless myriads of ways and manners that forged new histories of the triumphantly human spirit.
It will contain ways, means and methods African developed the inventions that serve the societies in which they presently dwell in and how they helped create the histories of the development that raised these societies, nations and civilizations to levels of power and excellence, without them could have not been achieved!
THE TOWER OF RETURN will have integrated into its complexial metropolis a hotel complex that will accommodate at any given time fifty thousand visitors in the most modern and most advanced accommodations anywhere in the world! Employing many thousands of individuals in the service of its guest on a twenty four hour a day basis!
Standing separate and rising grandiosely in all its splendor and wondrous majestic African magnificent will stand “THE TOWER” reminding us that we are one people, despite our geography! It will contain the gold room where initiations will take place during high holy ceremonies when Africans from all parts of the world will be knighted, enshrined, titled and charged with authority over sensitive segments of power by which their nation’s interest will deeply depend! In the gold room no one shall enter without merit and whose words and deeds do not attest to their worthiness as men and women whose service to African people can be called into question or be found other than unimpeachable!
The supporters and subscriber to and of the TOWER OF RETURN names shall be inscribed and chiseled into stone to be as a living testament to their uniting with all other Africans from all over the earth in honor of themselves and to honor their ancestors lost in the middle passage, but that their memory shall live!
It is both befitting and appropriate that the country of Ghana and its noble, farsighted and visionary leaders will see fit to forge the history that the building of this holy monument potential. The undertaking to do this will not merely explode a higher, nobler =========of spiritual excitement and global enthusiasm for Ghana as a country and for this far sighted administration of governmental leaders but it will initiate an economic increase of involvement by Africans from many countries such as has never before in history been enjoyed by any African country in modern history! Ghana will enjoy the rise of an ambassadorial class of men and women from all parts of the world that has never had the chance to demonstrate their willingness to join hands and struggle shoulder to shoulder to help Ghana become the hope of hundreds of millions of exiles whose dreams will at last become realized!
The physical building of this TOWER OF RETURN will employ thousands of men and women and thousands upon its completion! The hopes and inspiration of untold millions of Africans will be with those who will engage in such a holy undertaking and it will write this history upon the minds and engage it upon all generations to come! Ghana will become the land of hundreds of millions of pilgrims from all corners of the globe to pay homage to their own people as others pay homage to Gods that are alien to Africa!
It is not too often human beings are handed the opportunity to be drum majors of history where they live! Very few countries have ever had the insight and foresight sufficient to envision a world in the making and to actually hold the reins and to wave the wand of destiny, knowing that all of the eyes of the world is upon her; that she is setting a precedent that no other country will be other than a follower! That very rarest of opportunity knocks upon the door of Ghana and Ghana must say yes! Because of the wealth and riches that shall reward her is beyond estimation or calculations!

Nana Kweku Gyepi III shall present this plan to his Excellency _ President John A. Kufuor, for perusal and approval along with all of his cabinet ministers and the people of Ghana as a whole! It is submitted by, for and on behalf of the Poet’s World International incorporated, whose president is Co-Founder.

