MOVIES & MUZIC                  I                  WOW - MUST WATCH!               I               ALT DIRECTORY               I                  NEW OPPORTUNITIES

As a former member of the Nation of Islam holding many positions to include Southwest Regional Community Relations Director over 5-states, I gained an insider’s look at quite a few of its many
benefits, accomplishments and inequities. I JOINED THE NATION OF ISLAM IN 1964 during
which time, this article would have gotten me put out and in big trouble. While outsiders leveled
many charges against the NOI (from TEACHING HATE to being the reverse KKK), members
would be called hypocrites and non believers if they question any standing procedures and I too
would be in that number.

In 1977, the then leader of the Nation of Islam, W.D. MUHAMMAD, delivered his 4th Sunday
Conference Call to over 50 Temples. Listening from Temple No. 48 in Dallas, Texas. He basically
told the members that they had all heard his father’s teachings and now it is time to GO OUT AND
DO THE WORKS. I heard, I understood and I went forth to never return to the ranks but to follow the teachings by doing whatever I thought was needed only now...without having to get permission.
This meant that I could still utilize the most valuable teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad to work in the community but now as a free agent.

Please bear with me as I set this up because it is not just about me. My first event outside of the
Organization of the NOI was to establish the TOM JOYNER ROAST & TOAST followed by over 50
other small and large public and private community events from 1977 to 2010. This freedom has
afforded me the opportunity to work with many people from all religions, all races and across the
gammed of other social divisions and not be labeled as a Muslim organizer but simply an organizer.

The Nation Of Islam has been and still is one of the most powerful and most effective organizations
in the history of African Americans within the past 75 years. It has produced some of the most notable icons namely... Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Dr. Naim Akbar, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Ben Ami, Dr. Malicaiah Z. York, Min. Louis Farrakhan and hundreds more. Without the presence of the
NOI, we as a people would probably all be back in physical slavery because there would be no one
to seriously take up the cause of freedom, justice and equality for us ready to give up their life as
the Brothers in the F.O.I. do on a daily bases... not to leave out the Sisters.

Well there is so much good that I'd like to say about the benefits of having been a member of the
NOI for over 11 years, having attended the Million Man March, The Million Women March and the Million Family March during the past 20 years and even now as an observer. The good far out way
anything that anybody could say... ANYBODY!


We as a people have been through several levels of changes from 1555 when the first so-called slave
was brought here to 1930 when the teacher of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad appeared to now 2011. We
have learned soo much about ourselves and our abilities and about our oppressors and their abilities and
capabilities. We have marched and made speeches related to every subject you can think about yet
we have not COME TOGETHER ON ONE SINGLE ITEM that we all agree on and can move forward with NOT EVEN ON KING DAY... WHY IS THIS?

1. We need the Nation concept without the religion of Islam, the religion of Christianity or any other religions name attached to it. Religion divides us and brings about unnecessary dis-a-dam-agreements. We can all be spiritual and keep our old time religion in the closet. We all have the same problems and no one is coming back to save us but us. WE ARE JESUS, MUHAMMAD, MOSES, BUDAH, CHRISTNA ALL PRESENT ALL RETURNED ALL WITHIN US RIGHT NOW. 

2. We need one spokes person who will speak for us as a Nation. This individual can be like our own
President but not that title. He or She would have a (Cabinet) team of experts in 12 different categories. i.e., 12 - Power Teams; http://wacptv.ning.com/group/12grouppowerteams as advisors on

every level of Human Empowerment. In my opinion Min. Louis Farrakhan (although there are many qualified) would make one of the best spokespersons because of his ability and experience to address any and all people correctly on any subject with or without notes. He will not have to apologize or back down on what he say as we see with so many ohter so-called leaders.


3. Our first order of business (after organizing) should be REPARATIONS PAYMENTS from the US Government and the African Governments who had a hand in slavery. Reparations should be in the form of MONETARY TO INDIVIDUALS, MONETARY TO RUN OUR NATION AND LAND IN AFRICA AND AMERICA TO BUILD AND DEVELOPE NEW SETTLEMENTS GOVERNED BY US FOR US.

