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Beloved Brother:
It is with due respect with a spirit of humility that I remind you that there is no higher order of fact than experience and based upon our life living experience every since we became introduced to those people you seem to be so mesmerized by and with, to a mental level that have you holding up the Devil himself to serve as an example to the way life is meant to be lived and you suggest to Black Afrikans to in our effort to remake ourselves, we must use the ways and action of Lucifer the Human Being as our model to emulate and duplicate.
Such a suggest is like advising Black Afrikans to continue along what seem to be a suicide mission we are on, in the act of  Black Afrikans living our life.
Such advice imply that we Black Afrikans really are inferior in nature to white folks and other people of color with a history of playing Black Afrikans like a fool we have been made to be by those very people you now campaign for to Black Afrikans, telling Black Afrikans it is white folks America and Europe we need to be modeling our selves and action by.
My dear beloved brother, do you not remember who it was that brought Civilization to this so call Planet Earth, have you so fact forgotten at whose feet the Devil in disguise sat to lear the basis of living a civilized life, and who it was who first developed / construct the first industrial complex that served to the Greater Good of those Divine Black Beings who were without knowledge of selfish evil conniving against each other?
Beloved, Evil is constant, it goes to affect whomever such an evil mind direct it to go and affect, and the Black Afrikan Experience teach and remind those with a quality of mind among us Black Folks with ability to remember, that Lucifer the Human Being whom you are now holding up to be an example for Black Afrikans to follow, is no friend to Black people and is not a good example for Black Afrikans to follow, because if we do, we will be our searching the world as we do now, for whomever we can enslave as those people you now usher such praise upon.
The highest order of intelligence was displayed by our Divine Cosmic Black Afrikan Ancestors who were residing in the Location of the Planet Earth we now call Afrika, and there was a Time on this Earth wherever the Black Divine Being would travel upon this planet, it took on the identity of being the Land of Black Beings.
So, it is withour our original Mind that have us Black Afrikans in America can not by choice, believing without thinking that we Black Folks in America and the status we occupy in America, is the fault of Black Afrikans in America, and to hold such a belief is why Black Afrikans in America will remain in the status we now occupy in America society that is so stratified and reveal the social class the majority of Black people socially and economically reside, which is the Low and Lower class.
Yet you suggest to Black Afrikans in America to use white America as our model to copy in our effort to live respectfully.
Beloved, white America can not afford for Black people to think again, they remain in power being the  Lord(Law) and God(Authority) in and of this world they have constructed to their specification, which is against that of Black Afrikans specification, the former being profane and the latter once being Divine.
There is no ride for Afrika becoming for the Black Afrikan and the Black Afrikan becoming a Unified Black Nation in Afrika again, by Black Afrikans subscribing to the implanted notion that the solution to the graves problems Black Afrikans face today, is developing the Black Communities in America.
Beloved Brother to whom do I bow with respect to you, need I share with you Black Afrikans that there is no freedom to be experienced by Black Afrikans in America, it is not in the best interest of Lucifer the Human Being for Black Afrikans to be able to Divinely Think again.
So, in America the Mind that will always guide Black people to believe as you now suggest to Black Afrikans in America to do, which is to use white America as our prized example to follow in constructing ourselves in America, which only secure our status in America to function as the fool white folks have us behaving as we do today.
Freedom, Justice, Independence, Afrika returning to be for the Black Afrikan and Afrikans becoming united in Afrika, all must take place in Afrika and no where else, and for such to become the Divine Black Afrikan Being experience again, Black Afrikans must develop a desire for the Divine Black Experience again, aTime when Quantum knowledge was in possession of the Divine Mind of Black Divine Beings upon this planet Earth.
It is the Foolish Black Afrikan that will associate this I share with you as sheer fantasy, all because it elevate the Black Afrikan to a capacity of being Divine and not profanely a fool, which is where some Black Afrikans feel more comfortable occupying such a level.
Divine Respect
Osiris   Chief Elder Pan Afrikan Inter'Nationalist  Movement (PAIN) Sankofa Reparation / Repatriation Movement All Rights Reserved@2014


All  Africans continental and Diaspora must examine the Europeans and Arabs with  scrutiny. We all know by now that the Europeans use laws to be obeyed  by some and disobeyed by others.


