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"MANY Nigerians outside the country today who found shelter and good education have always refused to come back home while those who managed to come, run back immediately. Why? They say Nigeria is a country without good roads, portable water, regular electricity supply, good education system, employment, fake products, unknown sickness and worse of all, bad leaders, forgetting that the land or country where they are, was built by people who came together as a team. I ask how do they feel if the white talk bad about their fatherland? Maybe they possibly deny their origin at that time. Though Nigeria before and after independence had been lacking a lot in all aspects as in political, economic, educational and social aspect inspite of how we are blessed with all forms of natural resources. But one should know that these problems do not just come but by means of people. Lack of cohesive drive is one problem that is delaying development in the country. We complain but fail to realize that we are the cause. We don’t think of how those western world did theirs and come together as one to develop ours. Greediness, selfishness are criminal acts also killing Nigeria. We always call on government to repair roads, give light, portable water but most minor problems that could be fixed by heads of streets successful men or chairmen of local governments are left undone, because they keep their money to themselves. They refuse to assist the government due to sheer greed. Unwillingness: Many Nigerians have the ability and knowledge to do things but they deliberately refuse. Unwillingness is also delaying development." - details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/why-nigerians-in-diaspora

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"How does Nigeria and Africans get out of this mess? A descendant of a Black Mason once told me that he was always worried about how the money just kept flowing on holidays, even when his parents were unemployed. I was worried why Nigeria was the sixth largest oil producer and was importing oil produce while the Delta people were starving. It is because the job of the President and the Governors is to keep the Swiss Bank happy directly or indirectly. In the movie "Nuremburg", that was why Hitler and the Germans turned against the Masonic Jews (they could not differentiate them from good Jews) and passed laws that they forfeited all their wealth and leave them in Germany in mid-1900s. This is the same reason King Philip IV and Pope Clement V executed them in France in 1307, and the same reason Americans chased them out of Politics mid-1800s. They suck the nations dry through their appointed leaders for these countries. Nigeria and Africans must rename themselves and abolish all ties with European treaty and agreement. Each ethnic group must sit to define how they want to coexist and how they want to share power and resources. It should be a Nigerian and African law of Government that keeps our leaders accountable for our resources or have them and their families punished by death. All leaders must publicly swear that they have no bounds with any secret organizations- local or foreign (all the same), and all their resources and children must be within the country. It is the scarcity of resources that lead to religious tensions, tribalism, and nepotism. If we managed our resources for ourselves, we will have so much and forget our differences. Europe is united because they have and manage plenty; African is disunited because our resources are in Europe and so have to fight each other for sustenance. If we do not want to use King of ! France's style of revolutionary execution of our leaders for tre ason, then they better step aside and let us manage our resources for our children and not the Templar of Swiss Bank." -- DETAILS AT http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/owaafrica/forum/topics/true-owners-of-nigeria-and-black-people

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"In many homes today, parents hardly teach their children our culture as they see it as lack of civilization. Even some children find it difficult to speak their mother’s tongue because it is seen as an abominable act in their homes. One thing that some parents fail to realise is that no matter how fluently a child speaks English, his mother tongue is most important because it will help him define himself in time to come. Many persons have given testimonies on how they got employed in their places of work because they were able to speak their dialect fluently and to others, the reverse is the case. Our fore-fathers have laid the foundation for the upcoming Edo indigenes to enjoy, these include: our mode of dressing, language, music and dance, manner of greetings, performing our traditional rites such as marriages, funerals, ugie festivals and so many others. These are the ways our children can learn their culture and practice their tradition. Story telling is another method by which our young ones can know more about their culture and be able to define it in time to come. Knowing the beliefs, customs or way of doing things that has existed for a long time amongst us cannot be neglected for civilization. A child, no matter how young, should be able to speaks his dialect fluently and also be proud of where he hails from. English language is not our mother’s tongue, it belong to the white men. As Nigerians, we have so many languages from different ethnic groups and they have norms and culture guiding them. It is so beautiful and should be embraced by us all. Finally, let us build our culture on a solid rock that cannot be broken and the only way to achieve that is to teach our children their mother’s tongue, telling them the history of our fathers of old, stories and also making them participate in our traditional festivals, and other important events taking place around them. Let’s define ourselves, for ourselves so that we will not be swallowed up by other people’s fantasies. We are Africans let’s be proud of ourselves and embrace our culture." - Details ihuanedo.ning.com/group/healtheducation/forum/topics/need-to-revive-our-indegenious

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

War Is Imminent In Nigeria But God Forbid

By Joe Igbokwe 

January 24, 2012 

I am writing this piece strictly as Joe Igbokwe and I am speaking strictly for myself only. I was born in 1956 in Nnewi, Anambra State. It means that I was 10 years old when the crisis that led to the civil war started in 1966. I saw it all and witnessed the evils of civil war. Women became whores, girls became mothers, lizards became meat, every leaf of any plant became vegetables, one meal a day became a luxury, food without salt became the norm etc.

