MOVIES & MUZIC                  I                  WOW - MUST WATCH!               I               ALT DIRECTORY               I                  NEW OPPORTUNITIES

As a former member of the Nation of Islam holding many positions to include Southwest Regional Community Relations Director over 5-states, I gained an insider’s look at quite a few of its many
benefits, accomplishments and inequities. I JOINED THE NATION OF ISLAM IN 1964 during
which time, this article would have gotten me put out and in big trouble. While outsiders leveled
many charges against the NOI (from TEACHING HATE to being the reverse KKK), members
would be called hypocrites and non believers if they question any standing procedures and I too
would be in that number.

In 1977, the then leader of the Nation of Islam, W.D. MUHAMMAD, delivered his 4th Sunday
Conference Call to over 50 Temples. Listening from Temple No. 48 in Dallas, Texas. He basically
told the members that they had all heard his father’s teachings and now it is time to GO OUT AND
DO THE WORKS. I heard, I understood and I went forth to never return to the ranks but to follow the teachings by doing whatever I thought was needed only now...without having to get permission.
This meant that I could still utilize the most valuable teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad to work in the community but now as a free agent.

Please bear with me as I set this up because it is not just about me. My first event outside of the
Organization of the NOI was to establish the TOM JOYNER ROAST & TOAST followed by over 50
other small and large public and private community events from 1977 to 2010. This freedom has
afforded me the opportunity to work with many people from all religions, all races and across the
gammed of other social divisions and not be labeled as a Muslim organizer but simply an organizer.

The Nation Of Islam has been and still is one of the most powerful and most effective organizations
in the history of African Americans within the past 75 years. It has produced some of the most notable icons namely... Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Dr. Naim Akbar, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Ben Ami, Dr. Malicaiah Z. York, Min. Louis Farrakhan and hundreds more. Without the presence of the
NOI, we as a people would probably all be back in physical slavery because there would be no one
to seriously take up the cause of freedom, justice and equality for us ready to give up their life as
the Brothers in the F.O.I. do on a daily bases... not to leave out the Sisters.

Well there is so much good that I'd like to say about the benefits of having been a member of the
NOI for over 11 years, having attended the Million Man March, The Million Women March and the Million Family March during the past 20 years and even now as an observer. The good far out way
anything that anybody could say... ANYBODY!


We as a people have been through several levels of changes from 1555 when the first so-called slave
was brought here to 1930 when the teacher of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad appeared to now 2011. We
have learned soo much about ourselves and our abilities and about our oppressors and their abilities and
capabilities. We have marched and made speeches related to every subject you can think about yet
we have not COME TOGETHER ON ONE SINGLE ITEM that we all agree on and can move forward with NOT EVEN ON KING DAY... WHY IS THIS?

1. We need the Nation concept without the religion of Islam, the religion of Christianity or any other religions name attached to it. Religion divides us and brings about unnecessary dis-a-dam-agreements. We can all be spiritual and keep our old time religion in the closet. We all have the same problems and no one is coming back to save us but us. WE ARE JESUS, MUHAMMAD, MOSES, BUDAH, CHRISTNA ALL PRESENT ALL RETURNED ALL WITHIN US RIGHT NOW. 

2. We need one spokes person who will speak for us as a Nation. This individual can be like our own
President but not that title. He or She would have a (Cabinet) team of experts in 12 different categories. i.e., 12 - Power Teams; http://wacptv.ning.com/group/12grouppowerteams as advisors on

every level of Human Empowerment. In my opinion Min. Louis Farrakhan (although there are many qualified) would make one of the best spokespersons because of his ability and experience to address any and all people correctly on any subject with or without notes. He will not have to apologize or back down on what he say as we see with so many ohter so-called leaders.


3. Our first order of business (after organizing) should be REPARATIONS PAYMENTS from the US Government and the African Governments who had a hand in slavery. Reparations should be in the form of MONETARY TO INDIVIDUALS, MONETARY TO RUN OUR NATION AND LAND IN AFRICA AND AMERICA TO BUILD AND DEVELOPE NEW SETTLEMENTS GOVERNED BY US FOR US.

However, we should not just wait on this to happen. Funds should be raised and utilized immediately.


We salute the Nation Of Islam for its long standing works of making Men out of boys and Women out of girls. We give thanks for the teachings of DO FOR SELF. We praise the discipline and consistency to overcome obstacles put in our way overtime. NOW LET'S INCLUDE THOSE WHO ARE NOT NECESSARYLY INTERESTED IN THE RELIGION OF ISLAM although we know Islam only means PEACE. Words have divided us far too long and it is my suggestion and proposal that we start using A NEW LANGUAGE.... ONE WHICH HAS NOT BEEN TAINTED BY PAST AND PRESENT CONFLICTS.

PS. Just for the record, i have been through multiple religions that i now call universities and do not claim any as being my all inclusive. i take the best from all and call myself an Artist... open to rereceive and make the necessary changes for the better at will.






