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is a whole nother world...






It is more than worth the CLICK in case you were hesitating.




Beloved Mighty warrior Hassan:


Thank you and for your comments about the link.





David Hawkins from Abeldanger.net -- Wednesday's RadioRMN Group -- sent me the following article about the way Khaddafy treats women.


Since I have actually spoken with Colonel Khaddafy, and learned things about him from my husband, Gunther and his men... I ask that you read the long article I have posted AFTER the Vancouver Sun article.


Gaddafi's inner and trusted circle: his female bodyguards

By Jane Kokan, Special to the Vancouver Sun March 3, 2011

Libyan Col. Moammar Gadhafi 's Amazonian guards, sometimes called his Angels.




In 1979, Gadhafi founded the Tripoli Women's Military Academy, saying, "I promised my mother to improve the situation of women in Libya." He claims that although his mother was illiterate, she was a top archer in her tribe.



The women's armed combat training has been tested more than once. In 1998, one of his female bodyguards was killed and several others wounded when the Colonel's motorcade was ambushed. Why put women in harm's way? I asked him.


"I am an equal opportunities employer," he replied. "Years ago, women came to me and told me they wanted to become my bodyguards. They also demanded that a military academy be opened."


According to Gadhafi: "Women should be trained for combat, so that they do not become easy prey for their enemies."


Many of his female guards and "revolutionary nuns" (women who dedicate their lives to the ideas of the 1969 revolution) say they will never marry. Instead they have chosen to dedicate their lives to protecting the man "who gave us freedom and made us unique in the Arab world," according to Naima Sagiar, a revolutionary nun since 1977.


"In Libya, women have the best of both worlds," said Gadhafi. They can retain their femininity, plus they can choose any career they want. Any Libyan woman can learn to fly a MiG, be a military officer or a brain surgeon.




After the interview, I had the opportunity to talk to Fatia, a tall, elegant 27-year-old, with dramatic eye makeup.

I asked why she didn't want to become a fighter pilot instead of a bodyguard. "Without the leader, women in Libya would be nothing," she replied. "He gave us life. I am ready to die for him. He is a father, a brother and a friend to whom you can confide. You have no idea how humble he is."


Special to The Vancouver Sun

Jane Kokan is a freelance journalist and documentary film producer based in Vancouver.

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Gaddafi+inner+trusted+circle+femal...

--- End of Vancouver Sun Article ---

The photos at the end of this long article, which contains my personal testimony about Colonel Khaddafy, are from this post on Rumor Mill News.

Photos of Tripoli - How Revolutions Turn Beauty to Ashes

Here is another article I wrote in February about Lybia:
Libya - Faction Two - The Monarchy - NWO Pedophile Trade - Ancient technology in Gaddafi's Ancestral Homeland

Regarding Gaddafi:

I have written about Khaddafy for years now.

While my husband, Gunther was in prison in 1990 (for misuse of a government jet which we used to fly to Reno to marry. At the time, he was forbidden to fly commercial, due to death threats from drug lords who had bombed his car months before and almost killed him) – While in prison at Terminal Island, Gunther asked me to put through a call to Libya.


He spoke with the man who answered, in a language I did not recognise. After what seemed like a long conversation, as I was counting the dollars that this call was costing me… Gunther switched to English and said, “Colonel Khaddafy, I want you to meet my wife, Rayelan.”


The Colonel and I made small talk for about a minute. I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was obvious that he and my husband had known each other for many years. I was terrified that the Bush Administration was going to entrap me in some kind of terrorist cell and accuse me of cooperating with Khaddafy.


After we hung up on Khaddafy, I yelled at Gunther for putting me in this situation.


That was when he told me that Khaddafy is not what he is made out to be by the west. He told me that Khaddafy doesn’t play ball with the FED.


(Gunther used that term to describe the Federal Reserve… it’s owners… and the worldwide conspiracy to enslave humanity. Here are links to the two articles he wrote while he was in prison… so I would understand that the Federal Reserve was NOT part of our government… but part of a worldwide empire that was raping and pillaging sovereign nations… killing their leaders and stealing everything of value.


The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction


The articles were put on paper in 1992, but my education began the moment I married him in 1989.

