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What Cause The Personality Of Homosexuality, And The Behavior Thereof???

What Cause The Personality Of Homosexuality, And The Behavior Thereof???
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
This Is A Long Read, Trust Me, It Is Worth Your Time To Do So!!!
Some of you who read this missive, will despise this missive, some of you will ignore this missive, some of you will despise me more than you do now, for sharing my thoughts on such a controversial topic as Homosexuality is, and some of you may approve of me taking on such a challenge to address the topic of Homosexuality, like no one has, and I do so without reservation or regret.
My Obligation to Black Afrikan People, Is To Share The Divine Truth With You, no matter how unpopular such a quality of Truth Is To The Believing Mind.
Therefore, Consider This, Beloved Black Afrikan People.
Please be advised that this explanation is not in keeping with white folks explanation about the Oedipus complex and the acquisition of Homosexual personality and behavior.
The Oedipus complex is about the male child at early age and female child, has instinctive emotional affection for the parent of the opposite gender, Son to Mother, and Daughter to Father.
Such is a natural phenomena response, which is why it must be meticulous managed by the mother and father, to keep the Family well balance, with Harmony and orderly behavior, and when it is managed well, the Family grows to become a strong and vibrant unit with a Healthy gender self identification.
So, you can not check and balance me by comparing what white Racist tell you about the same events I share with you about events of happening in this society, which I share with you Divine information about many things, in a different way from what the white racist has told you about, concerning God, the Universe, Life and Death, Living and Divine behavior.
So, you can take or leave what I share with you, the choice is yours.
There is a thin line between nature gender design, and environmental gender influence, it separate the Gender orientation of the two opposite Genders, commonly referred to as Womb / Vagina, Feminine identification, it being the more powerful Natural presence and performance of Nature two opposite Genders, the other being that of the Staffgender / Penis Masculine Gender.
Each of those opposites have a natural performance to act in verifying being in compliance with the Natural order of the Law Of The Universe, which is based upon the duality of opposites.
Which is to Divinely Enjoy each other while in the performance of what Nature has so designed of you to be able to do, which is to procreate the self of the each of the two Gender opposites in involved in such a Divine Natural union that has the two to be one, when engaged in such a Divine physical Gender opposite union.
Now!!!, Let me pause here to share this information you need to know about, concerning a social discipline we have acquired, concerning about and toward the Homosexual personality and behavior, the two is not mutual inclusive, but is exclusive to the performance by the Homosexual.
So, keep in mind that all the words we use to express and define what is meant by what we speak about, concerning the various events that happen while living life, be they Natural and impersonal, or unnatural and behavioral personal, all words used to describe such events, come from the mind imagination of Lucifer the Human Being, the White Racist who is in charge of the world today, which we live in, at this time we now live.
So, the etymology of words are of Lucifer the Human Being creation, which we use everyday to dignify our claim to being intelligent, all coming from a White Racist Mind Conceived Perception, and I use such words objectively, but that is all we have to go by, in a white control society, and an intelligent person know that the purpose to communicate, Is To Be Understood.
So, we use words commonly used by the world, which have been created by White Folks.
Ok, back to the Root of this Missive I am sharing with you about a very made to be sensitive subject, to a believing mind, but is not to a Thinking Mind, which is why I am able to share with you the True cause of events that have what we refer to today, as being Homosexual performances, not my words, but white folks words.
Now, where was I, Yes, the meaning of Gender opposite, engaged physical and mental, in sexual and thoughtful intercourse.
Therefore, as to same Sexual Gender engage in physical and mental intercourse, and the reason for Homosexual encounter is not natural, but environmental, continue reading.
So the question arises, Is Homosexuality A Natural Expression of performance between two physical Beings who are of same sexual gender engaging in sexual fore play and intercourse with each other, which have the same sex gender emulating the performance of Heterosexuals?
What is the basis for the cause for Homosexual personality and performance?
