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What Good Is It To Gain The Acceptance Of White People And Lose The Life Of Your Child???

What Good Is It To Gain The Acceptance Of White People And Lose The Life Of Your Child???
By Chief Elder Osiris

You know beloved Black people, there has been enough New qualified information shared with Black people today that should serve as a motivation that will have Black people to get up off of our unorganized behind and become organized for the purpose of pursuing our Freedom, and you do that by Demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.
There is no wisdom in the encouragement to get up and do something, anything, just do something, anything, hell, that is the problem with Black folks today, we are to erratic in our action to the point it serve not to the Greater Good for the Collective of Black Folks.
Such encouragement is liken to going out to play baseball without having a Ball, swinging at the wind, that is doing something, anything, without a meaning and a purpose, or having the prospect of hitting a home run, such be the state of mind of Black people involved in reactionary activity, never being proactive in organizing ourselves for the purpose to free ourselves from an environment that has proven to be the death of Black people, young and the matured, because of a lack of doing something specific that will lead to  solving the problem Black folks face in America, which is America systematic Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Injustice against Black people.

 There is no greater responsibility a parent has than to protect the children, otherwise, what else can you be good for, because to fail in doing what you are obligated to do, you are no good, not even for and to yourself.
Selfish individuality has gotten the best of Black people today, most of us anyway, so to remain thorough, I will keep it simple and speak about our Black selves in generalities, like, how we Black people seem to get a charge out of serving as reporters for white folks, giving a blow by blow account of white folks action against Black people, as if such a replay of events been already reported will serve to be of some gratification to the mind of Black folks, never are we willing to become the news, based upon our own action that is different from the way white folks have taught us to act while living our life. 
We Black Folks waste to much Time doing nothing in the way it will serve to the Greater Good of Black people, and the only Greater Good that is for Black folks to pursue, is our Freedom, Justice, and Independence away fro America.
But oh no, Black folks do not possess such a mind today that is qualified to have Black people engaged in such all encompassing   action, which is freedom uncompromised, such action require a mind qualified to see and think at the same time, two mental  principles Black folks have allowed white folks to take away from us today, which is the reason why all that we do today, is believe in what white folks tell us about everything pertaining to living life, as we Black folks live life today in accordance to the way white folks have prescribed for us to live.
It is time for Black people to reject white folks and their opinion about the evil they have caused us to suffer, which come upon us in the spirit of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination, based upon Race Difference.
Here we are in America not by choice of our own, since we are the children of our Enslaved Ancestors, yet in America, we find our Black selves trying to build a house of high quality of respectability, on a foundation of quick sand, when anybody Black with any self respect and proven accountability, will not place any worthwhile value in such a house, regardless of how sturdy and strong it may appear to be, because it is a certainty that the house will not stand to be as it is presented to be.
The same fact about the Black life apply, here we are having these Black Devils who claim to be Black leaders, Black Community Activist, Ministers and preachers, educated and miseducated, Pan Afrikanist, Black Nationalist, all having influence over the living life of  rank and file Black people who are in America not by choice, telling Black people to  go out into America and work hard, prove your Black self, not to your Black self, but to white people, pull up yourself by your own boot straps (Whatever that mean), have a goal to build up your Black community, establish an economy based in the Black community, participate in the America political process, vote, run for political office, be a voice for progress and a better life in your Black community.
Beloved, such is the act of building a house on quick sand, because all of such efforts are not a guarantee to Black people in America, that it will be a life of Freedom, Justice and Independence, which can happen only away from America, which mean, all of your efforts are in vain, no value to the Black self, because the foundation you are building upon, will not support the weight of Black folks needs, which is to have in our possession, power and authority to determine our Black life living destiny, because America is our quick sand, and anything we attempt to build upon it, will not stand, because the very fabric of America, regarding Black people, happen to be made of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and injustice for and against Black people.
So you see beloved Black people, your Black so call leaders do not give one Damn about your living condition in America, not as long as they are using the rank and file Black people back, to stand upon, and to become elevated enough to profile on with a want to be seen as being successful, based upon their own hard work and initiative, as the foundation that have them lifted up to be seen, is the Back of the rank and file of Black people whom they exploit every day.
You can not trust a Black Devilish Mind that pimp the disadvantage of Black people, in disorder to gain their own selfish progress, living a better life than those whose Back they stand upon, lying and deceiving Black people about the America Dream and pie, which they encourage Black people to aspire for, but never Reparation Now, such serve as the foundation upon which  freedom, justice and Independence for Black people to stand upon and enjoy.
So we Black people are encouraged to first gain the acceptance of white people and all good things will come to us Black people, and from such a gain, come the lost of the Black Mind, which assure the maintaining of the present living status of Black people in America, we having no solid foundation to build the Black living condition upon in America, yet we refuse to go where there is assured to be a solid foundation for Black People to build our Life living condition upon, and the transportation needed to get us Black people in America not by choice, to Afrika, Is Reparation Now, the way been made for us by our Enslaved Ancestors.
This Is Not About A Your Way Or My Way, It Is About The Way To Get Home To Afrika, Where Freedom Awaits Us Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors, And That Way, Is Reparation Now!!!
When You Know You Are Right, Show The Whole World You Are Right!!!
Who in their Black Divine Mind will attempt to refute this Divine Truth I Share With Black People.
As I Often Share With Black People, I Do Not Come Seeking Your Friendship, Just Your Freedom, And You Can Accept What I Share With You Or Leave It Alone, Because To Attempt To Spite The Divine Truth, Is The Act Of A Fool, Because The Divine Truth Is Irrefutable, Wisely, because Its Foundation Is The Fact Of Experience.
Divine Respect

Chief Elder
Pan Afrikan Inter'Nationalist  Movement (PAIN)
Sankofa Reparation / Repatriation Movement
All Rights Reserved@2014

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