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Liberation For Black People Discussion. Restrictive Topics To Be Discussed: Racism, Chattel Slavery, Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood.


Liberation For Black People Discussion. Restrictive Topics To Be Discussed: Racism, Chattel Slavery, Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood.

This is a Group where only serious revolutionary minded people will be welcome.
This Group is about sharing your thoughts about the stated issues and if you view such issues to be a problem of Black people, what do you see the solution to be and how should Black people go about solving our problems in America.
Each person that signs on to become a Member of this Group, would be treated with the utmost respect, those who do not will be disqualified to be a member of this Group.
There will be no Debating of the stated issues that is the foundation of this Group, only Divine Reasoning with each other concerning the stated issues.
The First appearance of an expression of profane arrogance, ego, envy, and jealousy by anyone, is ground for dismissible without appeal, and such discretion lies with the authority of the Group administrator/Host.
The purpose of this Group is to draw Black people's attention to what is considered to be the origin and solution to Black people's problem in America, problems existentially that affect all Black people, in and out of Afrika, and to give Black people the freedom of opportunity to express yourselves regarding the issues that is the basis of this Group ... Racism, Chattel Slavery, Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood. 
The overall objective of this Group is to have Black people to become so mentally and spiritually involved in addressing the groups stated issues, that the education from such interaction, gotten from such reasonable discussion, would serve as a motivation to take your activity on this group, above and beyond the talking stage, to the organize stage of direct physical action, which is the desire that such participation will serve as the solution to Black people's present problems, as we have been and still is now, affected by Chattel Slavery, Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and injustice in America, and the world.
The purpose of this group is to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts on the state of Black people living condition and whether or not such condition is acceptable to you or not.

Members: 24
Latest Activity: Jan 25



Let me make myself very clear, my motivation regarding Reparation is not based on some kind of selfish monetary gain for the purpose of cementing ourselves here in America under the tutelage of our oppressors, nor am I out to convince or debate the merit of Reparation with those who have not the wisdom to understand the true meaning and purpose of Reparation from both a Spiritual and Physical Reality.


I know my place in the morass of this immoral world and most certainly in the citadel of Evil and Racism, America.


Those who have decided that the cause and issue of Reparation is not for them, so be it, because Reparation is not hinged on the attitude and behavior the criminal take toward it in order for it to be granted.


Hell we know what they think of the descendants of our Enslaved Ancestors, which translate over to what they think of the Black African Nation, so whether Reparation is to be realized or not is not depended on the perpetrators of the crime that now give us cause to demand restitution in behalf of our Enslaved Ancestors.


The practicality and Reality of Reparation in term of approval, is totally depended upon the Thought, Mind and Spirit of the Descendants of those who were Enslaved and now have made it to become an obligation that now fall to their children to demand Justice in their behalf.


Such require that it be not a civil right or selfish thing, it is a Hue- Man Rights Spiritual thing and one must be able to revolve on a much higher Thoughtful Spiritual Plane, to be able to understand the True meaning and purpose of the entire Middle Passage Journey, which blossomed into a Just and Spiritual obligation to demand justice be done by the atonement for such evil of which Chattel Slavery represent, by the act of Restitution, which give merit to the demand for payment in the form of Reparation, in honor of those who suffered under such a barbaric institution call Chattel Slavery.


Reparation carry not its merit based on what we might think of it, in the pro and con, it is above and beyond the mental frailty of a Mind still Enslaved, entangled in the trapping of the teaching and instruction about God, Universe and Being by a warped ungodly prejudice Racist Mind, that conceived and created that devilish institution call Chattel Slavery, as they proceeded to quality our Black Africans Ancestors to the value of only 3/5 of a Hue - Man Being to satisfy their selfish motive for doing what they did to our Enslaved Ancestors.


Reparation is Divine and Sacred and we have not the power to break such a Divinity, as we attempt to assign our own profane value of importance or unimportance to such a cause and issue of great quality and value to a dying Black Nation.


