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The Only Thing America Owe Black Folks In America Not By Choice, Is Reparation To Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!

The Only Thing America Owe Black Folks In America Not By Choice, Is Reparation To Our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors!!!
Chief Elder Osiris
Black Woman and Man in America, News Flash, America does not owe Black Afrikans in America no civil Rights, No so call Equal opportunity, No Adequate Education, No Justice, No Peace, none of that which Black Americans make claim to deserve from America that have Black Americans to be dependent upon America, which is  not obligated to Black People in America not by choice but for one thing, which is our Enslaved Afrikans Ancestors Reparation..
America Constitution proper, do not apply to Black Americans improper.
Law enforcement is not formed to protect Black people in America, that institution is there to protect White America from Black Afrikans in America.
All of America institutions are there to serve white people, constitutional and religiously, have you forgotten so soon that America is a country that was founded By White Racist Prejudice oligarchs of a people?
America roots are planted deep in Racism and unjust prejudice toward Black Afrikan People in America not by choice.
So, why all of the element of surprise when America show its true color,(behavior} America have not misled Black people about how white people believe about Black people.
They started out with Black people by telling us that they are superior over us Black people, and letting us know that Black people have no right that white people are bounded to respect.
Therefore, white people, when so desire, abuse and kill Black people with impunity nor forethought, and they have been behaving that way every since they came into the presence of Black people, after they felt like that they had learned enough from our Afrikan Ancestors to use to civilize the white world.
America has every right to kick our Black behind all kind of ways, as long as we live under their authority and attempt to become converted to act and behave as white people do, even to the extent we try to transform our Black self to appear as white people are, as a Race.
Police brutality against Black people, is as Baseball, football, basketball and apple pie is to white America, it is a common and fashionable occurrence.

Black people in America have been successfully tricked into believing that America constitution apply to us Black people who are descendants of our Enslaved Black Afrikan Ancestors.

Black people in America not by choice is no more than an amendment in America!!!

Beloved Black people, the only thing of America that is original to Black people in America, is Racist and Prejudice brutal behavior.

Yet, it is the attitude and behavior of white America toward Black people that reveal the truth about how America "believe" about Black people.

So, in view of the status living condition of Black people in America and America refusal to pay to our Enslaved Ancestors their Reparation which they have earned, as for as America so call  Bill of rights, such  is not payable to Black people in America not by choice, only Reparation has the right to demand payment to our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors.

Now, this kind of informing Black people about the Divine Truth about our status in America, Black people despise and ignore, and yet we get angry when our behavior truthful describe us to be ignorant Black people living in America not by choice, how can Black people like that ever can be saved from the ignorance of our Black self?

So, why all of the uproar by Black people in America when the evil of America is visited upon Black people in America freely and overtly?

As long as Black folks believe that you can legislate behavior and attitude in America by white America, Black people will remain to be the foot stool in America for white people.

Yes, I without ceasing, shower you with the need of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation, and I go the last mile sharing with you the reason why Reparation is of such a need to our Enslaved Ancestors, thus to you their descendants, a Divine Truth Black people of so call educated intelligent do not "Want" the Rank and file Black people in America not by choice to learn about.

Because, if ever the rank and file Black Afrikans in America not by choice ever come to learn with understanding about the power of Reparation and the Right of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors have to their Reparation, which they have unquestionable earned, the educated unlearned flawed intelligent Black Afrikan in America claiming to be Americans, you  will have no respectable standing among the rank and file Black Afrikan in America not by choice.

So, in America today, who is the most dangerous of all to Black Afrikans in America not by choice today, well beloved, it happen to be the so call educated fools you now place all of your trust in today, and that is why Afrika is as it is today and there is no unified Afrika States to govern the Black Afrikans in Afrika, and the Black Afrikan Nation remain lost and divided, beloved.

Reparation represent Afrika and the Black Afrikan Salvation from self ignorance!!!

A Disorganized people living under oppression imposed by other people with authority and control of the Government in which Black people live, is an ignorant people!!!

Beloved, if you refuse to demand your Enslaved Afrikans Reparation from the Enslavers of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, Black Afrikans will have no peace in an environment to live in.


Chief Elder

Written@2 / 11 / 2017

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