If  the leaders of Africans in America can spend time and money in our community and  do even 1 BILLION % of what the whites do in their communities, we will be far  ahead of ourselves because there are people in our communities who are not  leaders but are interested in doing works with our people in our   communities


We  know that the nonprofit laws which were used against Marcus Garvey was done by  some of our people to destroy the good works of Garvey. The laws are very  loose and can be manipulated against us. So we must strictly comply with the  laws.


I  yet to see or read of a single organized group in America for our people  that is willing to obey the laws of this land because we consider the police  and the laws as against us. True.


But  as long as we are citizens we must comply fully with the enabling laws of our  states and federal. Mimicking the nonprofit laws of the states and federal  is a good thing and I do not see how we are going to advance ourselves and our  posterity if we remain as slaves and not as citizens.


Let  us imitate and mimic the best and eschew the negative drugs that the importers  of drugs are bringing from overseas and pushing in our communities.    

Kofi  Agyapong


Stop  Mimicking Your Oppressor!

                When our  leadership, particularly Black elected officials, mimics white officials We loss  any real tangible progress towards justice and equality We might have thought We  had made.  Black  teachers have always been leaders in the Black community.  But when  Black teachers start telling our children "I've got mind, now you get yours", We  should seriously question the leadership merits of such  teachers.
                Because  of the racist history of the attitudes of whites towards Blacks, We expect white  teachers to be heartless and uncaring about our children's education.  We are  not surprised that white teachers would say disparaging and demeaning words to  break the spirit of ambitious Black children.  But  Black teachers who get frustrated with our children's behavior should know  better.  We  should expect that "trained" Blacks educators, you would think, would look for  alternative soulutions to the problems of educating our overactive high strung  children.
                Black  People!, Stop Mimicking Your Oppressor!  Revisit  your African Cultural Roots and allow The Village to help you raise your  children.  Black  People!, allow The Village to help train-up your child so he/she does not stray  when he/she is grown.  Black  People!, demand that the Black People you elect as your leaders lead  you out of the  oppressive system of white supremacy not further into the belly of the  breast.  Black  People!, demand that "The Village", including Black teachers, actively engage  our children for the betterment of our community.
                Medgar  Evers was once quoted to have said, "Every time I think about my kids and their  innocence, i wonder how whites can make the youngsters suffer so.  i guess  that thought keeps me in naacp work."  Of  course, that was during a time when he saw naacp work as, "We're going to get  Negroes registered and voting despite the literacy tests.  With  that basic political power, We'll continue working toward economic strength",  according to his own words.  His work  was to build collective Economic Black Empowerment within our  community.
                Every  Black Man and Woman in mississippi, and throughout america, should fully  empathize with Medgar Evers' passion for justice which he expressed this way, "A  close friend of my Dad's was lynched when i was 14 or so… He was supposed to  have insulted a white woman.  We would  see his bloody clothing still on the field months later.  Some of  the blood spots looked like rust on the grass. i vowed then when i grew up, i  would dedicate my life to changing such injustices."  Those of  us who do empathize with Medgar's Love for mississippi, are also dedicated to  changing this state, and nation, to what it should be.  For us  to do that, We have to Stop  Mimicking Our Oppressor!
Yo'  Little Brother Symposium
for  our 10-16 years old sons
part of the Rites-of-Passage Project
at the  Jackson Medical Mall - Suite 3415
contact  Baba Lukata for info 

Baba  Lukata
Afrikan-centered  Cultural & Educational Consultant
i revel  in the thought of us talking again very soon. 
& see what follows

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