Reparation must be used to implement the exodus back to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, Africa for the purpose of establishing the next New State in Africa, inhabited by the AfroDescendants from the Chattel Slaved Diaspora and from such a position of Sovereign and Solvency will we proceed to assist to free the Land of Africa and Reunite the Black African Nation, allowing the Eastern Star of Hue - Manity to Rise again and take its Rightful Place among the Hue - Man Family, fully dressed with that Moral Godly Glow we had before Evil entered our House of Knowledge and Wisdom.

It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!


Complete Love To The Black African Nation




Chief Elder

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The Pan - African Inter'National Movement


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You need to be a member of Liberation For Black People Discussion. Restrictive Topics To Be Discussed: Racism, Chattel Slavery, Reparation, Repatriation, and Statehood. to add comments!

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on November 22, 2014 at 7:47pm

Part two

Then and there, is where the obligation fall upon the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors to do whatever is necessary to have Afrika to become for the Black Afrikans again, and for a Divided Black Nation to rise in unity again, In Afrika.

Reparation is about Afrika, and Freedom and Unity of a Black Afrikan People been made to be selfishly and individually Divided, in and out of Afrika, but to become free and independent in Afrika, Beloved.

Divine Truth And Reality Is Beyond Compromise, It Is Your Savior And Protector.

Such Is The Reason Why Most Black so Call Leaders Ignore And ill define The Sacredness Of Reparation.

They do so, To Keep The Divine Truth From The Masses Of Black Afrikan People, Especially The Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors, and They Have Not The Quality Of Mind That Will Have Them To Know And Understand The Spiritual Significant Of Reparation As Well, which verify the return usage of our Original Mind, and Not Lucifer The Human Being Mind, which intentionally Deceive Black People about the True Meaning Of Reparation.

Divine Respect

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on November 22, 2014 at 7:46pm

Part one

Reply by OSIRIS AKKEBALA 3 minutes ago

There are some Black people who attempt to redefine Reparation to have it to apply to what we want it to mean for us individually, not so, Reparation imply freedom from America for our Enslaved ancestors, which mean, the children of those Enslaved Ancestors have the obligation to collect our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and en-mass, return them back Home, as we came is the way we are to return to Afrika, that is what Reparation represent and not what caused Reparation to be a Right to be received, its the effect of Chattel Slavery, is what dignify the Demand for Reparation.

Yes, Reparation is not about an individual Check, it is about payment to our Enslaved Ancestors for all of the hard work, and abuse unto death, they endured for the sake of their unborn children, it has not one Damn thing to do with remaining in America or to rehabilitate America, but is about the Divine Right for the children of our Enslaved Ancestors to become the next established State in Afrika, which must be the resting place for our Enslaved ancestors.

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 18, 2014 at 1:45pm

Are we serious about seriouness when it comes to Reparations Now? IIf we are, are we willing to do the below. I salute, bow, and thank all those who comply with the below request,  and let me know via (PM), Private Message that you contacted Democracy Now.



click on About and click on Contact us


To the left of the page is the CONTACT

In the below link. SUBJECT add New IDEA. Select Subject, add REPARATION NOW.

In the message box add the below.

To, Democracy Now:
Would Democracy Now be willing to do an interview on Reparation with total objectivity?
There seem not to be a News outlet that is honest enough to address the issue of Reparation for the victims of Chattel Slavery.
Will Democracy Now be brave enough to give time to this much needed topic for discussion?


Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 16, 2014 at 5:48pm




Comment by OSIRIS AKKEBALA on September 9, 2013 at 5:31pm
    Freedom come with a price and that price is self determination, self respect, power, control, and authority over the way you live your life and where you reside as a Nation.

    So, it should be no surprise that the oppressors of Black people are now beginning to invade Afrika, the Land of Black People, because the oppressors know if ever Black people return back to expressing their Divine Spirituality, then Afrika will cease to be available to the invaders, those who are the Enslavers and colonizers of Afrikans and Afrika.

