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Pursuing A Wish While Ignoring Reality and The Need Of Afrika And Black Afrikan People

Pursuing A Wish While Ignoring Reality and The Need Of Afrika And Black Afrikan People
Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala
So I ask, Are We Black Afrikans Qualified To Be Serious Enough To Meet The Challenges That Stand In The Way Of A Afrika United States Federalist Government To Be active in Afrika???
Within the Black Race Family, there are various Classes, and categories of Black Afrikans who make themselves known in various places and various ways by a certain level of Black people who mostly are those who consider themselves educated, intelligent, radically involved in the so call struggle for civil equal rights in behalf of Black Afrikan people.
Those are Black Afrikan people who reveal their egoistically wants by indicating that their wants are the wants of Black people in the so call struggle for an unattainable civil rights goal, which is equality of treatment and opportunity in comparison to the treatment white people receive and enjoy in their white control world.
The wanting and wishful Black Afrikans radical and militant assimilation Black Afrikans look for what they want and wish for what is not real in places in the world where Black Afrikans are ostracized, oppressed, suppressed, made to be depressed by being exposed to the evil of Racism and unjust prejudice in and by the white lying and deceiving world, which has Black Afrikan people to have no respect for the self of Black Afrikan people.
Black Afrikans want white people to be more considerate of Black Afrikan people, while Black Afrikans show no consideration to the self of Black Afrikan people.
So, because Black Afrikan people have no respect for self, the so call struggle we claim to be in, not for freedom but for civil equal rights, is why there is no movement toward Justice and independence for Afrika and the Black Afrikans .
Because, any Black Afrikan making claim to be in a struggle for equality, you struggle in pursuit of an illusion, making claim to be in pursuit for equal Justice, not knowing that equality for Black Afrikans being a mirage which is not really available to Black Afrikans in a white supremacist Racist world.
Therefore, since Black Afrikans are in a so call struggle for equality, explain why Afrika is as it is today, and why Black Afrikans living condition is as it is as well, today.
When pursuing a goal and you are motivated by want, all of your plans and strategy is based upon a selfish premise, you being driven by a profane ego, self conflicted envy, and self defeating jealousy, such representing a blueprint for failure in your pursuit for something that is unattainable, which is equality to and with White people living in a Racist and unjust prejudice world serving white authority in a world control by white Racist.
To demonstrate a spirit of seriousness in a struggle for Freedom, Justice, and Independence, such a goal demand a sequence of thoughtful action, which is not based on a wishing wanting action, but by a reasonable thoughtful action, you being in a struggling fight for Freedom, Justice, Independence for Afrika and Black Afrikan people.
So, when being motivated by freedom revolutionary action, first you must be prepared to recruit, educate, and organize the rank and file Black revolutionary Afrikans, before the battle to take place which must be be with a spirit of victorious determination, generated by rational logical thought, fearlessness, bravery and self determination to be free in a world to be control by Black Afrikan people.
Making claim to be a Black Afrikan Revolutionist and you have not the basic principles to qualify you for such an undertaking, then all of the vain buddy, buddy display by you Black Afrikans making claim to be for A Afrika United States, is just that, a claim based upon wanting and wishing, and not need and self confidence with a desire to be free.
It is Freedom that must dominate the desire and drive by Black Afrikans claiming to be for A Afrika United States and for a Unified Black Afrikan Nation, which require a much higher level of energy being used in pursuit for civil rights equality, which is more about privilege than for freedom, Justice, Independence for Afrika and the Black Afrikans on the continent of Afrika, we having A Afrika United States to be Govern by Black Afrikans.
So, if you Black Afrikans are serious about forming aA Afrika United States, then write down a comparative list of your wishing wants along side of a list of needs and desires and see if the two is equal in power and authority, regarding the requirement to obtain Freedom as oppose to civil rights equality with white oppressing Racist oligarchs who are in control of the world Black Afrikans want and wish to assimilate into.
Black Afrikan people, the requirement is much different when in pursuit of civil rights equality as when in a fight for Freedom, Justice, Independence for A Afrika United States to be in Afrika.
All of which must be predicated upon the demand for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors Reparation.
Therefore the only geographical location Black Afrikans should be concerned about, is the Continent Of Afrika, the prime resident of Black Afrikans on earth, where the largest concentration of Black Afrikans have always reside, before and after the migration scattering took place by and of Black Afrikans, willingly and forced to be away from the Continent of Afrika, the only place qualified to be a safe haven for the Race of Black Afrikan people.
To Be Continued:
Chief Elder
Written@ 4 / 10 / 2017

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