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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"MANY Nigerians outside the country today who found shelter and good education have always refused to come back home while those who managed to come, run back immediately. Why? They say Nigeria is a country without good roads, portable water, regular electricity supply, good education system, employment, fake products, unknown sickness and worse of all, bad leaders, forgetting that the land or country where they are, was built by people who came together as a team. I ask how do they feel if the white talk bad about their fatherland? Maybe they possibly deny their origin at that time. Though Nigeria before and after independence had been lacking a lot in all aspects as in political, economic, educational and social aspect inspite of how we are blessed with all forms of natural resources. But one should know that these problems do not just come but by means of people. Lack of cohesive drive is one problem that is delaying development in the country. We complain but fail to realize that we are the cause. We don’t think of how those western world did theirs and come together as one to develop ours. Greediness, selfishness are criminal acts also killing Nigeria. We always call on government to repair roads, give light, portable water but most minor problems that could be fixed by heads of streets successful men or chairmen of local governments are left undone, because they keep their money to themselves. They refuse to assist the government due to sheer greed. Unwillingness: Many Nigerians have the ability and knowledge to do things but they deliberately refuse. Unwillingness is also delaying development." - details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/why-nigerians-in-diaspora

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"The evil is Africans selling their people into slavery. Until the white men came to some parts of Africa, Africans used to bury life slaves with their so-called dead chiefs. Some Africans, Igbos for example, used to throw twin babies into what they called the evil forest (Mkporo, Ajo Ohia...a white Roman Catholic Sister, Mary Salesie? worked to stop that particular evil). Africans, in my judgment, had heinous social practices that they are ashamed of but instead of looking them in the face and accepting them as mistakes and resolving to change them would rather hide them and pretend that no body sees them. Africans think that they have fooled the world by presenting a seeming good face to the public. Alas, no one is fooled but the pretender. The world sees you as you are, for as you are are manifested in your current behaviors. If you are a thief you would steal.  Since, by and large, they do not like to work hard and would rather white men worked hard and accumulated wealth and they relieved them of it through crooked ways, they resort to such thievery as 419 advance fee scams. No one is deceived but the person who believes that he is deceiving people. In reality, Africans are folk who seem unable to govern themselves despite white liberals telling them that white men made them unable to do so. It is Africans that live in terrible poverty, not whites, not Asians. (We must banish the writings of white liberals from Africans; they baby Africans instead of talking to them like adult men. Steve Biko, my student days' hero, used to rail against white liberals’ role in perpetuating apartheid in South Africa.)" -- Details at  http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/owaafrica/forum/topics/why-do-africa...

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The Rot That Has Become Our Lot The Documentary Pt 1

The Rot That Has Become Our Lot The Documentary Pt 2

Urru Afirika - African Voice
A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

“African women are loosing sense of self-worth.

Their idea of feminine elegance is to wear white female hair styles. Flip through any issue of our week-end newspapers and picture magazines to see how far this disturbing trend of self-hate by our females has gone. No class of black women is exempt: film and sports stars, musicians, students, models, literary gurus, politicians, academics, business executives, civil servants, religious leaders and followers, unemployed or working class spinsters and housewives, are trying desperately to pass for white. They are all pampered as teenage daughters, with charming African hair styles, which they promptly abandon for white female hair styles as soon as they become of age to choose hair styles for themselves. Advertisers of cosmetic products are the architects of the assault on our sense of self-worth, telling our women that light skin and long, shinny, bodiless, straight, white female hair styles, are the ideal for our women. The advertisers hide the truth that light skin colour age faster than dark skin, and that every race has natural hair styles that suit and compliment her. Africans have the greatest variety of elegant, feminine, beautiful, sexy, creative, ennobling, envied, open to further innovations, female hair styles, than all the other tribes of the world put together. Our women have hundreds of matchless teasers from the ancient Nubian, Kanuri, Calabar, Edo queenly varieties, to the modern exquisite resourceful African tribal traffic stoppers. The proper African female hair styles fall in the range of low/full cut, to thick, rich, woolly, curly, alluring, lively, dramatic, healthy, luscious, moist, sheer, knotted, kinky, plaited, jumbled, tangled, crown of part-collected, massed or cascading hair, confirming (like the peacock´s crown for the birds´ kingdom, or the lion´s for the animals´ dominion), our females´ ordained status as the human queens: brave, proud, confident, real, important, dignified, feminine, irresistible.’ // Details at http://naiwuosahon.webs.com/apps/blog/show/1757045-the-nature-of-se...