However, we should not just wait on this to happen. Funds should be raised and utilized immediately.


We salute the Nation Of Islam for its long standing works of making Men out of boys and Women out of girls. We give thanks for the teachings of DO FOR SELF. We praise the discipline and consistency to overcome obstacles put in our way overtime. NOW LET'S INCLUDE THOSE WHO ARE NOT NECESSARYLY INTERESTED IN THE RELIGION OF ISLAM although we know Islam only means PEACE. Words have divided us far too long and it is my suggestion and proposal that we start using A NEW LANGUAGE.... ONE WHICH HAS NOT BEEN TAINTED BY PAST AND PRESENT CONFLICTS.

PS. Just for the record, i have been through multiple religions that i now call universities and do not claim any as being my all inclusive. i take the best from all and call myself an Artist... open to rereceive and make the necessary changes for the better at will.






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Well for me we are all related one way or another. Can we say we are 100% of any culture. I'm not sure if Islam is a religon . But Judisum, Christian and Islam stems from the same place ,believing in a higher power,god,faith.

Big respect my brother for the effort you have put forth and the vision you have shared. Having been a part of the Nation of Islam also there is much that I would agree with in your conclusion except the selection of Minister Farrakhan as the spokesperson. Certainly he has mad skills as an orator however his position as a Muslim and the cloud that hangs over him as "possibly" having something to do with the demise of Malcolm taints his image.

It will take in my opinion someone who does not have any religious ties to lead our people. It will take someone outside all the camps to unify the numerous camps. Otherwise there will be a perceived slant to all their positions. Does such a person exist? That I don't know; everyone seems to have some affiliations at this time. There may be a need to come together and synthesize the best from each group and have a council that represents all factions. 

That is my humble opinion on the matter.

Peace and blessings,

Adisa Franklin

Great well thought out comment my friend. I agree that some one of nutural background would be better if we can find someone with the type of wisdom, knowledge, innerstanding and the gift to gab as Min. Farrakhan. In all of my
67 years, I have not seen or heard of one but I had not heard of Barack Obama either until recently. Someone with the skills of a FARRAKHAN OBAMA and not having ties to any group will be a perfect choice..
Thanks for your comment Sister Barbara. We are in such deep doo doo that religion should not even be brought up except to say we are all ONE PEOPLE UNDER ONE DIVINE CREATOR. Our group prayers should be SILENT AND PERSONAL while our works shoud be LOUD AND COLLECTIVE.

 Bro. Hassan Artiste Raheem. Thank you for your kind and sincere words. Nothing truer has ever been spoken. However as a REAL poor righteous teacher in the Black communities that I have lived in and having experienced ALMOST everything that our people have went through in this country concerning our humanity, mentality and spirituality there is a good, good reason that we do not practice Nationhood as a distinct group of people here. The first, second and third reasons we already know far too well. That is 3 centuries of Chattel Slavery, 1 Century of State Apartheid & Terrorism called  the Jim Crow era and the last 50-60 years of the New plantation Negro era that began during and after MARTIN, MALCOLM and BOBBY SEALE.

 The last one I will speak on. The New Plantation Negro era in which the Black Woman would continue Caucasian culture,teachings and practices through "education and RELIGIOUS Beliefs and the Black Man in America would be presented as the Negro the Beast, Negro the Animal (with a NIGGER mentality) began as a COINTELPRO program that concentrated on our leaderships. That is The Political, Religious and Street-Gang leaders in ALL of Our communities throughout America. We STILL HAVE a LOT of Black American leaders who will put aside the truth of our conditions here in order to be accepted and approved of by the White Man and Woman especially for Positions, Names, Titles, Images, Money and "Standing" in the communty. How wildly successful this program has been for our complete undoing here as we live with White folks in a newer platation era system. The Political, Religious and Street-Gang NEGROES  who are called or de facto appointed as our leaderships ARE TOTALLY DEPENDENT on White folks for being who they are and where they are at today,  EVEN THE MOST TALENTED ONES. We have 50 groups and Organizations, Political, Religious, Street-Gangs, Fraternities and Sororities and look at our big mess. There are of course some successes. That only adds to carrying on the Illusions.