It then, is thus, proclaimed and declared! This is the Gold age of Busines


To engage in actions that runs the gambit of activities involving charitable, philanthropic, organizations and promoting individuals; creating scholarships, finding cultural safaris and creations and establishments of institutions and missions through which corporations organizations, cultural institutions can become self perpetuating foundations of outreach and in furtherance of spreading knowledge and involving hundreds and thousands and even millions of African people within and across national and international boundaries.
SUCARDIF, INC., shall establish Chapters throughout the world, wherein which it will have grassroots participants and Head of State, Legislature, congressmen and women and individuals whose knowledge, technology and expertise will be involved, implemented, coordinated and allocated in combinations and ramifications creating varieties of people participating uplifted the lowliest of individuals to the most exhausted individuals that forms and advances our undertakings, which is a global comprehensive restoration of Africans working together in advancing the education, mental ventilation and spiritual acceleration of all members of our world congregation of workers in this holiest of missions.
SUCARDIF, INC., shall seek to bring into full play all manner of Africans and African resources and raw materials within which to effectuate maximum benefit to every member whose needs in areas of their own era and levels might have the means, the whereto by which they might be capable of carrying out their tasks in which progress for the betterment of those of whom they shepherds are readily available to them , involving funds facilities, travel, hotel lodgings expenses and engaging in the securing of land properties, means of communications, machinery to transmit information, acquiring the services of other people who may or may not be members of SUCARDIF, INC., but are needed to determine the outcome of a given circumstances.
SUCARDIF, INC., shall involve hundreds, thousands and possible millions of individuals and groups whose services will be needed in the furtherance of our global sweeping tying together and coordination activities that celebrates and glorifies the magnanimous, splendid and diverse cultural variations that is African from far and distant places on the globe in great and less known societies, such as magicians, musicians, writers performers, inventors miracle workers, healers, singers, dancers and the world’s greatest entertainers in order to present the fullest possible picture that is called African Culture.
SUCARDIF, INC. will engage in publishing and supporting other publishers, writers and individuals who are in remote fields of endeavor that dovetails in creating works of art and masterpieces of African folklore and works of unexplainable and incredible rareness of human genius. No effort shall be spread in research and searching out and extending our movement of discovery into the world of the African everywhere Africans can be found on the globe!
SUCARDIF, INC. will be engaged in massive fund raising throughout the world and with such funds seek out and to purchase materials private, old, new and commissioned to assemble into a museum of Arts and Sciences that bespeaks of the genius of the African people wherever they are and can be found. Which will form and be displayed to the world that it might serve as a source and resource for scholars from every race on earth that has an interest in the African as genius and s creators and inventors of marvels that regularly astounds the world?
The individual that shall staff, promote and lead SUCARDIF, INC., shall be diverse as the body of black humanity is in and of itself, and will be drawn from that body of diverse humanity will all of its profound knowledge wisdom technology, experiences and endurances in various societies of the world that a comprehensive representation of African people will be coordinated on a global as possible basis. In such places as restaurants and places of entertainment, live and on film, in books and in magazines as well as in the field of sports, etc., etc.
Finally, SUCARDIF, INC. shall supply people with funds facilities, materials and expertise to needy individuals and governments around the globe that are in need of our resources. Indeed our world vision and world scope and understanding will be unconditional unlimited in its outreach to African people irrespective of ideologies, political doctrine, regional culture, language and religious practices! Our mission reaches out far above and beyond the narrow concerns of those who see themselves as tribes, nationalities and individuals that yet haven’t come to comprehend their global citizenship in the family of nations.

Domiciled at
Mount Vernon, New York Today in Ghana

Greetings You’re His, Excellency President John A. Kufuor

Sir, it is my wish to bring to your attention a most extraordinary undertaking by a dedicated an incredibly brilliant young Chief of your beloved country, and to acquaint you with his profound insight in his outreach to bring together his globally scattered people.

I have conceived of creating a symbol that would galvanize the attention of our people and something that would focus their minds in remembrance of how it is that they are living as citizens in foreign lands without real comprehension of the fact that they are supposed to be Ambassadors of the continent of their forefathers! I have conferred with certain Africans in exile and together we have brainstorm, and out of such, I have conceived of the symbol that will bring unity in countless ways back to Africa, and I see Ghana as the country that must play the leading part in bringing this incredible project into being!

It is the single most powerful reaching out ever conceived to be used to unite all Africans throughout the world. It could unleash energies in all our people in a most positive way. The idea and symbol would lay to rest forever the lie that has served to separate and keep divided literally hundreds of millions of Africans throughout the world. Namely that Africans on the continent have no interest, no love and no regard for Africans who are victims of being torn away from its bosom!

Your Excellency, the reason why this letter is being sent to you is because you’re a man of rare honor and unquestionable integrity and possess the depth of will in the service of Ghanaians and Africans in general! The project is of such extraordinary and profound significance it is our desire to acquaint you with its details in advance in going public. What I shall seek of you is your endorsement, participation, cooperation and your government’s permission that it be mandated as a key project for your nation, which I understand, will require the entire Cabinet’s stamp of approval.

