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Nearly one in four deaths 'avoidable'

Almost a quarter of all deaths in England and Wales were potentially avoidable, figures for 2014, published by the Office for National Statistics, suggest.

First UK hospital gives baby boxes to parents

A hospital in London is giving out baby boxes, containing a starter kit of clothes, nappies and toys, to all new parents.

'Bath daily' advice for eczema children

If your child has eczema it is fine to give them a dunk in the bath every day, as long as you apply lots of moisturiser to their skin afterwards, US experts say.

Measles outbreak hits 13 pupils at Devon school

Thirteen cases of measles and another 10 probable cases are found at a secondary school.

Zika vaccine 'works very well' in mice

A single dose of an experimental vaccine can protect mice against the Zika virus, raising renewed hope of a vaccine for humans, say scientists

How liquid aspirin could kill brain tumours

Dr Kieran Breen explains how aspirin, in liquid form, could provide a cure for brain tumours

Helium discovery a 'game-changer'

Scientists say they have found a large helium gas field in Tanzania, amid concerns global supplies are running out.

Playing card games aids stroke recovery

Playing simple card games, such as snap, can help stroke patients with their recovery, research suggests.

Rio 2016 boss: Zika 'blown out of proportion'

The CEO of the 2016 Olympics has addressed concerns about Zika, the economy and the impact of the games on Brazil.

Orlando medic: 'I can still see victims’ faces'

A doctor who treated victims of the Orlando massacre talks of the mental scars left by what he experienced.

Euro 2016: Football alcohol adverts seen 'once a minute'

People who watched Wales' Euro 2016 game against England on television saw alcohol marketing almost once every minute during play, a study finds.

US Healthcare records offered for sale online

Three US healthcare organisations are reportedly being held to ransom by a hacker who stole data on hundreds of thousands of patients.

High sport drink use among young teens 'risk to health'

High numbers of younger teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity by regularly having high-sugar sport drinks, dental experts say.

Unpaid carers support group launched

A support group for unpaid carers is set up so people can finally know their rights.

Testicle removal surgeon Marwan Farouk struck off

A surgeon is struck off for mistakenly removing a patient's testicle and then trying to cover up his error.

Abortion demand 'soars' amid Zika fear

Fears over the Zika virus have contributed to a "huge" increase in number of abortions in Latin America, researchers suggest.

Let workers self-certify illness for 14 days, say GPs

Workers should be able to self-certify sickness for up to two weeks to help reduce unnecessary GP appointments, doctors say.

Ginger and acupressure 'options for morning sickness'

Taking ginger or using acupressure on the wrist may help some women with mild morning sickness, experts say.

Falklands widow fights for frozen embryos

The widow of a Falklands veteran is going to the High Court to try and prevent their frozen embryos being destroyed.

Mother: 'We need more dialogue around drugs'

Three 12-year-old girls who became seriously ill after taking ecstasy on Saturday are now said to be in a stable condition.




.The History of General Monk Monk
The Devil was manufactured on the isle of Pelan (Patmos); they came back across the dessert and entered the holy city of Mecca in the year 9,000 because Yacub taught them that Mecca was their home. Elijah Muhammad says that they stayed amongst the righteous for six months telling lies on the righteous having them to fight and kill one another. It was stated: That we clothed them, shelter and treated them good because we knew them to be a mutation and was grafted from the Original people and felt it was our duty to care for them.

They moved freely to build homes amongst us then they were seeking to find grounds to cause trouble and confusion amongst the righteous people. They say that they would go up to the Blackman and tell him a lie that his brother was messing with his wife and the other would tell the same lie. They told the Black woman their husband was untrue causing suspicion between the Original people. After a while suspicion produce distrust and lead to argument debates and naturally soon fighting and killing. The Devil was not suspected at first because they would always step in between the unrest and offer a settlement which made many believe them to be people of peace. They were soon to be discovered as being the cause of the confusion and were rounded up. So it was taken to the king and the king looked into the book and said, "Why, these are Yacub people." He said, "They were made to do what they're doing and the only way to have peace is to get rid of all of them. Put them all to death." So the king gave the order for all of the devils to be rounded up. And by devils I mean all those blue eyed, blond-haired, white things. He gave orders for them to be rounded up there in the East, and they were rounded up.