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

A Society That Imports Her Gods

“The soul of the African is now a battlefield for competing epistemologies; a casino for the rogue gambling of foreign nonsense. And we are paying for it in the blood of our people, massacred at the altars of rogue ideologies, to assuage the tenets of foreign dogmas. We are paying for it in the heritage of cognitive dissonance
and inferiority complex that dog our individual and collective existence. We
are equally paying for it in the destruction of millennium old heritages of our
culture and civilization. We are also paying for it in the proliferation of
various dysfunctional ideologies, arising out of the crosspollination of
various tenets of defunct cultures, which we grant relevance in our lives, and
which has continued to weigh down our march to true independence. We are paying for it in the eternal disharmony between our realities and the foreign ideas we profess as valid, even in a continent where many of them will never gain
relevance due to the toxicity of these species to the local soil. This recurring decimal of violence plaguing the relationship between various imported dogmas all over Africa is testament to the fact that the pantheons of
our ancestors have been demolished. Our gods were forced into exiles. The
deities that sanctioned our consanguinity seemed to have been conquered by the
same forces that conquered our lands. We became estranged from our roots, and
our most intimate acquaintances. Our brothers in this new conceptual scheme
metamorphosed into games for our sport; commodities for our exploitation; and
enemies to be massacred at will, because they fly the banners of a dissimilar,
imported ideology. The Christian-Muslim conflict that paralyzed Jos, Plateau
State a few days ago; and many other such explosions in other parts of Africa,
are simply footnotes in this long history of violence that Africans were
conscripted to inflict on each other, on behalf of foreign doctrines.” - Emmanuel Franklyne Ogbunwezeh }{ Details at .. http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/religiousskeptism/forum/topics/a-soc...

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Urru Afirika - African Voice
A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

Why do Africans Hate Themselves?

The Black man's burden


"Africans are the most confused race on this planet!

They will be anything other than themselves and that is like spitting on the God that created you.

They will speak any language other than their own,

they will wear any hair style other than their own,

they will worship any God other than their own,

they will go to any temple other than their own,

they will wear any clothes other than their own.

They simply hate themselves or were made to hate themselves,any which way they do hate themselves."- 


-- Arch Eri'kigwe Eyutchae


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Akintokunbo Adejumo

NIGERIA: Fuel Subsidy Removal - Fraud, Deception, Corruption or Good-intentioned?

I will be very frank with you; despite the raging debates over the past six months or so, I had not the slightest intention of writing on this contentious and controversial issue of fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria until the Federal Government actually did it on 1st January 2012. One reason I did not want to is because I feel that deregulation of the petroleum sector is something that should happen, if only we have a responsible, accountable government and an efficient and less corrupt system with devoted, selfless, efficient, effective and honest government officials. But nay! Sadly we don’t have any of those.


I am of the opinion that if petrol sells for 65 Naira/litre in Port Harcourt and Bayelsa State, where our oil comes from, why should the price of the same petroleum be N65 in Maiduguri, Sokoto, Yola, Lagos, Ibadan, Jos, Minna, Abeokuta, Abuja, for instance? Aren’t there transportation and labour costs of moving any product from A to B?


Normally, and this is a BIG NORMALLY, removal of fuel subsidy and deregulation in Nigeria would have been a sound and valid economic development. But Nigeria, with our endemic official and non-official corruption, inefficiency, profligacy, mismanagement and undemocratic system, government can hardly be trusted to implement the gains of such removal and deregulation to the benefit of its 150 million people. We cannot trust the thieves in government, business and industry to transmute the gains into feeding us, providing basic infrastructure such as electricity, roads, healthcare, education, jobs, and general well-being expected of an oil-rich nation for its people. The government, at all levels, just cannot be trusted. Already since oil was discovered in huge quantities in our country, the man on the streets of Nigeria has neither seen nor benefited from this unique commonwealth. So how do we know we will, from the gains of oil subsidy removal?