This is not an attempt on my part to be mysterious by not revealing the details in this letter, but rather it is an act of caution to see to it that it is not known before you have the opportunity to hear, see and evaluate the project yourself personally. I seriously and deeply believe that it will certainly interest you and focus your attention to some of its ramifications, which has global applications. That is why it is not clearly stated and spelled out in detail. Suffice it to say, however, Your Excellency, that it will make Ghana the focal point of all nations, Ghana under your esteemed leadership shall serve as the host nation of all nations of goodwill and cooperation. Sir, I am thinking about securing freedom and education purpose, also, economic development.


Sankofa United Continent Africa Roots Development International Family

History and structure of SUCARDIF

The Sucardif Association is an indigenous PAN AFRICAN Non-governmental organization (N.G.O.) dedicated to the unification of all African Descendants in the Diaspora and the continent of Africa as a whole. It is dedicated to the reawakening of the African consciousness through education, community development programs, human resource development, exchange programs for the youth, job creations, investment generation and tourism as a tool for unification of our people’s home and abroad.

The association was founded in Mt.Vernon NEW YORK between 1987-1989 with registration in the U.S.A. the association was dully inaugurated in Ghana in 1991 when the founder became a chief in Cape-Coast in the Central region and formally registered as a voluntary organization in the central region in 1993 and is presently active in 13 traditional areas spanning 5 regions in Ghana. The Association is independent with no political, tribal or religious inclinations. The membership is open to all persons in communities in Ghana and indeed the whole Diaspora to do voluntary activities. Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III, Taboo H.R.H, Djata a Black American poetry/drama writer, initiated the formation of SUCARDIF. This attracted distinguished personalities dedicated to the development of Africa and the African community in Mt. Vernon in the US.A. to come together and initiate activities and programs for the emancipation of the Black Mind. One of the cardinal aims of the Association is to erect a monument in memory of our brothers and sisters who perished during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. It’s also dedicated to the awakening of the Black consciousness so as never, NEVER AGAIN should such a thing happen to Africa and its people!!!

The association has a national executive with the founder as the C.E.O. an elected president, vice president, general secretary, treasurer and a publicity secretary. Project officers and technical advisers from various fields of endeavors support them. These consist mostly of people employed in various public and private organizations who voluntarily donate their time and energy to work for the lofty goals of the association. Not much emphasis is placed on the regional executives committees but they exist both at the regional and some district levels to serve as technical advisers to the association’s community development programs.

The association places much emphasis on the community level, which is at the same time the target of its programs. There are community level SUCARDIF groups with similar composition as the national executive committee.

At each community level however, there are separate men and women subgroups but both work together in general community programs. Such as communal labour e.g. sweeping of selected streets in Cape-Coast desilting of drains, tree planting etc. They however undertake specific income generating activities like women engaging in baking of bread, the preparation of Fanti kenkey in Tefle traditional area, Anafo in Cape-Coast respectively and fish smoking. The men also undertake group ventures eg. farming and fishing with community feul dumps like the one established in Sekondi (European Town).

The community level groups determine their priority development areas in consultation with SUCARDIF project officers. They are committed to contribute to the programs both in cash and in kind. The association liaises between the communities and local government, traditional councils and non-governmental organization for the necessary inputs and technical assistance to ensure the successful implementation of their programs. The General Secretary and the project coordinator of SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION form management committees to supervise the programs implementation, monitoring and eventually to assist in its evaluation.

Generally the traditional areas provide labour (including skilled labour) and some materials towards their programs. However, when resources are required, SUCARDIF explores avenues for these resources. The association also has core membership of about 600 professionals in full time employment in the regions and some traditional areas in the country who serve as Technical Advisors for community programs within their areas and beyond. These professionals have diverse back grounds including building, woodwork, law, administration, management, teaching, craftsmanship, welding, mechanic, farming, fish processing, dress/hair making, mass communication etc. The association therefore has the capacity to implement diverse programs in various aspects of nation building and development such as “SAVE GHANA LIBRARIES” project “HOME AND ABROAD”


The SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION works very closely with various government agencies and other local and international N.G.O.’S. The association works with the following departments, Forestry Unit, Agriculture Ministry, Environmental Protection Council, Ghana Education Service (district office Cape-Coast), Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education, Institute of Adult Education, the District Assemblies, National Commission on Culture, Dubois Center Ghana, The African Medical Trust, One Africa Productions etc. etc.