They were rounded up and taken down to the edge of the Arabian Desert. They were stripped naked, stripped of everything except their language we took everything from them: our book, shelter, science, food and clothing and left them with nothing but their language of telling lies and stealing. An order was set down for them to be driven across the hot Arabian dessert and out of Asia. Asia means Light. The Devils were naked and was given an apron to hide their shame for our women. An army was ordered to drive them across the dessert into west Asia, which was a land of beast and caves. We put lambskin aprons around their waists to hide their nakedness. We put them in chains and marched them across the hot sands of the Arabian Desert. This is what the black man did to the white man, brothers. This is what the gods did to the devils. Actually, if you think I don't know what I'm talking about, those of you who are Masons, you go through this and don't understand it. When you go in, they put a lambskin apron around your waist. They put you in what's called the "cable tow." Right or wrong? And then they make you jump up and down on an electric mat. Make you take off your shoes and put the juice in the mat and make you jump up and down. Why? What are they getting at? That's all a sign of what happened to the white man six thousand years ago. It just doesn't have anything to do with you, but you're supposed to be walking on hot sands when you jump up and down. Right or wrong? You've all been in some of that stuff. They tell you that's crossing the hot sand. And if you walk up to a Negro Mason and you ask him, "When you crossed the hot sand were you walking or riding?" he'll say, "I was walking." He's a fool. Because he was riding. He was riding horseback. He was riding on a camel. It was the white man that was in chains. It was the white man that had the apron around him. It was the white man that was walking the white sand. We walked them at high noon. We wouldn't even let them walk at night. We stopped at night. And you know how hot the sun and the sands are in Arabia. We expected the white man to die when we were running him out of the East. But that fool lived, brother He lived. A lot of them died on the desert. And I might come back -all of this is tied up in the Masonic ritual. When a man gets initiated into the higher degrees of that order he goes through this. They put on the chains, they put on the aprons, and they darken him up and pretend to be driving him across. Then when he gets up to the top order in those degrees, they tell him what it means. The white man, they tell the white man what it means; a white Shriner, a white Mason, what it means. A Negro never learns what it means. But it actually points back toward the time when the white man, who is the devil, or Adam, as they say, was cast out of the Garden. When the Bible says Adam sinned and was cast out of the Garden, this is what is meant. And an angel was put at the East gate to keep him from coming back in. When the white man was run out of the East by the Muslims six thousand years ago into the caves of Europe, the people called Turks were put there at the Straits of the Dardanelles, with swords, and any old devil that they caught trying to come back across the water WHOP!!! Off went their head.