    Reparation is not some kind of welfare payment, and if and when Black people come to see the need to get busy in demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, then it will not be a concentration upon what the Devil is doing in Afrika, all that will be important is what Black people are willing to do in order to have Afrika to be for the Black Afrikan again.

    Afrika is the home of Millions in great quantity of Black people, not taking into consideration of the untold Millions of Black people who is out of Afrika, but let us deal with the Black Afrikans in Afrika and the Afrikans in America demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, with the possibility of the untold number of other Diaspora afrikans who also is entitled to Reparation and will be willing to demand reparation to be paid to the children of our Enslaved Ancestors who were of and from Afrika, we being with a meaning and purpose to return Back to afrika, not as weaklings and beggars, but with the Reparation owed to our Enslaved Ancestors, with the right to become the next established state in Afrika and with an understanding that Afrika is to be rid of all who have not the Sovereign Right to be there, which require for no doubt, the need for an Afrika continent Revolution..

    Much is required of the Black Afrikans in regard to Afrika becoming for the Black afrikan, and fear is not to be included in the equation that will have Afrika to become once again for the Black afrikans, which require planning, strategy and a will to be free again.

    So, we must not be fearful of what America is doing in Afrika, what is much more important is what the Black Afrikans are willing to do to regain Afrika for the Black Afrikan People, which start with Black people getting your Mind in order so that you can come to know the meaning and importance of demanding and receiving our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    Much more is involved in order to make sure that this undertaking will be successful, which require a Divine Mind way of thinking, and not fearful believing, concerning America and European presence in Afrika.



    Chief Elder


Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 15, 2014 at 3:00pm

By Chief Elder Osiris
Out from the infinite spatial darkness did we come,
here to Mother Earth, did we appear,
having no thought for the Time of year.
Bringing with us the knowledge of Time and Space,
needing no compass to chart our travel nor to find
 our place.
We came from a distant world, leaving behind things
that are beyond the mind of words, we came with a bang
the knowledge we brought, prepared to share information
burning as an eternal flame.
We adorn mother earth belly with monuments that reached
 up into the distant sky, verifying that we could really fly, then they
came as if from no where, carry a sting that we would not
Who are you they asked with curiosity and deceit, knowing
all along that they were out to defeat.
Our First Way Ancestors, Divine that they were, responded
 with kindness without a spirit to cheat, they that came in
 the presence of the goddess and gods were humble and meek.
We came from a world with the power to know only that
which were Divinely equipped to flow, evil  having no place,
 in the Mind of the Divine, evil took advantage of a people,
oh so kind.
Are we to be blamed for being so Divine, to a people who
 with evil, they came, causing us to fall, which put us to
shame ?
Now here we are looking up to those that were so low,
proving today that we live not to know.
Who are those Black people from whence they came,
now knowing not, the value with which they came,
their Divinity the flame.
Osiris Akkebala

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 15, 2014 at 2:59pm


By Chief Elder Osiris
They came wearing the face of evil having only the
intent to capture with Fear, capturing all that were far
 and near.
In Afrika they came with their birds that fly upon the
 belly of the ocean, know that they came not, for
Divine devotion.
Screaming, shooting, and cutting were their plan to
 capture, a people Black as the Perfect night, they
and only them, did they have in their sight.
Black People running and screaming for their Life and
 Freedom, having their own kind to participate in the hunt,
trading with those of evil and did cause them to jump.
Black people to be shipped as chattel, having not the value
 of the white man cattle, to the bottom of ships Black people
 were packed, leaving the home of their Afrika shack.
Taken they were to a far away land, a place they never did
understand, beaten, raped, castrated, murdered and mutilated
 they were, the Black life traded for that without valued worth.
Now the call for Reparation has come, the children of the
Enslaved know not its warmth.
Reparation we shout but for all of the wrong reason, ignoring
that our Mother and Father, suffered and died for a specific
Reason, and not for a season.
It must be by the Children of those Black Afrikans that were enslaved,
Reparation we must demand, even if the cause is to be our Grave,
brave and defiant our Enslaved Ancestors were, meaning we
 must be no less in our Reparation quest.
Why Reparation the call come out, not even knowing what
Reparation is all about, it is the fact that Black people are
 here in America, being the children of those that were enslaved,
 needing no more reason why Reparation must be paid.
Osiris Akkebala
Comment by OSIRIS AKKEBALA on May 13, 2014 at 10:27am

Serious Questions Demand Serious Answers.

