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Blacks in New York are Still Practicing Slavery. Dinkins summoned Sharpton to his office to read him the “riot act”. Sharpton asked me to accompany him to Dinkins’ office...

...In his office, Dinkins reminded Sharpton that white people had put him in

charge of all Negroes and that Sharpton should never stage another act of civil

disobedience in New York.

United African Movement




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Blacks in New York are Still Practicing Slavery ©

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


          In January 1988, Manhattan Borough President David N. Dinkins still viewed Al Sharpton as a “slave”.  He was off the Ed Koch-Alfonse D’Amato plantation.  His status in January 1988 was a “runaway slave”.  He had joined a “posse” of rebellious Blacks.  The New York Police Department admitted that I was under the microscope of the “Black Desk”.


          Dinkins summoned Sharpton to his office to read him the “riot act”.  Sharpton asked me to accompany him to Dinkins’ office.  In his office, Dinkins reminded Sharpton that white people had put him in charge of all Negroes and that Sharpton should never stage another act of civil disobedience in New York.


          Before Sharpton met me, he was known for entertaining whites by playing to the cameras.  This was done to pacify whites.  I insisted that if he wanted to run with the “posse”, he had to acquire a new act –civil disobedience.  Stated differently, he would have to disrupt white lives like in the “Day of Outrage” and not assuage their minds by “Shopping for Justice”.


          Sharpton had an ulterior motive.  He never wanted to be known publicly as a “snitch”. 

Whites were out for a “bigger fish to fry”.  They had set their sights on Don King.  King had gotten “too big for his britches”.   Sharpton had “inside information” on King. Since King was entitled to a public trial, Sharpton would have to go public to assist the government.


          Only one lawyer in the United States could save Sharpton and his name was not Sanford Rubenstein.  To secure my pro bono services, Sharpton would have to join this “posse” and do its handiwork.  This was a small price to pay in order to retain any semblance of dignity.


            After Sharpton’s lawyer was able to secure an acquittal for him in a 67-count indictment in 1990, he enjoyed a new lease on life.  Now, he needed a “new identity”.  He was able to acquire a “new identity” in 1992 after his lawyer inspired him to challenge Robert Abrams in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.  With Sharpton kicking all the way to the polls, the lawyer was able to score 175,000 votes for both Blacks and Sharpton.


          Rev. Jesse Jackson had to take a second look at Sharpton.  These votes out of a grass-roots campaign meant that Sharpton had become a new force.  Because Sharpton was off of the Koch-D’Amato plantation, Sharpton endorsed D’Amato over Robert Abrams.  Before Alton Maddox had met Sharpton, D’Amato had given him Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) in one instance alone.


          With a new identity, Sharpton had to cut all ties with the “posse”.  He had gone mainstream.  His jumpsuit and his medallion for justice had to be scrapped. His voice would go from bass to soprano.  There were no more bad checks.  He could start paying off his critics to enjoy peace and harmony.


          Tawana Brawley and her lawyer, who was also his lawyer, were the first persons to be given the “boot”.  Sharpton was now a “media mogul”.  Anybody but Tawana Brawley and her lawyer and his lawyer could get air time.  Sharpton has space on the airwaves seven days a week.  This is unprecedented for any person of any ethnic group.  It shows the potential power and actual gullibility of Blacks.


          Now, Blacks see Sharpton hobnobbing with “the rich and the famous”.  This means to Blacks that whites love him. Blacks are ready to follow anyone who is loved by whites.  Since Sharpton is a “Judas goat”, Black sheep will follow him to the slaughterhouse.  This is the nature of sheep.


          It took Judge Nathan Lee of Surry Circuit Court in Surry, VA only five minutes to throw out Pagones v. Brawley.  This meant that there was no legal proof of a “hoax” in New York.  Assuming arguendo that the counterfeit, default judgment was valid, it still proved that Tawana Brawley never had “her day in court” in New York.


          The day after Judge Lee tossed Pagones’ garnishment proceeding in Virginia, most Blacks throughout New York and the nation were still referring to her as a “liar”.  For starters, Blacks in New York prefer to believe Robert Abrams over legal procedure.  Blacks are unable to engage in critical thinking because they elevate white personalities over legal principles.  Problem-solving for Blacks is out of the question.                 


          To make matters worse, Blacks in New York are subject to censorship which was also practiced on plantations.  This is why the “Slave Theater” in Brooklyn was a threat to white supremacy.  It would take a book to illustrate the import of the Slave Theater to challenging white supremacy.  As a fugitive from justice, most Blacks keep their distance from United African Movement.


          For twenty-six years, the white media would bombard Blacks with false stories about Tawana Brawley which put her in a “false light”.  All of a sudden, the white media has stopped firing its guns.  A cease-fire was ordered on July 23, 2013.  This means that no one will ever hear, through the white media, of the victory Tawana Brawley enjoyed from “her first day in court”.  Again, it only took Judge Lee five minutes to rule in favor of Tawana.


          While it may be constitutional for the “free press” to employ “censorship” because of the lack of governmental regulation of the print media, this right of censorship is not unrestrained.  Newspapers, magazines and books are protected by the First Amendment.  On the other hand, it is constitutional to require the licensing of broadcast stations.  The placement of a descendant of enslaved Africans in a “false light”, however, is also a “badge of slavery”.


          Since virtually all Blacks reside, mentally, on plantations and most Blacks reside, physically, on plantations, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 gave rise to “plantation politics”.  This gave the Democratic Party an advantage, certainly, in electoral politics.   The Republican Party and the Tea Party are now seeking to curb this advantage.


          If Blacks were indeed first-class citizens, they would be protected from being “political pawns”.  They would not only enjoy a “right to vote” but also possess a “voice in politics” through a “voluntary association”.  Political pawns are not able to form voluntary associations.  A political party is a “voluntary association”.


          Since 1821, New York has employed a dual system of voting.  White males enjoyed a democracy.  Black males have suffered a timocracy.  While white males have been able to form “voluntary associations” to further their political views, this First Amendment right has been unavailable to Black males.  White females have been able to vote and to enjoy political associations since 1920.


          The best way for Blacks in New York to test the right to vote is to engage in local, political contests in 2013.  Any violations of election laws including the right, politically, to form a voluntary association, gives that person standing to challenge any restraint on the right to vote and to challenge any election results.


          A person who simply decides to march around the U.S. Capitol when Congress is not in session may have a claim against the denial of the right to march.  This is not a claim against the right to vote and it is not legal proof that Blacks have been denied the “right to vote”.


          Many Blacks in New York City will be bypassing Central Park and Prospect Park to get some physical exercise at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Other Blacks will remain in New York City to use politics to end “stop and frisk” and “racial profiling” in addition to putting the New York Police Department under the auspices of an African-centered mayor in 2014.

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Up you mighty people! Up you mighty people! Up you mighty people!” says Bev Smith. Minister Farrakhan calls Bev Smith " principled syndicated talk show Host".  (Principle i.e. Truthful)




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