So under the leadership of General Monk Monk he drove the devil into the caves of west Asia as we now call Europe. General Monk Monk rode a white horse with a Long Sharp Sword in his hand and those in his army rode Arabian horses or camels with Sharp Swords in their hand. Those that were in the army were the ones the Devils had tricked and knew the Devils ways and actions well. And this is how they got them back for the hard times they received by the Devils. As they pushed westward they didn’t t stop day or night. If one of the Devils fell to the sand General Monk Monk ordered them to take their head and slay them right there on the spot man or woman it did not matter. General Monk Monk ran the devil from amongst us and made them walk every step of the way until they reached the first oasis which was 1100 miles from Mecca. Allowing them to rest, eat and drink some water for they had another 1100 miles to go before they would be clear of the land of paradise. After reaching the second oasis the whole group of Devils was savage and acting like animals. General Monk Monk had covered 2200 miles and was in Turkey of what they now call Turkey. Once he let them loose they were attracted to the caves and ran wild up into the hillside: They tore off their apron and live a beastly way of life (Bible Gen. 2:25) The Devil was grafted on Pelan and was put in a new Pelan called Europe (Gen. 3:23). General Monk Monk told his army that they must stay in Asia Minor Turkey and guard the border to make sure that they dont try to enter back into the land of peace. (Gen. 3:24) General Monk Monk told his followers (army) that because they are the ones who fell victim to the Devil tricks and did kill and hurt each other they must pay for such actions by sitting down in Asia Minor and keep the Devil bottled up in the cold caves and hillsides of Europe. General Monk Monk gave his followers swords, every time a Devil would try to ease out of the caves and try to make it back to Mecca take off their head went. After a while the Turks use to go across the border just to take their heads. I think this is where the Prophet Muhammad got the idea from later on when Muhammad or any Muslim murder the devil. All the beasts up in Europe wanted to kill the white man. Yeah, they tried to kill the white man. They were after the white man. They hated the white man. So, he says, what the white man would do, he'd dug a hole in the hill, that was his cave. And his mother and his daughter and his wife would all be in there with the dog.
The only thing that made friends with the white man was the dog. Everything else hated him. He'd sit outside of the cave at night in a tree with rocks in his hand, and if any beast came up and tried to get in the cave at his family, he'd throw rocks at it, or he'd have a club that he'd swing down and try to drive it away with it. But the dog stayed in the cave with his family. It was then that the dog and the white man amalgamated. The white woman went with the dog while they were living in the caves of Europe. And right to this very day the white woman will tell you there is nothing she loves better than a dog. They tell you that a dog is a man's best friend. They lived in the caves with those dogs and right now they got that dog smell. They got that dog...they are dog lovers. A dog can get in a white man's house and eat at his table, lick out of his plate. They'll kiss the dog right on the nose and think nothing of it. You're not a dog kisser. You don't see black people kissing or rubbing noses with dogs. But little white children will hug dogs and kiss dogs and eat with dogs. Am I right or wrong? You -all have been inside their kitchens cooling their food, and making their beds, you know how they live. The dog will live right in the white man's house, better than you can; you try and break your way in there and they'll put a rope around your neck [chuckle], but the dog has got free run of the whole house. He's the white man's best friend.

Many of the Devils went deeper into the caves where they killed animals who lived there and ate them raw thus moved in their caves, the caves of the animals was not tall enough for them to stand upright so they began to bend down. After a while they got used to it and their arms began to grow to balance their back. Hair grew all over their body because it was cold and nature cloth them with a coat of hair like the animals. The cave men ate all the smaller things found and cast their bones outside the caves where jackals or what we now call dogs lay proud for them. The bigger animal began to move closer to the caves to eat the cavemen for there was no food for them to eat. The Devils ate all the food up from the bigger animals so these became the hunter of man. The jackals who were always outside waiting for bones became the white man’s best friend because every time the big beast would come near the cave they would bark warning the cave man of danger. Some Devils lived in trees and other uncivilized places. The dog soon became one of the cave man families and now lived in-doors. The Book tells you that the angel had a flaming sword, and any time any of them tried to come back across they were put to death. The white man went into the caves of Europe and he lived there for two thousand years on all fours.

Within one thousand years after he had gotten there, he was on all fours, couldn't stand upright. You watch an old cracker today. Crackers don't walk upright like black people do. Every time you look at them, they're about to go down on all fours. But those who have had some education, they straighten up a little bit because they're taught how to straighten up.

But a black man can be the most dumb, illiterate thing you can find anywhere, and he still walks like a million dollars because by nature he's upright, by nature he stands up. But a white man has to be stood up. You have to put a white man on the square. But the black is born on the square. Within one thousand years after the white people were up in the caves they were on all fours. And they were living in the outdoors where it's cold, just as cold over there as it is outside right now. They didn't have clothes. So by being out there in the cold their hair got longer and longer. Hair grew all over their bodies. By being on all fours, the end of their spine begins to grow. They grew a little tail that came out from the end of their spine...Oh yes; this was the white man, brother, up in the caves of Europe. He had a tail that long. You ever notice that anything that walks on all fours has a tail? That which straightens up doesn't have a tail, because when you get down, you see, you just make that spine come right on out. And just like a dog, he was crawling around up there. He was hairy as a dog. He had a tail like a dog. He had a smell like a dog. And nothing could get along with him but another dog. The dog was to watch the caves while the man was out hunting for food to protect the woman. The Caucasian man and woman was walking on all fours using stone tools, eating raw meat with blood running out and eating their dead. While the white man was out hunting the dogs used to lick and smell the woman’s womb, which the woman liked because of its stinging sensation. She began to love the dog because of the attention it gave her while the man was away.