 And this is what MARTIN and MALCOLM told us. We, our leaders and people, cannot be totally dependent on White people and then expect to have any power over our conditions in this country. We wind up supporting the same system that our Ancestors struggled to break out of  because we are not going to bite the hands that feed us at least in the  EYES of Black leadership and our society. And now on a more positive note. The recent Economic and Cultural collapse of White America's leadership and society COULD NOT BE MORE OF A GOD-SEND for us than anything else.

 As History repeats itself WE are in a KANAAN type of situation here in this country right now. For The FALSE Black Leaderships have FALLEN Too.!!! Brothers and Sisters, the most dramatic and dynamic thing that we were stripped of here in America was a Afrocentric or Afroasiatic way of life. Not just our identities, cultures, languages and civilizations  but the most profound element that a people can have. That is TRIBALISM or ETHNICITY. Martin, Malcolm and Bobby knew that this is the basis of what we call American Black Nationalism and a  Self-Recognized Ethnic group or Nation here in the USA. Now, Black Nationalists, Islamics, Militants and the Newer Panthers have hurt the movement by selfishly and ignorantly insisting on Separation instead of focusing on AUTONOMY. For years I have told the street brothers and those in the Moors, NOIs, Churches and others that we do need a Tribal-Ethnic mentality without the divisions caused by Race, Religions, Genders, Wealth, Education and Class.!!!

 This has been a blind, selfish and foolish path for us as a people. However I began a organization with some other Brothers and Sisters that is for a Complete UNITY movemnet for All of us regardless of background or status. We need everyone's skills, talents and abilities now to get us to where we need to be so we can EVOLVE as a Group, TRIBE or ETHNICITY of people for ourselves. This group or Institution is known as Black Federal Nationalists of America or BFNA.

Our main GOAL is Land, Reparations and Autonomy for Black Americans now. We have a Yahoo group site and a Facebook Page that has been recently set up. For all those interested the web address is located at

http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/B-F-N-A/ . We are NOT EXCLUSIVE but Inclusive to all in the community for we need to help others ( as many as we can ) and we need help as well. At this point we have a lot of work to do in Politics, Economics, Industries, Education, The Human and Natural Sciences, Law, Sustainable Communities etc. I would like for you to correspond with me and the other members on this site and any of our other self-determinist groups and people for we all know something that other ones don't know and every individual has talents, skills and abilities that we all need for a group of people.

 We also have no time to argue or berate each other about out mistakes and mishaps for now everyone in every area of our communities knows something about the truth of this matter and our conditions here in this society. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Peace and much love brother.





Peace and Blessing Brother I know your on point We must be serious about Nation building regardless of what faith you call yourself to the enemy your still a nigger and he wants us all eliminated. We must be serious about freedom Justice and Equality and I don't mean going to Master and asking him for freedom. We take it, we must break our people out of the mental chains and be free. It makes me sick to see our people marching because the enemy open school on Martin Luther King Jr day so we get mad and march. What should have happen if they wanted to say something then hold a press conference and say for us school is still close that's our day and you don't tell us what we will do, we will tell you. It's 2011 and we still singing we shall overcome that's crazy. This is a new day brother we must push all the way to victory. What have we gotten from marching to the enemy not a dam thing. We held the atonement march and we got our instructions lets get busy building a Nation for us. I refuse to leave this fight for my children to take on from me at the same point I found it, Hell no!  So count me in 100%. And lets call the people out and get busy while we still have time before it's to late!  

Thank A Million for taking the time to respond and to make clear some very vital points

on this discussion, I joined the Yahoo group and posted this same discussion there.

Dialogging on-line can be a good place to start putting together the needed facts so

that forward movements can be made with a clear picture. Malcolm X El-Hajj Malik

Shabazz was famous for making the statement..."BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY".

