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THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING... May become a WACPtv eBook and you can be included!

To lie is to convey a false image or impression. Lying is the act of a deliberate falsehood. Also associated with a fib, fiction, tale, fable, story, history and miseducation known as untruth. Sometimes when people lie as in the Christmas story and Santa Clause, the Easter story and the bunny rabbits, Novels, Plays and Movies millions of people participate and spread it around to their children and families but noboby is implicated as being a liar. In fact, the foundation of the so-called greatest country in the world was based on a lie concerning Christopher Columbus discovering it when it was already occupied. Occupied by so-called Indian but also occupied by free Black who were here hundreds of thousands of years.

Lying, although it is not something of admiration or a positive virture, is a common
practice among millions of people every second of the day. "I'll call you later!".... "I will definately be there!"... "YOU CAN COUNT ON ME!"... " GIVE ME JUST A MINUTE!"... all just a pack of lies people deliberately tell to other people. It appear that LYING has become a new SPORT and people are even excepting it as though it is their new standard of TRUTH. What ever happen to... "I WILL SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE?"..... "MY WORD IS BOND AND I WILL GIVE MY LIFE BEFORE MY WORD SHOULD FAIL!" Lying is out of control and at an epidemic state. It is so bad that we even LIE TO OURSELVES. We look in the mirror and lie, we look at the situation of our relationships with our friends, family, church, community and nation while we lie to pretend that all is well when the bottom is falling out and we know it.

Lying has been the subject of numerous high profile court cases within the past few years. Martha Stewart, Lil Kim, Michael Vick, Foxie Brown, Scooter Libby, TI, Mayor Bill Campbell and now the latest is the Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick. Charges were filed and Punishment levied against these and many others for doing what?... that's right, LYING.

THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING is that some people can do it and nothing is done while others do it and get severe jail time. Why is there such a great difference between liars in America? Remember Colon Powell and the Gigantic Lie he told in order to bring charges against Iraq and Saddem Hussein which initiated the war? This war has killed millions of people, wounded thousands, misplaced millions, Saddem Hussein has been hung, the war is still is going on and nobody has even been charged or implicated in LYING. Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Dick Channey, Allen Greenspan and on and on are much greater LIARS than any of the cases brought to trial.

Whatz up with this two-faced LYING in America? Why is there sooo much difference in certain people who tell so-called " LITTLE WHITE LIES and others who tell "BIG BOLDFACE LIES?"

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Franklin Graham Says America 'Turns Her Back on God'.We Have Turned Our Backs on God'


Billy Graham...and the likes of.

In agony and despair, man is slowly and perhaps too late, coming to realize that the hell of his religion or theology is the product of his own work, and that the heaven he longs to see, must be made with his own hands. We have not realized the error we have made in our definition of our Creator.(Pulling No Punches, The Religious Factor, by Keita Otiba Kenyatta

Billy Graham and all religious followers.

Psychologist have discovered that man is not searching for truth. Experience has shown over the years that people are willing to pay good money to be deceived and hoodwinked, but are not willing to change their way of living, no matter how harmful it may prove to be. There must be great truth in that statement as we look at ourselves and our conditions.

 Our ancestors stated that man is a microcosm of the macrocosm.  In other words, they were saying that people are a miniature Universe of the larger Universe.It has also been said that people were created in Harmony with Nature. Our ancestors therefore studied the planets and stars above in order to find the common link between the outer Universe and the Universe within themselves. (Pulling No Punches, The Religious Factor, by Keita Otiba Kenyatta


The wise says, never follow those who themselves are lost..



Lie And Deceive Me

Lie to Me
Lie To Me
Lie, Lie, Lie To Me

I want to Feel The Lie
I want to Taste the Lie
I want to Touch the Lie
I want to See the Lie
I want to Smell the Lie

Lie To Me
Lie To Me
Lie,Lie, Lie To me

I want to feel the profaneness of Lies
I want the False Reality
Only Lies can give to me

I am in love with the Illusion
Lies are

Oh how I love Lies
Lie To Me
Lie to Me
Lie, Lie, Lie To me

Lies make the world go around
I wanna be in the Mix
That plays Tricks

Give me a L
Give me a I
Give me a E
Give me a S
Give me more Lies

Lies gotta a hold on
We, Our, Us

I can't live if Lies is not shooting in the veins of my Mind.
That prevents me from getting off of my behind.

Pull the Injection of Lies out of our minds
Inject our minds with
Divine Truth

I am Somebody
I can do it myself




email add:  O_akkebala2002@yahoo.com


Given the circumstance and in delicate situations, like saving a life or blocking injustice or it be for the greater good of all, not revealing all of the facts under those circumstances out weigh presenting all of the facts about a situation, and you must be of a caliber of mind to know that the Divine Essence, God, is not included in the decisions you make about your life living, because such a Divine Essence is not out to judge or reward you, such conclusions come from your own action, as it pertain to the living of your life, there is no heaven or Hell to contend with beyond living.


So, you are responsible to living your life in a way you will experience the greater good out of respect and love for others who are in need or such an emotional display, and in doing so, you show love for self.



Chief Elder
All Rights Reserved

ON THE CONTRARY (Bro. Lambert) ... LIES ARE A BIG DEAL IF THEY ARE BELIEVED, AND PEOPLE ACT ON THOSE BELIEFS.  LIES EFFECT THE POTENCY OF REALITY (or perception of reality).  THAT IS WHY THEY ARE BIG DEALS.  IF I'M INTERPRETING THE THRUST OF THIS CONVERSATION THE ISSUES ARE DISPROPORTIONATE CONSEQUENCES FOR PEOPLE WHO TELL LIES Especially those in power. ... The reason for this is that we are afraid of those in power who tell lies so we don't hold them accountable. Our Youth want us to "keep it real" ..we owe them that!