The cave man learned the way of the dog and began to lick and suck her womb. The Messenger also added that the dog began to have sex with the woman, which was very easy for them being that the woman walked on all fours like the dogs themselves. The dogs began planting their seeds in the women causing the women to birth mutations. The Messenger says these mutations were white babies, which had tails and the color of dogs’ hair and eyes. Their hair was blond at first. All types of disease originated at this period, such as the common disease syphilis which comes from dogs as any doctor can tell you if he knew the American Medical Journal if the disease comes from a dog type life this tells us to ask ourselves how many of us have come to get it?

The cavewoman was full up with syphilis and all kind of deadly germs, which spread and spread. When Musa (Moses) came to the border and entered the main land, he was unable to go up into the caves because filth and waste covered the land and he was unable to enter to perform his said duty. Musa had to use the pig to eat the filth and waste before he could go in. Note: The history of Musa shall tell you the complete ordeal of the prophet this lesson shall deal with a certain portion of history. Thanksgiving which is a white race holiday the Messenger teach that this holiday is all symbolic to what took place in General Monk Monk time. The white man tries to trick us into believing that when he came to America they met the Indian they had a big feast and gave gifts. But the white man when he came to America or New World he went to look for food when they saw the turkey it reminded them of the Turks who wore red fez with a tassel hanging down their heads, which was loose meat upon the Turkey head. This is why they named the bird Turkey. The white man would take this bird and chop off its head. It was symbolic to General Monk Monk followers the Turks would do to them. This turkey was General Monk Monk followers. Asia Minor was called Turkey because the Turks that had the key locked them up in the caves and hillsides of Europe. The Devil was not really actually lead out of the caves until 1492. The opening of the New World allowed them to come to complete their ruler ship

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The story above was part of the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad who taught that the White Man is the Devil and had an unusual beginning and then driven out from civilization but then raised up again to become rulers of the world and we are living in the remaining portion of the story. This story was not just to make mockery of White people but to let us know what we are dealing with as we thought previously that the White man was God... some Blacks still believe that to this day.

Today (we) Black People are in the cave of ignorance crawling around acting like dogs devouring each other and although wearing clothes, some have began sagging their pants showing the world that they are uncivilized.
Split and separated into too many divisions of religions to seemingly ever be able to come back together. Having built up the entire world's economy with free labor but remaining the poorest collective of peoples on the planet.

How and why did this so-called cave man get control of the world and for how long? What is your responsibility those who know this story and the present situation? WHERE IS THE MUSA OR MOSES TO COME AND RESCUE US FROM OUR CAVES OF IGNORANCE?

The so-called bible gives this same story listed above in the story of GENESIS. It says... " Let us make man in our own image. Let us give him dominion. But only for a set period of time Genesis calls 7-days. If the 7 represents 7 thousand years, it has been at least that time since the creation of this man that we created and gave dominion.

THOSE OF US WHO KNOW THIS STORY: WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT? Some of these so-called ex-cave dwellers and ex-slaves are beginning to work together while others on both sides remain hating each other for past so-called injustices. This has been and continues to be a long hard battle for freedom, justice and equality but WHO WILL RISE UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR PUTTING A JUSTIFIABLE END TO THIS SEEMINGLY STORY OF MADNESS... REPAIR-NATIONS NOW!
Hotep'' Brother You are Right..I did not know you had real Knowledges. Our people are caught up in white Supremacy..The Honarable Elijah Muhammad Told And Taught Our People The Truth.You We Must Have a Knowledges of Self..Stay Strong My Brother and Pray Ever day.. Because without God You Have Nothing.....


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