* TOWER OF RETURN FOUNDATION: The foundation is a fund raising component of SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION. It is a Private non-profit organization based in Accra, Ghana Established in December 1995. The foundation is a unified voice representing the economic, social and cultural interest of thirteen Ghanaian Townships.

The foundation has Three Primary Objectives.

* To develop and implement comprehensive programs to achieve sustained economic, social and cultural development in each Township. The collective resources of our townships will be leveraged to improve the living conditions of our people.

* To erect the TOWER OF RETURN MONUMENT. This monument will be built in Ghana to honor our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters who suffered and perished as a result of the slave trade. The monument will also serve as a beacon to all people of African decent worldwide.


The Tower of Return foundation has on its board, eight (8) paramount chiefs and seven (7) queen mothers representing thirteen (13) Ghanaian Townships in five (5) regions of Ghana.


This is very unique because for the first time in Ghana a consortium of Ghanaian Townships have come together in a private initiative. The focus of the Foundation is to harness the energy and enthusiasm of our people in an effort to foster entrepreneurial skills and self-help.

The Foundation also Institute Private-Sector Models to attract direct & indirect investment into each Township. We work hand-in-hand with Local and International Business Communities to locate new Industries and bring Jobs into each township.

The “Tower of Return” Monument will stand proudly as a Beacon to Africans worldwide. We will use a Monument to celebrate our past and to lead us into the future. This monument will educate and liberate people of all ethnic and racial backgrounds; not just Africans. We willingly expose the pain and suffering we have historically endured in an effort to educate, “
Heal and Promote Change”.

THE “TOWER OF RETURN” is the gateway from our past to our future.

The “Stones of Tears” are the Original Bricks and stones used in the construction of the Cape-Coast and Elimina Castles. These were discarded after a Renovation of the castles was performed instead of Preservation or Restoration. In order to Obliterate the Atrocities that took place in the Castles. To tell the true story, our founder and the Mensah Sarbah Fun Club including the Sucardif Youth collected these rear stones of history and torture for an exhibition during the second Panafest and other displays.

1995: The formation of the Tower of Return Foundation involves eight (8) paramount chiefs and seven (7) Queen Mothers. The Foundation was created as a fund raising component of SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION. SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION together with the United States Information Service embarked on an assessment of the 13 Traditional areas that formed the Foundation. The assessment was to highlight Investment and Tourism Potentials of the Traditional areas in relation to Community needs of the Townships.

1996: The Tower of Return foundation was formally launched by the deputy chief of mission Jackie Bricks of the U.S. Embassy in Ghana on the 31st of March 1996 at the
SANAA LODGE HOTEL Tesano, Accra. In the same year, the Foundation organized a photo exhibition of the traditional areas at the Dubois Centre. This exhibition attracted dignitaries from the diplomatic core including the then first Lady of Ghana Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and the general public.

1997: participation in the biannual Pan African festival “PANAFEST”. Distribution of books and computers donated by Black Churches in Memphis Tennesse and Federal Express headquarters also in Memphis Tennessee U.S.A. Federal Express Ghana Ltd. also cosponsored the event with their managing director Mr. Tanoe as a guest of honor during distribution in the Tema traditional area.

Some of the recipients were Phillip Quacoo Boys/Girls including 13 other schools in the Central Region with assistance from NC.W.D. Cape-Coast and the district Education Service of the area. Others were Akwamfie, Tema Manhyian (T.T.C.) Komenda, Pitman’s Institute of Business Studies, Twidiase Basic School Tema, Anomabo traditional area etc. etc.

SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION in yet another collaborative effort with the Nation of Islam hosted a 135 member delegation of adults and school children from New Jersey in the U.S.A.

1998: SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION together with the Ministry of Tourism National Commission on Culture hosted the first “EMANCIPATION DAY” celebrations in Ghana signifying the end of slavery. The Tower of Return foundation and all its board members of Chiefs and Queen Mothers presented a collage of “Stones of Tears” to the former President of Ghana His Excellency Flt J.J. Rawlings and the entire planners of the historic event with a citation of “No More Slavery in Africa” Ghana. Another collage was also presented to the Mayor of Compton California Umar Bradley and his entourage. They also offered scholarship opportunities to SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION.