Civil war does not start overnight. It comes as a result of provocation, humiliation and disgrace of fellow human beings. It comes as a result of arrogance, impunity and selfishness.

Now hear this: An Igboman from Adazi Nnukwu in Anambra State was killed by Boko Haram in Mubi and the kinsmen gathered to plan how to take the corpse home. The same Boko Haram people returned and killed 11 of those that gathered to mourn their loved one. As plans were in top gear to move the bodies to the East, government officials seized the bodies to avoid a reprisal attack. Just imagine what would have happened in Onitsha if the 12 bodies were seen as gifts from the North in any of the motor parks. Now what will you call this? Are they telling Igbo that they have monopoly of violence? Are they telling Igbo that they cannot fight? Are they telling all Igbo men that they are all women? Have they forgotten about the civil war they called POLICE ACTION which lasted for three years? This is provocation and anger is choking me.

I want to appeal to Northern leaders to rise up now to avert a civil war. Every bonafide leader in the North must stand up to save the North from itself. The Northern Nigeria is now a war zone soaked with the blood of hundreds of innocent men and women. The Northern Nigeria is now a disaster zone, a no-go area, the land that devours its inhabitants, Thomas Hobbes’ State of Nature where life is brutish, nasty and short, the land without focus, direction, hope or future, the land of murderers!

I wrote the books: Igbos: 25 Years After Biafra in 1995, Heroes of Democracy in 1999 and jointly wrote 2007: The IBB Option in 2004. They are all war books just to show you that I have seen it all to know that war means destruction of lives and property. It has led to disintegration of nations. Civil War is imminent in Nigeria but God forbid!

Boko Haram is all about politics not religion and there is a limit to this politics of stupidity. When former President Obasanjo came to power it was Sharia politics and today I do not know what has become of it. As soon as Dr Goodluck Jonathan became the President, the Boko Haram madness came on board. My take is that if General Buhari had won the 2011 Presidential elections, Boko Haram would not have surfaced to continue to terrorise Nigerians today. But the truth remains that if Southsouth crude oil has been good for Nigeria for 62 years, their son, President Goodluck Jonathan should be good for Nigeria as well.


•Igbokwe wrote from Lagos

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM


By Larry Eyong.

The most pernicious lie about Africa –that we are nations- has been codified into international law, by those who stand to benefit from propping up our  tottering edifices – the West. (You may disparage this as the blame game only to your own discomfiture). It is incontrovertible historical fact. The loose conglomeration of mutually antagonistic tribes that were artificially grafted together to create a patchwork of 54 African nation-states or countries are the curse of Africa. Our nations are an artificial political construct. (Basil Davidson the most authoritative African scholar who has written more than forty books on the topic calls one of his book-Africa: The Curse of the Nation-state)

We have joined in the hypocrisy of sustaining an egregious lie, that we want to create a national ethic, we are patriotic- the last refuge of the scoundrel- we love our countries, we want to go back and contribute to its development... and all the demagoguery that we spew out to impress unwary listeners. We are lying.  And we know it. We do not love our countries. What is there to love in countries that are the private hunting ground of foreign multinationals, where all the wealth is stolen by colluding bourgeois elite (African and Western) and starched in off-shore banks in the Cayman Islands, Jersey, Guernsey, Hong-Kong, Mauritius, Isles of Mann, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland, London, New York, Paris, Bonn and all the other places where money mandarins hide their money.

What is there to love in a country where our forests are being depleted by foreign lumber companies, where our ancestral lands have been sold to the Germans, then the British or French and finally the Chinese? What is there to love in a country where the president is guarded by Israeli military contractors; receives his treatment abroad, so he does not care about the decrepit hospitals in the country; his kids go to school abroad, so he does not care about the overcrowded classrooms in the country; he is advised by IMF/World Bank “Chicago Boys” so he does not care what the local economists say are national priorities? What is there to love about countries where criminals collude with the police to make life a living hell? What is there to love about countries that have failed to provide the fundamentals that give governments their raison d’être? What is there to love about countries whose governments are run like criminal enterprises, where fundamental liberties are muzzled, where peaceful protesters are mowed down by machine-gun fire with impunity?