At the time I married Gunther I was a lecturer on secret societies and a regular guest speaker at the United Nations. I was also a friend of Senator Claiborne Pell and considering going to work as his assistant in his job as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If I hadn’t been attacked with microwaves and almost bled to death, I would have accompanied him on a trip to Pakistan to meet his close friend, Benazir Bhutto.


In addition to this kind of high level access to information, I was also part of a loose knit group of researchers who were working with men and women in and out of government… in all agencies… trying to expose George Bush’s involvement in The October Surprise.


I mention all of this because in 1989 I thought I knew everything. I did know more about what was going on in the world that 99% of the people… I soon realized that all I thought I knew were lies keeping us stuck like flies on a web… the the matrix.


After being married to Gunther for a few years, I quickly realized that nothing is the way it seems… and I truly had become Alice who walked through the Looking Glass and ended up in a world where good guys were the bad guys and the bad guys were the good guys.


This realization was hammered home for me in July of 1990. At the time, I thought Gunther was out of prison for good and I thought we were on our way to Oak Harbor, Washington… where he would be CO of the base for a short time and then retired so we could move to Austria and live happily ever after in one of his many castles!!


Instead, I spent 4 days meeting people like William Webster, the Director of the CIA, and Brent Scowcroft, the NSA. I also met Gunther’s boss and his uncle… a man who introduced himself to me as Wilhelm Johan… with a thick German accent. Then he switched to perfect English and said. “You can call me William.”


The evening I spent with Gunther and William and two Navy Captains who stood at attention the entire time, were the most interesting and informing hours of my life. William Johann was the #2 man in the CIA at the time, the Director of Covert Operations. Gunther was the #3 man… the Banker.


While on Offutt, we were confined to our room and to the grassy area and the golf course. We were followed everywhere we went. On one of our strolls through the golf course, I saw another grassy knoll and said… “Let’s walk up there.” There was a missile standing up and I wanted to get a closer look at the missile. I saw many people going in and out the swinging gate. I saw that the gate was NOT locked and so I assumed we could go there.


Gunther said, “I don’t have clearance for that area.” I replied, “The gates open, if the gate’s open why can’t we go in.” Gunther said, “Okay… but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


We were right next to the missile when suddenly about 40 armed Air Force Special Security operatives… armed to the teeth… marched at us in doubletime and surrounded us. A loud voice came over the loudspeaker, “Captain Russbacher, you do NOT have clearance to be in this area. Please evacuate by the side gate.”


(In case you didn’t know, Gunther was a Navy Captain when I married him)

We were escorted to the side gate which was clicked open as we arrived. It was ONLY an exit gate… but it was locked all the time. As we evacuated the area, I saw a roadsign… it said” “LOOKING GLASS WAY”.


I realized at that moment that not only had I walked through the looking glass, but I had fallen down the rabbit hole into a world that I knew nothing about.


And this brings me back to Colonel Khaddafy. (I spell it with a K because this is the way Gunther spelled it.)

Gunther told me that there were seven pyramids under the sand in Libya. He said that Khaddafy was placed there by his group… Faction Two… to guard the pyramids and keep the FEDsters from gaining the technology and treasures that were inside them.


Libya was an ancient culture which at times was part of the Egyptian empire and at other times was more connected to the cultures in the British Isles and the Canary Islands. Gunther said that treasures and artifacts that are beyond comprehension are in the pyramids.


Gunther was also part of a team called the Pedophile Eradication Team. (PET) These were men who were given “License to Kill” permits for all pedophiles. Colonel Khaddafy assisted the PET project in every way he could because he too hated pedophiles.


Khaddafy and the military deposed King Idris because the King surrounded himself with young boys and even allowed his European friends to take these boys home with them. His friends were some of the most evil men in the world… I suspect Maurice Strong was probably one of them.


Regarding the downing of PanAm 103. Gunther said it was done by a Palestinian group with help from the Wall Street/City of London side of the CIA… the group Gunther called Faction One. Iran paid the Palestinian/communist/terrorist to bomb an American plane as retribution for the Navy’s downing of an Iranian Airbus. For years, this was common knowledge in the investigative community. Now… it is never talked about. I never knew why the City of London side of the CIA helped take down Pan Am 103. There are lots of theories… but none that were ever confirmed for me by insiders.