Well, now that we have come into the knowledge and arena of perfection, we must

change that to "BY THE BEST MEANS AVAILABLE". If we miss just one dot or

misplace just one letter, the web site you want will not open. We are in the day and

time where we must become exact scientist in our movements and not keep making

the same old mistakes....




We who innerstand what is happening all around us know what time it is.

You my Dear Brother, know what time it is as you stated... "WHAT HAVE


allowed us the ability to afford our own MEDIA to communicate with people

around the world about our important issues but some of us use it to play

"Hellow, how are you games with each other" THE WINDOW OF BEING



Thank you my brother for taking on a monumental task. It is without question that the NOI teachings are single-handedly responsible for creating countless strong Black Men and Women in this hell-hole called Amerikkka. Imagine how spineles, confused and weak we would be today without the prescence of Elijah Muhammed telling us that the Black Race was Gods and the white race, the Devils. Most of us would be totally at the mercy of this system. I am grateful to have read "Message to the Black Man" at an early age. This information guided me in making decisions that kept me from the deadly tentacles of our natural enemies, the caucasian, wicked Devil snakes who has not shed one iota of their filthy ways since there  doomed existence. I am and will always be ready to work and serve my people as long as the goal is Nationbuliding towards Separation. You have my support.

Reparations plus Separation Equals Liberation! 

Thanks Bro. Kwame, you have always been supportive since I first met you and your beautiful family.
This is great thinking. The time is now. There's a lot of windows of opportunities open for those of us that would like to make moves in this direction on a small or large scale. In my opinion, separation -- as we know it -- went out of the window with Civil Rights and Integration to the point of no return; at least in this country. What we're talking about is "pseudo-separation; pseudo-national building: we're have to create something that symbolizes a nation. This is being done by many other groups here in America, such as the Latinos, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italians, Irish and, of course, the Jews.

Unfortunately, we are separated from ourselves: we have the Black Boule, athletes, corporate executives, lawyers, doctors, politicians, entertainers, and others, operating within this actual/real-time nation, and they are happy to be involved, and associated with this nation (white establishment); to the extent that they will fight against those of their own kind to maintain -- and support -- the status quo and unfair structure of this present system.

This calls for the chosen few to take the lead and raise above the norm ( hopefully they won't get murdered or imprisoned), and create an environment that resembles a nation; which can only exist, at this point, within this established nation. While all well intentions by "Black Nationalists" is valid on the surface, it's only a dream if it's not substantiated with our own governing laws, and self reliance. Of course, this has been, and remains one our greatest debates, between the "Negroes" and "Black Nationalists." Still, there are steps that can be accomplished in reality, while the political leaders (both Black & White) of this country are cutting each others throats in their quests to attain power and control.

One of the first things that could be consider is to start purchasing properties that are in forecloser -- while housing prices are low -- in order to create a migration/exodus and established a homestead. This entails designing a plan to move those that are interested in relocating and moving into those homes. Create an industry, and commerce that includes International Import/Export trading. Build and/or redevelop learning centers, health facilities, and businesses in predetermine areas. Invent alternative technologies, and reestablish education systems that focus on our history & present cultural affairs, as well as philosophical and theoretical concepts, and plans, for creating future expansion and evolution.

I know this can be done because of my first-hand observations and investigations of the Koreans when they began their influx into Los Angeles during the mid-1980's. I spoke to many business owners who told me what their plans were, and how they went about executing it. [The Koreans are presently selling second-hand merchandise to Blacks at "Swap Meets" at retail prices; where much of it is made, and imported from Korea. Everyone is playing this game on us, and we go right along with it, while helping to pay for their nice homes, and police protection in their community, amongst other things.]

I'm not certain who is willing and strong enough to step out-of-the box to get the ball rolling, and be an ambassador without religious dogma. But I'm certain that it will only take a determined few to begin the process.

These are a few of my humble opinions. REPARATIONS NOW!

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