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September 2014


VIDEO: 'Bacon butty' for British Ebola nurse

The parents of the first British person to contract Ebola during the outbreak in West Africa say he is recovering well.

VIDEO: Proton therapy: UK patient access

Dr Yen-Ching Chang, the lead on Proton Beam Therapy at University College London Hospital, says the UK has comprehensive access to the therapy for patients with the highest needs.

British Ebola patient 'pretty well'

The parents of the first British person to contract Ebola during the outbreak in West Africa say he is recovering well.

Ashya parents fight extradition

The parents of Ashya King are held in police custody after refusing to consent to their extradition to the UK at an appearance at the High Court in Spain.

Sniffing faeces 'detects infection'

UK researchers say an "electronic nose" that smells faeces can detect strains of bacteria that can cause deadly infections.

VIDEO: Are e-cigarettes safe?

Inside Out goes to the lab to investigate what is in e-cigarettes while we unwrap the arguments surrounding them.

'Urgent' call for obesity taskforce

Doctors' leaders are calling for an emergency taskforce to be set up to tackle childhood obesity in England.

VIDEO: Urgent calls to tackle childhood obesity

Children condemned to 'lifetime of ill-health', warn doctors leaders, as calls are made for a government taskforce.

Sunbed study highlights cancer risk

Sunbed users are still at risk of skin cancer even if they do not burn their skin, according to a new study by Dundee University.

Experts argue for drink price plan

Health professionals say they are stepping up efforts to see alcohol minimum pricing in place in Scotland, with a seminar being held in Brussels.

Senegal confirms first Ebola case

Senegal's health ministry confirms a first case of Ebola, making it the fifth West African country now affected by the outbreak.

Test Ebola drug '100% effective'

The only trial data on the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp shows it is 100% effective in monkey studies, even in later stages of the infection.

Post-natal care lacking, say midwives

A report from the Royal College of Midwives suggests that 40% of women are being discharged from hospital before they are ready after having a baby.

New hospital food rules introduced

Hospitals in England will be expected to provide a higher standard of food under new rules being introduced by the government.

Electrical stimulation 'aids memory'

Electromagnetic stimulation of a specific part of the brain may improve the ability to remember certain facts, researchers say.

Plain packs 'no illegal smoking link'

A study of smokers in Australia suggests there is "no evidence" that the introduction of standardised cigarette packaging has changed the way people buy cigarettes.

Ebola travel bans 'should be lifted'

West African health ministers call for travel restrictions on countries affected by the Ebola outbreak to be lifted, following WHO advice.

Star Trek X Prize finalists named

Star Trek X Prize finalists named

Denmark's homeless 'swap the streets for the pitch'

How football is helping Denmark's homeless

Ebola: Why is it this disease we fear?

Why does Ebola cause more concern than other deadly diseases?
October 26th-October 28th
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Contribute $10 or whatever you can to Oyotunji African Village... Click here for additional details.

The Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village.

requests your attendance at

Odun Oya Festival 2012

Celebrating the Mother of Wind and Change with Odun Oya 2012
Oyotunji African Village Announces the 2012 celebration of Oya; the feminine energy and deity of transformation, revolution and guardian Mother of the ancestors, featuring a special public screening of Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge 
Sheldon, S.C. [October 18, 2012] The ancient spiritual traditions of the Yoruba of West Africa are largely comprised of ancestor worship and veneration. As the guardian and Mother of the ancestors, Oya is heavily esteemed and honored. From October 27th thru October 29th this progressive cosmic force will be celebrated during Odun Oya 2012 at Oyotunji African Village (56 Bryant Lane Sheldon, S.C. 29941). Beginning on Friday evening at 9pm with the historic Oloja Ebo, or Oya's Plaza, the festival will span the entire weekend with rituals, ceremonies and celebration in honor of Oya. Advanced tickets to Odun Oya 2012 are available via oyotunji.org for $7.50 per-day or $15 for the entire weekend; Friday's festivities are free to the public. At the gate the fee will increase to $10 per-day and $20 for the entire weekend.Celebrating the Mother of Wind and Change
This year's Odun Oya will feature a special public screening of the UK Longbelly Entertainment Ltd's Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge. This unique film bridges communities, by igniting a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, ideologies and underlying ethical principles. Modern science no longer refutes the origins of mankind being in Africa and similarities in the cosmological ideologies of African esoteric systems with those found many established world religions today, suggest that it was not only people that migrated, but also concepts and themes that then provided bedrock for the formation of other systems of belief.
The documentary aims to shed light on a topic shrouded in much mystique, negativity, superstition and ignorance, to allow for informed discourses on the subject without fear of persecution or oppression. Through video interviews, a range of individuals of different faiths in the United Kingdom share their experiences and knowledge of these esoteric systems and their perceptions of them in light of other established religions and mainstream media coverage of these esoteric systems. Traditional shaman from the Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti regions in Ghana, West Africa, are also interviewed to provide authentic accounts of their cosmologies, practices and esoteric spiritual systems. Immediately following the screening of Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge, there will be a Q&A session with the film's Producers Dalian Adofo and Verona Spence.
In case of rain, Odun Oya 2012 will be postponed to the following weekend. It is customary when attending the Odun Oya to wear white clothes and to bring ebun (gifts); egg plants, masks, plums, money and/or candles as offering to the King and for the parade and prayer. Advanced tickets to Odun Oya 2012 are available via oyotunji.org for $7.50 per-day or $15 for the entire weekend; Friday's fesitivies are free to the public. At the gate the fee will increase to $10 per-day and $20 for the entire weekend. For more information about the Odun Oya Festival 2012 or to pre-purchase tickets for the weekend visit [www.oyotunji.org].

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