On account of skyrocketing unemployment, teenage Africans have resorted to armed robbery in a desperate attempt to earn a living. Most governments have responded by summarily executing them. In an average African city each night, the morgues are filled with youths who have been gunned down for armed robbery. Such deaths could have been avoided if jobs were available.
Our superseding allegiance is to the ethic nation –what Western academia has derogatively termed –tribe. We are clannish and cliquish. We fight together, like the Interahamwe in Rwanda. We denigrate our neighboring ethnic groups and judge them through unfounded stereotypes. The greatest deception is that even our Western educated elite, skew facts and distorts events to impeach aggrieved members of other tribes. Rather than use our education to reveal the truth, we use our erudition to obfuscate facts and pervert the course of justice.

The Mandingos who have been divided into thirteen countries in West Africa owe allegiance more to their kith and kin across the other borders that to those who they perceive as enemies, but are forced consider compatriots. Little wonder the most rampant analogy about the African nation, is the “national cake” for which tribal kinsmen are at their neighbors’ throats to grab a larger piece. It therefore becomes easy to band together with foreigners to outsmart our countrymen who are really our veritable enemies. It is not uncommon for a member of an African government to be out of the loop on strategic issues which his janitor who belongs to the president’s tribe is privy to. 

The story is told of a general in the army of an African country who led a battalion of the national army to act as a buffer between two warring tribes.  Instead of doing his  duty  with detachment and impartiality as a professional, as  expected of him, he joined his tribe in crushing the opposing tribe. In his court martial, he unashamedly declared that he was first and foremost a foot soldier in his tribal army before being a general in the national army. Tribalism and the cult of mediocrity have cursed the nation-state. Meritorious sons and daughters of dispossessed tribes, have voted with their feet and  are providing their services in the West which leverages the talents.

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Hypocrites As Prayer Warriors: How Can God Heal Nigeria

 In Nigeria it is prayer everywhere. The Churches, the Mosques, the Shrines, the forests, mountains, rivers, trees and every available space have been turned to prayer centers and yet the most insensitive governance is hoisted on the nation. Armed robbery, ritual killings, kidnappings, rape and injustice abounds everywhere.
Poverty, sickness, despair, frustration and attendant mediocrity, loss of confidence and resort to negative tendencies are the results of all our prayers. Now we have the newest addition, suicide bombings and reckless waste of human lives.
A lot of people of people have asked the question . Where is God when all these happens everyday? Nigerians pray all manners of prayers- 70 day fasting, 70 day deliverance, 40 day sallat, sallah fast, pilgrimage to Jerusalem, pilgrimage to Mecca and other dedicated sites of worship and yet you cannot entrust an adherent with your spouse for 24 hours. During General Sanni  Abacha military regime, prayer marabous were imported from Mali, Siera-leone and Senegal when their Nigerian counterpart failed to kill NADECO with prayer.   



A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"What did Nigerians really expect from the subsidy strikes? Did they expect that the likes of Ngozi, Sanusi and Madueke will speak for them? I listened to the debates and heard Sanusi claim that the thieves (cabal) of the petroleum industry as it currently exists are so powerful and rich that they can buy anybody. Let anyone convince me that anything will change after adjusting the pump price. Is anyone under the illusion that this cabal will simply fold tent and walk away ingloriously? With the kind of money Sanusi alluded to, I can now say with certainty that all of the Government speakers who favored the subsidy removal have been bought over and over. They are now mere mouthpieces of the cabal, while masquerading as representatives of the people. If Nigeria is truly serious about dealing with the issue, then the root should have been addressed. That root is the ‘cabal’. We can beat around the issue all we want, and nothing will change until we get serious about this reality. So, I was wrong in assuming that Nigerians were ready for a fundamental transformation of our dear country. I ask what will it take? How many more instances of injustice can we stand? How many more people will suffer and die silently? Sadly, I still see the ethnic lines of thought and ideas about the way forward still permeating our polity. My observation is that the bulk of the current leadership against the ruling class has come from the Yoruba tribe. I dare to ask where the other ethnic groups stand on this issue. I can imagine the average Easterner telling himself that he is not ready to sacrifice for Nigeria. Not after that terrible civil war that ravaged the East not too long ago. The East will be glad to see a showdown between the West and the North, but it ain’t gonna happen. Let me remind folks who harbor this line of thought that the events that became the civil war started in Western Nigeria. Easterners at the time laughed as Akintola and Awolowo battled each other for control of the West. Then, it happened, and the war became one of the West joining the North to crush a by-standing East. Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat it.!!" -- Details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/betterlivingofedolitesandnigerians/forum/topics/nigeria-not-yet-ready-for-a-revolution

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