1999: SUCARDIF ASSOCIATION and the Tower of Return Foundation in collaboration with the National Commission on culture under the auspices of the African African American summit secretariat organized the following including full participation of its board members i.e. the Chief & Queen Mothers of the 13 Traditional areas that formed the Foundation.

A Berber of Chiefs/Queen Mothers at the Dubois center.

A Photo exhibition of the potentials of the 13 traditional areas for the delegates to the A.A.A.S. at the Dubois center.

The main events were:

The Enstoolment of the chief executive officer of Dubois Centre.

Right of passage ceremony involving the renaming ceremony of African descendants returning home by his holiness, the Head of Africania Mission OSOFO AMEVE.

Oracle consolations by a divine African traditional seer.

An exhibitions of “STONES OF TEARS” IN NATURAL ART” These are the original stones used in building the Cape-Coast and Elimina Castles (two of the world heritage monuments by the U.N.). Supporters of this program were One Africa productions, Truth Commission-for reparations and Africania Mission of Ghana, on the 21st of May 1999.

2000: hosting and promoting of Investment groups from Philadelphia and Taiwan in September 2000. These are a few of our operations and achievements. We hope to do more of such activities and programs for the betterment of our people and our dear country in Ghana. NII ADDICO.


(Sankofa United Continent Africa Root Development
International Family Association)
Greetings from Cape Coast, Ghana. West Africa to all the people of world thinks good Africans can give as well.
Sucardif Association needs your support to build the TOWER OF RETURN monument project. This Tower is to memorialize the spirit of the ancestors being return by their descendants to the continent of Africa. These are for those who perished as well as those who lived through the Africa Holocaust and the middle passage, to tell our story of emancipation and freedom.
SUCARDIF has acquired 85 acres of land to build this monument. We have collected the disregarded parts of the castle, fort dungeons, etc. Which were built in 1482. They were gathered from those sites, which held our ancestors during those horrible times.
The bricks, canons, the steel window bars, parts of walls, part of ceiling and floors, which were retrieved from the dungeons recently they coming to the US for a nation wide tour. The idea came about after renovations were carried on the castles and fort that instead of preserving these monuments, these materials of antiquity are a proof of a deliberate attempt to “WHITE-WASH THE BLACK MANS HISTORY.”
When the TOWER OF RETURN monument project is completed, we will give you a place to return the spirits of your ancestor. Your will also have a monument which will include library, museum, an art gallery, an international African exhibition center on African affairs.
Now you know why you should contribute. As you can visualize we urgently need to accomplish these noble ideas. Our target is $70 million by the 2007. You may put together tax deductible donations from as little as $5 / $ 10 / $25 / $50 / $75 / $100 a month or a year its equivalent in any currency, to the Address below in cheek our or money order, you can also send money through the western union worldwide Our bank account number is 1621-NATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK, Cape Coast Ghana. Our tax- exempt number is D.S.W.# 518 Africa number one N.G.O. God blesses Africans.
This is Action Time for us to do something.
Please send all your contributions in the name of Tower of Return monument Project to and for information write or Email: Please send it to all of our African
P.O. Box CT 732
Cape Coast Ghana West Africa
SUCARDIF@yahoo.com or stofr3777@yahoo.com
Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III, Founder and CEO.
Call 011 233 243 834032


Please send this to all of your links in the world
MY E-MAIL ADDRESS and/BUSINESS PHONE # if you have a business:
nanagyepi@hotmail.com or SUCARDIF@yahoo.com
CLOSING STATEMENTS:(optional) Say more about You and why You connected with WACPtv Community.
First of all I thanks to our God of African for letting me have this information and for all Afrikans to know that it is wonderful to been part of the We Are Creative People of purpose. Our Community at home and aboard I is so happy to be one of you Brothers and Sisters let us work together as One Afrikans. As you can see the Tower of Return needs your support. Please fell free to ask for any information you need from Ghana

Thank you

Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III

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Do you want more Exposure? Get the answer from my page and my latest video post...if I am not your friend please add me....Thank you...Have a Blessed day!
At 3:52pm on August 04, 2010, Diane Friday-Travel Specialist gave Nana Kweku Egyir Gyepi III a gift
Do you want more Exposure? Get the answer from my page and my latest video post...if I am not your friend please add me....Thank you...Have a Blessed day!



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