Reparation require serious action.

Black people are not mentally qualified to become serious about Reparation.

The most ruthful force against Reparation happen to be Black people, because to misrepresent the True and Liberating cause for which Reparation represent, not for individual use, individual groups, not for make shift created country states by the slave master, but must be for the return of our Enslaved Ancestors and having them to be of an action that will have their children to become the next established State in Afrika, and to have those children of those Enslaved Afrikans, to be of a quality of mind that will have us to know that not until Afrika is back under the Authority of Black Afrikan people, and to know that will only happen when the Black Afrikan people accept the fact that Black people are one monolith Race of people with a need to live in unity in order to be able to enjoy the meaning and purpose of Living Life, which is in peace, Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Nature of the Cosmos.


Such a Divine state of Living will only take place in Afrika and only when all of Afrika the Continent is back under the control of the Black Afrikans, and the Black Afrikans showing a willingness to do what ever is required for Black Afrikans to do to Have Afrika and Black Afrikan people in a Relationship as One to the living and resident of Black Afrikan people.


Now, a believing and Wanting Mind will not be able to see such a Divine  vision mirroring Reality, the only visions once was associated with the Divine Mind of Black people.


Therefore, as it was for Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors in the Land call Afrika today, so shall it be again., but only in a relationship of unity.

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 12, 2014 at 10:33pm

Are those in this long list who advocate for Reparation, are they about Reparations to be used for the purpose to Repatriate, Establish our own independent State in Afrika and to do what is necessary to reclaim Afrika for the Afrikans and Unite the Black Afrikans as a Nation to be in control of all of Afrika?

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 12, 2014 at 10:30pm

N'COBRA.org | Welcome to NCOBRA Online!

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    Jul 9, 2006 ... Advocates quietly push for slavery reparations. With global attention and cases in court, scholars say issue has momentum ...
    Reparations for slavery debate in the United States - Wikipedia, the ...

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    Reparations for Slavery

    econfaculty.gmu.edu/wew/articles/00/reparations.html - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight

    First off, let me say that I agree with reparations advocates that slavery was a horrible, despicable violation of basic human rights. I'd also agree that were it ...
    Trinidad Rastas Advocate for Reparations and Marijuana ...

    www.triniview.com/blog/?p=555 - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight

    Apr 4, 2014 ... Bobo Shantis opening the programme. TriniView.com Reporters April 04, 2014. On Sunday 23rd February, 2014, in Trinidad the local Rastafari ...
    Slavery Reparations Advocates Voice Demands in Washington ...

    www.nytimes.com/ 2002/ 08/ 18/ us/ slavery-reparations-advocates-voice-demands-in-washington.html - View by Ixquick Proxy - Highlight

    Aug 18, 2002 ... Many reparations advocates argue that the government should provide individual payments and make a formal apology to blacks for the ...

Comment by Universal Divine Being AUSET on May 12, 2014 at 10:29pm

Osiris Akkebala

Point to me those who advocate Reparation to be used for thr purpose to Repatriate, Establish our own independent State in Afrika and to do what is necessary to reclaim Afrika for the Afrikans and Unite the Black Afrikans as a Nation to be in control of all of Afrika?
Everybody who advocate Reparation is not for its Divine Use, therefore they do not advocate for the same Reparation as we do, for our Enslaved Ancestors, most who claim to be for Reparation seek a check for themselves and do not have their Ass on Afrika or our Enslaved Ancestors, not to mention a Unified Black Afrikan people in Afrika, now that is Reparation and nothing else.

Members (24)




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