A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"Men do not respect those who beg for mercy; they have contempt for them.  Very few African countries actually fought for their independence. Nigerian nationalists merely called the British names but did not actually take up guns and fought the British. Because they did not fight for their liberty they do not value it; they do not know that the price of liberty is blood hence they allow thieves to hijack their government and essentially loot their wealth while they live in poverty and merely complain about the loot instead of organizing and fighting and killing the thieves of Abuja. I believe that one of the reasons Nigeria is misgoverned is because the people had not fought and died for their freedom; they must now fight and die for their freedom if they are to value liberty and good governance. As Thomas Payne observed (in his book, Common Sense) the tree of liberty is watered with brave patriots’ blood. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance against tyrants (who are always hovering around the corner).You actually see Africans, especially the loathsome Nigerians, who believe that they are taken seriously by the rest of the world. President Olusagun Obasanjo actually applied to be taken into the Security Council of the United Nation! Why? Because he exists and because he exists he is to be taken seriously and accounted a human being. Nobody told the clown the purpose of the Security Council.  Upon the end of the First World War, guided by US President Woodrow Wilson’s sentimentalism, his famous fourteen points for remaking the world, creating democracy and bringing about world peace, the League of Nations was established and all members were given equal votes. Well, in matters of war and peace some countries have more clout than others. In the League’s voting weak countries had the same vote with powerful ones and the powerful ones ignored such votes and nothing was accomplished.  Thus, the League was not able to prevent any wars. At the end of the second world war a more realistic appraisal of human nature led folks to structure the successor to the League with two bodies, one where folks big and small come to make noise, the General Assembly, and another where the big boys with military clout come to decide important matters of war and peace." -- Details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/owaafrica/forum/topics/africans-must...

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A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

"Eko / Lagos by WIKIPEDIA - Without a leader. Founded by the Edop people of Nigeria" - details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/profiles/blogs/eko-lagos-by-wikipedia

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Eko / Lagos by WIKIPEDIA 

Eko Lagos" is a song by Femi Kuti, son of the legendary Fela Kuti. The song is the eighth track from the 2001 album Fight to Win.

Eko is the indigenous name the natives called Lagos before Portuguese colonialists renamed it. This Eko is the focal-point of Femi's dream as he sings in this track. The Eko [Lagos] in his dream is presented as a new dawn in the world. A new dawn where there are no more relentless sufferings of a people. A peaceful world, where people are motivated with ideological dynamics driving them to do great things for their country. A world where there are significant changes in the way people live - where instability and strife are things of the past.

Eko in a new era, without leadership that remains visionless, narrow-minded and corrupt. Femi suddenly woke up and found out that he was living a dream. Lagos, like the rest of the world, is still the same place where there is gross violation of people's inalienable rights, there is corruption and relentless sufferings of the people. He concludes by saying how important it would be to have a world like the Eko [Lagos] of his dream. Eko was established by the Edo people [Benin Empire] The Oba of Benin[King] used Eko as one of his satellite post.

The king takes vacation in Eko[Lagos]or to wage war during the height of their power.The word "Eko" is a Bini word which means "taking it easy". Eko was meant to be a resting place for the King. The Edo installed their rule in Eko. The Kings stopped coming to Eko after a king drowned on his way to the Island. The descendant of the Edo people currently rule most of the current Lagos State of Nigeria. They have mixed with the Yorubas from the southern part of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. The Colonization of Nigeria by the British changed the importance of Eko in Nigeria.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eko_Lagos

A message to all members of OTEDO.COM

Culture of Lack and Ingratitude 

"During slavery and colonization, the African peoples of the world were taught with the aid of the Bible to hate wealth. They were instructed to focus on God for all their provisions and take care of the poor. Since God was a White man “Jesus” on the wall and they had to run away from wealth, it did not take long to realize that they were the poor and that the White man and Europe will take care of them. This led to the culture of total reliance on “god’ and the consumers of European products. Till this day, despite all the natural and human resources in Africa, Caribbean, and Black America, we are still not producing or manufacturing much. Many African countries still do not produce their own electricity or water supply despite all the engineers that they have. Yet, Europe still uses African resources to drive their economy. What then is going on? Peoples of Africa are still suffering from the hatred of wealth and production. They still rely extremely on the heavenly God, White Jesus, and Europe. It is because majority of the masses do not want to produce that they allow visionless leaders to rule them. Those who are wise and bold enough to challenge the spirit of lack and unproductively, are condemned by the doomed majority as greedy, controversial, shady, and are demonized. They are even robbed, killed, and ruined by their own. It is because they do not know how to produce or do not want to produce that they hinder the productive ones. They are happy if their children are doing it because they will benefit directly, but not any one else." -- details at http://ihuanedo.ning.com/group/healtheducation/forum/topics/culture-of-lack-and-ingratitude

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