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THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING... May become a WACPtv eBook and you can be included!

To lie is to convey a false image or impression. Lying is the act of a deliberate falsehood. Also associated with a fib, fiction, tale, fable, story, history and miseducation known as untruth. Sometimes when people lie as in the Christmas story and Santa Clause, the Easter story and the bunny rabbits, Novels, Plays and Movies millions of people participate and spread it around to their children and families but noboby is implicated as being a liar. In fact, the foundation of the so-called greatest country in the world was based on a lie concerning Christopher Columbus discovering it when it was already occupied. Occupied by so-called Indian but also occupied by free Black who were here hundreds of thousands of years.

Lying, although it is not something of admiration or a positive virture, is a common
practice among millions of people every second of the day. "I'll call you later!".... "I will definately be there!"... "YOU CAN COUNT ON ME!"... " GIVE ME JUST A MINUTE!"... all just a pack of lies people deliberately tell to other people. It appear that LYING has become a new SPORT and people are even excepting it as though it is their new standard of TRUTH. What ever happen to... "I WILL SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE?"..... "MY WORD IS BOND AND I WILL GIVE MY LIFE BEFORE MY WORD SHOULD FAIL!" Lying is out of control and at an epidemic state. It is so bad that we even LIE TO OURSELVES. We look in the mirror and lie, we look at the situation of our relationships with our friends, family, church, community and nation while we lie to pretend that all is well when the bottom is falling out and we know it.

Lying has been the subject of numerous high profile court cases within the past few years. Martha Stewart, Lil Kim, Michael Vick, Foxie Brown, Scooter Libby, TI, Mayor Bill Campbell and now the latest is the Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick. Charges were filed and Punishment levied against these and many others for doing what?... that's right, LYING.

THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING is that some people can do it and nothing is done while others do it and get severe jail time. Why is there such a great difference between liars in America? Remember Colon Powell and the Gigantic Lie he told in order to bring charges against Iraq and Saddem Hussein which initiated the war? This war has killed millions of people, wounded thousands, misplaced millions, Saddem Hussein has been hung, the war is still is going on and nobody has even been charged or implicated in LYING. Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Dick Channey, Allen Greenspan and on and on are much greater LIARS than any of the cases brought to trial.

Whatz up with this two-faced LYING in America? Why is there sooo much difference in certain people who tell so-called " LITTLE WHITE LIES and others who tell "BIG BOLDFACE LIES?"

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WOW! You should get an Oscar or an Academy award for that piece. Westley Snipes nor Samuel L. Jackson could top that... Only Elvis... describe best by Public Enemy stating what that meant to me.

We are who we are but are not always who we say we are... So who are we really? Who Knows THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT LYING?...
We are coming to you now Ar Lena.

Greetings with a Positive Vibe,

The ban on lying has been lifted in America.

So much....that liars hold press conferences and gather the attention of Americans.

Liars are quickly forgiven.
Cheaters, a show that exposes cheating partners, has turned lying into "entertainment."

Lying is lying.
There isn't a difference, in my opinion, between a white lie and a big boldfaced lie.
The difference is the perception and the consequences of the act.

There seems to be a correlation between social status and the ability to "get away" with lying.

If you are high on the social strata you are more than likely to get away with a bold-faced lie.
If you are in the middle or lower you would be wise to stick with "little" white lies.
There is also a correlation between the consequences of telling lies and social status.

It is a practice that has become widely accepted.
It is a practice that I do not indulge,support, promote, or defend.

Truth If It Hurts,
Ar Lena
The ePublicist
Thanks Ar Lena for Checking in and Speaking out. You are one the money as far as we can see. One is ONE, TWO is TWO and A lie IS a Lie but changes only when the social society level of the people change... Huuuh! why is that? Is it they don't know any better or is it we allow them to continue not knowing any better by supporting their LIES as in Tell Lie Vision. Where ARE THE COMMUNICATORS... You know we are writing a book.
I'm rolling.
Honesty is sexy.
Ar Lena
You are right except for one thing. That is when you say 'GOD HE'... That is one of the biggest LIES of all times. I don't think of a God being of a gender but if God was a Gender HE would be a SHE. ... No not one of them. I mean a natural real Female.... Don't have me to bring out the proof. And Oh Yeah... this is not about Religion. It's about facts. Jus like the facts presented by G. L. SHOWELL...Thanks!
Thanks Ras, just repeat it enough and people will make that LIE out to be a truth in their mind and will argue with you about somebody else's LIE.

Did yall see the news about JOHN EDWARDS?... He LIED AND LIED AND LIED until he got caught in it and now he is so-called trying to come clean. Jail is too good for some of these high falooting folk. Oh, I forgot that we are suppose to forgive them. The Problem with that though is that we would have to forgive all those who have been locked up and are still doing time for same or simular cases.... What's up with JOHN... will he test positive with the baby too?
I wonder what the world would be like if everyone told the truth all of the time? Does exaggeration count as a lie? When forced to tell the truth ~ after a lie ~ most people will do so, and face the same penalty(ies) that they would have in the first place; and maybe even worst, because they lied. That's why I've never told a lie in my life. Oops.

Hello J C
I'm not confident that the world would be a happy place, if everyone told the truth all the time. The truth can hurt. The truth can prevent you from getting what you want, how you want it, or when you want it.
Responding to the question in your post, exaggeration is a lie.
It qualifies as a distortion of the truth instead of a complete misrepresentation.
When it comes to lying my rule is "Greater Later."
The consequences of telling a lie are much greater than telling the truth in the moment.
I'm lovin' the humor at the end of your post.
It gave me that JC Glow.
Ar Lena
The ePublicist

Hello Hassan,
If you recall my initial post, I stated that people lie and then hold press conferences to tell their "so-called" truth, while benefiting from media attention and America's time.
I didn't state his name, but Edwards is exactly who I was referencing, along with many others that have been featured, during the past few days on CNN for lying.

Regarding his denial about paternity, just remember that he said being 99% honest isn't enough.

He's still not being completely honest. I was amazed by how his wife supported the lie, too.
She can't be trusted either....although she is getting portrayed as a victim when she helped him victimize America.
Ar Lena
The ePublicist

Kudos 2 The Communicators. They showed up to represent.
Ar Lena,
Funny thing about the "truth can hurt." Does it hurt the person telling the truth, more? Or the person who receives the truth? Sometimes people who tell the truth, feel pain in telling it. Still, the truth is the truth. Right? Regardless of the hurt involved. Sometimes silence is best. Shoot me the truth. Ouch! That hurt! Do it again please.

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