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What Cause My Radicalism Against Jim Crow Civil Rights And To Adopt My Revolutionary Approach To Obtain Freedom As My Goal

What Cause My Radicalism Against Jim Crow Civil Rights And To Adopt My Revolutionary Approach To Obtain Freedom As My Goal
Chief Elder Osiris
This I am about to share is to the young and up and coming young Black desiring to know and with an imagination without ego or jealousy, but with an eagerness to know with understanding about all that those young eyes are looking at today in the world but have yet to be able to see with understanding.
This world today is a tricking and technical Evil that if not Mental alert, it will consume you and transform you to become who you were not Naturally designed to be, and in the case of Black people, it is Human, for to be Human is to be reshaped from being your Natural self, to becoming evil selfishly and now born to Lie and Deceive Black once Divine Living Beings, a way of Living that the Black Child is no longer exposed to on this Transforming to become a more evil and deceiving White Racist Prejudice World.
When I was a little Boy growing up in the presence of injustice of all kind, in a white Racist dominating Jim Crow Segregated world, I and my Siblings were shielded Family institutional wise, from being affected by the Evil of White Racism and unjust prejudice against Black people.
I was reared in an extended family Structured Environment, where the adult family siblings lived in the same house or in close proximity to the main House where the Matriarch and Patriarch lived, that being Grand Ma, Grand Pa, sisters and brothers aunt and Uncle, Cousin as well, and they made sure that the Children were well protected from the outer world of Racism and Unjust Prejudice, giving to you an heir of freedom and protection
So, in that little circle of Extended Family involvement, the bell of Freedom did ring in our Young Ears, which in fact did have a most lasting effect upon my upbringing as a child, which was revealed in my adolescence and adult impressed expression of life performance.
Not that when I was a child I did not look at what I could not see with understanding justification, how the White Racist Prejudice Human Beings had socially structured to be a living environment to be in white folks favor, economically, educationally, politically, religiously, it is what injured the Mind and spirit of Black people in America not by choice, as well as throughout the white world, whose objective to maintain dominance over the Black world.
I saw Jim Crow Segregation up close as a child and as I matured I experienced it mildly personal when my mother would allow me to what we said back then, go down town where there was a distinct of treatment between Black Divine Being And Light Human Beings, there was no public Rest Room, just White, no freedom accommodation to the Lunch counter, being served at the back door of Restaurants.
So, when I was able to have a limited look at such behavior white Human Beings have toward Black Divine Beings, and I later learn that it was the Human Being that Enslaved my Afrikan Ancestors, they who were not that far removed from my Grand Ma and Grand Pa, they who were born in the 1800's, their parents, which have them to be my Great Grand, and their parents my Great Great Grand parents.
So, get the hell away from me telling me I should forget and forgive about what White Racism did to my Afrikan Parents and still is doing to Black Afrikan people, and to my Home Land Afrika, while all of the Time there is no Repentance, no Reparation to come from the children of their parents who did in fact captured and Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors, to bring them against their will, to America.
Now, based upon my involvement in Religion, why is it that I now am so adamant against such continue indoctrination of Black Afrikan people.
When I was a believer control by religion, I was serious about my belief, that is the way I am, serious and dedicated to that I involve myself with, until I reason my way to see the absurdity of that I been trained to believe in, and now as you know of me and my thoughts about religion, I now inform you that belief is of the White Racist Human Being and such a lowly Mind set is a Demon to Freedom, Justice, and Independence.
If you are Black Afrikan and you are a believer in anything, then you do not function with the Mind Nature designed you with, a Mind that is of that Black body naturally so, which is Divine and to be Divine , require for you to be in all that you do, to reason with the use of rational thought, being logical at reaching your conclusion about that which you are thinking about, and to reach a conclusion based upon the Divine Truth and Reality of the matter you are Thinking about, you must have a Mind activity that have you being in Harmony, Order, and Balance in your process of Thinking about that which you seek to reason to know the Divine Truth about, and Lucifer the Human Being Religion forbid you from functioning with a Mind performance that is Divine.
So you must be able to mental see, to be Divine, is Powerful to be, and with a Divine Mind in the possession of Black Afrikans, generate to you, power from your organized way of Thinking, which has no relationship with religious belief, which serve as the foundation for all that you believe, which is a demon to Black Afrikan people.
To Honor those Black Leaders Past and present , that was and is now under the influence of belief, such be for your personal gratification, but does not elevate you to a mental area of enlightenment that will have you to be qualified to advance the intent of your past Black Iconic leaders, they who performed without the Divine Mind that is required to be with respect to Freedom, for Freedom require for you to be in Harmony, Order, and Balance in the process of Knowing to understand all that be events happening, that is affecting the way you live today, Black woman and Man.
Now, this type of sharing of the quality of information that I share, have you to be reluctant to embrace, because it will have you admitting that the Mental path the Mind that now guide you to travel, is in fact the wrong path, and only a Divine mind in your possession, will allow you to admit to such an error you been making, following the path of belief, religion is the foundation upon which belief stand and function, which has prove to be not in favor of Black Afrikan being Free, Body, Soul (Mind} and Spirit,( attitudinal Behavior)
It is how you are reared in your childhood that determine the status of your adulthood, and if you stray away from such a fundamental behavior, the Good or the fault, fall on you, and not on those who trained you up in the way you should have maintained or changed for your Greater Good, as you reached adulthood, with a conscious that please you or condemn you, a Divine Mind does not condemn, bur enlighten to free you, if in captivity.
By being Divine, it have you with the power to know and now you believe not with your Divine Mind, because, being Divine is to know your way while living and in such a way of living have you without doubt but complete with confidence in knowing what you Divinely reason about.
All of the above is what cause my Radicalism against all of that Lucifer the Human Being have today, Black Afrikans to believe about the "HE" God of Religion and now know nothing about the Divine Essence, God, that which command not, ans seek nothing from you, but make available to you, Divine Power that is inherit in the process of Reasoning to Know about all you are confronted with in the act of living in the physical, in a form life allow to you for a moment of Time Now, and not hereafter.
As I often share with you Beloved Black people, my obligation is not to become your Friend, but to provide to you that which if accepted, will be your liberation from America white Racism and prejudice against and about Black people, and to share with you that which you have been prevented to know.
You can not Think Divinely being Religious, one process require for you to know and the other have you believing about that you know nothing about, and therein lies the the error of the ways of Black Afrikan people, we who now have no Revolutionary desire to become Free, and it is Reparation /Repatriation Statehood in Afrika that Represent Afrika and Black Afrikans in Afrika Freedom.
To Be Continued:
Chief Elder
Written@5 / 19 / 2017

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