Well, let us explore what happen in the process of Physical Growth and development, and the stages we all go through to become the matured Feminine and Masculine adult we become, in a Family oriented society, where the domesticated Nucleus of that family, is the Female and Male Gender opposite, commonly referred to as Mother and Father.
Well, by now I guess you are wondering what this has to do with Homosexuality?
Well, allow me to lay the premise for the cause of such a social questionable personality behavior, which is practiced by many in a society where Homosexuality is fast becoming the confused acceptable Norm, when in fact, it is not normal, only that which Nature has designed you to be, is normal and natural.
I am not sharing this information about Homosexuality, to indicate me being in favor of such performance, or to be critical of such performance, but to explain the reason for such a personality behavioral female / female and male / male personality behavioral performance, each claiming to be the opposite of their natural gender identification, engaging with same gender natural identification sexual, female with female and male with male, one claiming to be the opposite of gender identification to that which nature has designed us to be, while the other same sex gender involved, accepting to be engaged in such a relationship of unnatural performance.
So, when a child is born, Nature assign to that child a sex gender identification, which is commonly accepted, and if you have a Vagina, you are label to be a wombgender / Female and if you have a penis, you are commonly referred to as being a Male, such is Nature design of gender difference identity.
So, even in the Womb of the mother, the fetus is being prep to become the Gender that Nature is designing you to be, and at birth, the challenge begin.
Because now, environment is playing a part in shaping and molding the child, and the mother and father has a very sensitive role of responsibility for molding the personality and behavior of the child, along gender design.
The first three to nine years are very crucial to the child normal gender development, and the line is very thin that development behavior demand from the mother and father, which they must adhere to, in order to get a normal physical and mental stable child, performing to their natural gender design.
The first three to nine years you experience the immature child Oedipus complex, coming from the child growth and development, while entering into the next stage of self identity personality behavior assurance, which is being established to determine who you will be, personal and spiritual, as a normal gender self identified person.
The Oedipus complex experience, is a natural one, and is what make it to be so important that the Family unit structure is strong and intact, such be the time that the environment can affect by influencing your gender personality and behavior.
The Mother and father must manager careful this Oedipus time frame of the child growth and development.
Time spent with the child by the nucleus and extended family members when need be, is important to the child self identity, gender wise, which is why it is important that both, mother and father, is present in the family, or a surrogate to fulfill the role of the absent parent which each, the mother and father has to perform with the child, instructing and nourishing, feeding the feminine and masculine personality and behavior to the child, in a harmonious, orderly, and balance way of displayed personal and behavioral expressed performance to the child.
It is my thinking that Homosexuality personalty behavior, is an influenced emulating environmental infection that occur from the mismanagement of that crucial and natural Oedipus Complex child behavior.
Which Is Why The Black Afrikan Need To Be In Control of Our Environment, Developing our own culture values, Black Woman And Man.
Homosexuality, Is A Way Of Living By White Folks, Whom We Black Afrikans Love To Emulate.
After the age cycle of the Oedipus Complex, Homosexual personality and behavior by normal grown female and male, is that of one of choice and not from the mismanagement of the Oedipus Complex cycle of early childhood growth and development.
In other Word, the affection of the Daughter toward the Father if not managed correctly, will have the thin line to have the parents to be in violation, by not maintaining Harmony, Order and Balance as the Oedipus complex is in action, which will have the affection to move from admired emotional behavior to the developing of an overly admiration of the Gender display and expression of the daughter to father and son to mother desired personality and behavioral performance, thus the making of the Homosexual personality and behavioral response.
Daughter infected with the desire to emulate the Father Gender personality and behavior, and the son having the same desire to emulate the Mother personality and behavior, to the extreme, which is identified to be a Homosexual Gender impersonation, which imply a psychological imbalance that took place during the Oedipus Complex phenomenon.
My thoughts on a very complex matter, Homosexuality.
You see, I do not share information about matters of issues you want to hear, I share information you need to Think to Know about, Black Woman And Man
Chief Elder
Written@ 2 / 28 / 2017

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