MY PERSONAL PICK OF THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL AND GROSS LIE! .... "Money Is More Important Than People".  This is an unspoken lie, that is played out in our actions, politically and economically.  If one took a poll and asked participants "which would you prefer? One million dollars (or) a good relationship with One Million skilled people, who only have one dollar? I HAVE $100 DOLLAR to wager that most would prefer the $1 Million dollars. Listen carefully to that song by the OJAY's "Money, Money, Money".

OK .... You got me Sis. Richardson, I have been a very bad man... At least that's the truth. LMAO. :-)

Unknowingly/knowingly another example of when we lie.

Hope, Faith, Belief, Believe, Praying, Critical Thinking and Knowing


Again when we are using someone else's European/Americanized mind-set that isnot our original mind-set we are living a lie.

How do we remove ourselves from the profane lies we were manipulated, conditioned, and programmed to use/be in?

We calibrate our minds to return back to our original Natural Divine right mind-set, that was in Divine harmony, order, and balance, absent of all lies and all that is profane.

To save our life, lives, and to survive, will we lie?

Reparations now, or we have made a pact with the devil lying mind-set.

Stupid is engaging in a situation when you know that the outcome will not serve to be in your benefit for acceptable mental and physical change from that which has proven to be a detriment to you living your life without freedom and justice to be experienced by the collective you.

To participate in a system event that will have no constructive result to come to the way you live your life, yet you feel compel to participate anyway, that to me is a sign of a mind under the control of that system with a history of lying, deceiving, and oppressing you.


Lying is a what happens to creativity at the emotional level of FEAR. People lie because they are afraid of something, such as the reaction of another or the destabilization that comes with change. We are creative people, so we create by nature. When we are afraid, this natural creativity manifests itself as LIES.

As for the "little white" vs. the "BIG BOLDFACE," I think that people are manipulated into accepting and perpetuating a ton of little white lies. This lowers their vibration, so that they will more readily resonate with the big boldface lies which are used to enslave and/or destroy them.

You can Lie on the Creator or Even About The Creator. But Whoa to the man who lies to the IRS.

Critical Thinking

Faith is a lazy person's way of addressing issues. Jeremiah Camara


Faith:  Borrowed belief in spite of the facts. 2) denial of epistemological principles. 3) the product-result when all reason leads to absurdity. (Religious faith cannot be positively achieved--only doubts destroyed, because faith comes negatively and happens when there is no reasoning). (Dr. Blynd, Funktionary)


Quote: "Faith is making a virtue out of not thinking." - Bill Maher (creator of the movie "Religulous")


Mark Twain said it best - "Faith is believing something you know ain't true!"


Blind Faith


BLIND means the inability to see or perceive a thing, thought or principle. FAITH is believing without proof, trusting without tangible assurance. Blind Faith Mind Control Systems have demonstrated the willingness of the masses to assist in their own abuse and subjugation by well-trained Charlatans and Religious God-Sellers. Blind Faith and Ignorance as Social Engineering and Caste System Controls is vital to any Tyrannical Slave-State. This necessitates the institutionalization of naïve thinking in the minds of the people.- 



One of the commonly used clichés to inspire the BLIND FAITH masses to unjust wars, self-destructive activities and unfair abuses of others is: DO IT FOR GOD AND COUNTRY. The word GOD symbolizes the Divine Creator for the masses. The word COUNTRY symbolizes the SOVEREIGN STATE for the masses. The truth is that the masses have never been told the truth of what qualifies the word GOD or the political process and qualification for a SOVEREIGN STATE or its limit of authority. Neither the CHURCH or the STATE is true to what they profess or what the masses believe or perceive them to be. This is called BLIND FAITH.

"To lie is to convey a false image or impression. Lying is the act of a deliberate falsehood. Also associated with a fib, fiction, tale, fable, story and untruth. Sometimes when people lie as in the Christmas story and Santa Clause, the Easter story and the bunny rabbits, Novels, Plays and Movies millions of people participate and spread it around to their children and families but noboby is implicated as being a liar. In fact, the foundation of the so-called greatest country in the world was based on a lie concerning Christopher Columbus discovering it when it was already occupied."

So much to consider and discuss, so little time.

Santa Claus, where do we start.  What is this lying to children about anyway?  Is it really all about behavior modification, "be a good little girl or boy because Santa has a list and if you don't do well, you will get coal and no toys."


Bows and salute to your comments.

All that you mentioned also proves many parents are Enemies to the children.

When a child finds out that there is no Santa/SATAN Claus, they begin to view their parents in a different light, and some not trusting anything that lying and deceiving parent says.

Anyone who participate in these false realities/illusions are lying and deceving themselves, and other innocent children/people.

No one profits from these false realities/illusions, but the Creators of the false realities/illusion, the evil oppressors.

False realities/illusions is about the Profane Parasite ego (within) created by the Profane parasite (ego) Creators, the ego that can't get enough of anything, loves to manipulate, control and have power over people minds, playing tricks and games. THESE FALSE REALITIES/ILLUSIONS ARE THE PIMPS GAMES, AND MANY DO NOT MIND TO BE PROSTITUTES, UNKNOWINGLY/KNOWINGLY, PROSTITUTES IN THE PIMP GAME. CLUE. XMAS TIME OF THE YEAR. FAKE SANTA SAYS WHAT TO THE PEOPLE AS THE PEOPLE GO IN AND OUT OF THE STORES DURING THESE, SATAN/SANTA SAYS HO, HO, HO. 

When the feminine gender cease being beguiled, things in/on this planet will Divinely Change.


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