It is my opinion that everything we are hearing about Colonel Khaddafy right now are lies or are truths that have been distorted so badly that no one can find the real truth. If I hadn’t been on the phone with Gunther and the Colonel I probably would have doubted all the things he told me about the Colonel. But knowing… from the mouth of the Colonel, that he and Gunther had been friends for a long time… I had no choice but to believe Gunther.


I am still in touch with some members of Gunther’s covert team. These men also tell me that Khaddafy is not the man our media makes him out to be. Years ago one of these men was in Libya and told me that it is very much like any western capital.


Take a look at the photos I have included below to see what I mean. Most people think of Libya as a backward, nomadic country where most people live in tents. Khaddafy is part of a nomadic tribe who lived in palatial tents. I never knew for sure if he was part of the royal family of Fezzan… one of the three countries that make up modern Libya.


One other thing. Gunther told me that we would be going to Libya. I asked if I would have to cover my head. I asked this because Senator Pell told me that I would have to cover my head in Pakistan. Gunther told me no, that the women in Libya are treated as equals… no different than western countries.


I knew about the secret female teams of operatives, assassins and soldiers. Gunther said he worked with many of them during his years in the CIA. He also said that some of them were planted deep within the CIA.


The article below described them as “nuns”. He said they never married and the things he said about some of them led me to suspect that they were often used to seduce men for information or for blackmail.


I figured something big was coming down on Khaddafy because of his connection in the media to the Italian President Berlusconi… (who is one of Gunther’s cousins on his mother’s side. Gunther’s maternal grandmother was Italian royalty. Gunther hated Berlusconi… but that being said… Berlusconi was a member of Faction Two.)


Berlusconi said he gained his taste for underage girls… (in their late teens… NOT children) from Khaddafy. Who knows if this is true or not.


Khaddafy set the age of adulthood for both men and women at age 20… which meant that Lybian women could not marry before age 20. This ruled out arranged marriages for girls as young as 8 to men in their sixties and seventies.


I KNOW that we are about to be told about an entire shift in the financial world. If my sources are accurate… this shift could be announced as early as the end of this month… or April. Because of this… the people we know as the New World Order… City of London… Crown Agents… are working overtime to make sure this doesn’t happen… and they believe that the artifacts in the pyramids of Libya will help them fight the group that is taking them down.


I am sure there are MORE reasons that the City of London wants Libya… it’s possible that Libya has been harboring Faction Two’s army.


There are a few things I am sure of:

1. The media will never tell us the complete truth about Khaddafy.

2. The City of London is behind the violence going on there.

3. Al Queda and the Muslim Brotherhood both work for the City of London.

4. The City of London is just about to go out of business.
I would rather take my chances with Khaddafy than the people who are painting him to be a monster.

Granted, Khaddafy sounds crazy when he speaks. He sounds like he has something wrong with him… like Muhammad Ali, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984, a disease for which those subject to severe head trauma, such as boxers, are many times more susceptible.


Khaddafy remained part of special operation teams long after he was the head of Lybia. Who knows how many head injuries he sustained?


This is just my observation of the Libyan situation. Sometimes when you add a little more information… the scene changes completely. Photos below…


Will the revolutionaries protect the antiquities of Libya? Will they protect the hotels and office buildings owned by foreigners? In a revolution who decides what gets burned and what is saved?

Video at end

All images are from Google Earth





Tripoli Business Complex

View of Tripoli and hotel by beach

Tripoli Beach - Notice Pepsi... Faction 2?

Another photo of the beach

Sinbad's Beach



Mina Harbor

Boats in Mina Harbor

Busy Market Place

Downtown Tripoli

Corinthia Hotel

Highrise at night

Tripoli at night

Nighttime Skyline

New section of Tripoli

The Tripoli Promenade

Spanish Church

Greek Orthodox Church

Leptis Magna was a prominent city of the Roman Empire. Its ruins are located in Al Khums, Libya, 130 km east of Tripoli, on the coast where the Wadi Lebda meets the sea. The site is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled Roman ruins in the Mediterranean.




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