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 My Brothers and Sisters, I hate to intrude on your day of solitude and personal connections again but ONE MORE THING. In ALL DUE RESPECT to what Sister Adissa Franklin and Bro. Hassan Artiste Raheem has said about taking Min. Farrakhan's standing into account as a spokesperson for our efforts as it would be divisive to the black community we all in the Black Community here in America ( conscious and the unconscious) have to face our social reality and deal with it OURSELVES this time.!!!

 The facts of our social reality here is that we do not have TIME to produce another set of leaders like we have had with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  Malcolm X. Shabazz, Bobby Seale, Huey Newton and Min. Louis Farrakhan.!!!. We do not have the TIME to spare to produce another  Min. Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, Benjamin Jealous or President Barack Obama.

 WE MUST UTILIZE ALL OF THE LEADERS THAT WE HAVE NOW INCLUDING MIN. LOUIS FARRAKHAN  and MAKE THEM ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR OUR BEST INTEREST HERE AS A GROUP. Min. Louis Farrakhan is no more divisive than the CRIPS and BLOODS are to the Black American community as a whole. I am NOT a Christian or Muslim but I Love The Man ( Min. Farrakhan) and his works even though I am a little sore about Malcolm and Martin too. GET OVER IT.!!!



 Brothers and Sisters we have to MAKE Our leaderships COME together now. DEMAND IT.!!!. WE HAVE TO HOLD THEIR FEETS TO OUR FIRE NOW.!!!  In my humble and SINCERE opinion we must present what we are doing to Min. Farrakhan ( I AM SURE THAT HE WOULDN'T MIND)  and Revss. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, Benjamin Jealous and ALL of The NOI's, Moors, Yorubas, Baptists, Muslims, Hebrews, 5% Percenters, Nuwaubians, Crips, Bloods, Gangster Disciples, UNIA-ACL, NAACP, SCLC's, Greeks, Masons and the whole black family here.!!!

 This means our older established Civil Rights/Black Nationalists leaderships and groups and the newer younger generations of them too.!!!

 STOP letting THEM and US GET AWAY WITH THIS DIVISION THING. Without them there would be no us and without us there would be no them where we are at today whether in the Mosque, Church, Schools, Corporations, Businesses or the Streets.!!!


 Now don't get me wrong. I am not trying to pick a argument with Sister Adissa, Bro. Raheem or any other members here. I would never do that. However let us keep in mind that the Black Community in America Today knows a whole lot more about the NOI, NAACP , SCLC and the National Urban Leagues than we may be giving our people credit for.

 Bro. Raheem and the members here have THE RIGHT IDEA AND SOLUTION for all of our promblems in this country and our conditions here and You Know It.!!!


 Let us not cripple it ourselves and/or prejudge the actions and responses of our people here beforehand. That is all that I am saying. DEMAND UNITY NOW.!!!

 Forgive me for the caps (I am not yelling) but I humbly request the leaders that I am talking to on this board to consider our focus here as compared to our dilemma in the USA in this new millenium period and era that we all have just entered.

 Again I apologize if I have disappointed anyone on this board by my response to our promblem of divisions.

 May Our GOD and the Righteous Ancestors keep you all and all of the time. . Sincerely.



" Let us not cripple it ourselves and/or prejudge the actions and responses of our people here beforehand. That is all that I am saying. DEMAND UNITY NOW.!!!"


Greetings again my dear Bro. Marion. Thanks for not bitting your tongue on this issue which is so vital to us with so little time. I'm sure that i speak as well for the rest of the discussion group that what you had and have to say is just as important and timely as anyone of us. Every good thought is a thought in the right direction especially when put in BLACK & WHITE for all to see. We never know who all is seeing our thoughts and certainly (since this is the world wide web) we are mindful of that fact. If we judged people on merits other than what that outstanding quality is, we may not be able to qualify anyone for any position. This is done by a process bigger than the few of us but at least we have made a SPOKEN WORD START. Thanks for your comments anytime and as many times as you feel necessary to ascert your points...

As we are in the MONTH of Feburary dedicated to BLACK HISTORY, stay tuned and participate in the various discussions as we Get ONTRACK and Stay ONTRACK.

Beloved Mighty warrior Hassan the Artist.


Thank you for sharing this profound honest missive with us.


MW Hassan wrote:  We need one spokes person who will speak for us as a Nation.


For so long we have had many males come before us to speak to us and for us in the religious setting. We must know that the woman when in her Divine right mind-set can also be that One person as well. After all it was the Black Afrikan woman that was the first Divine teacher.


'Once in every generation a person rises up above the crowd to reveal the truth of our age. This person also shows us who we really are and the way out of crisis. At this moment, in this time in the USA, that person is Garveyitte, Honorable Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala, absent of Religions, a hierophant Spiritualist (one who interprets sacred mysteries). One who is One with the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors. One who is One with the Divine ethereal essence Divine Intelligent Energy that revealed/created us, that is not a 'human being. One who is One with Channeling/Remote Viewing. One whose Divine Loving for our people is perpetual. One who’s Loving for Beloved Afrika is also perpetual. One who teaches us how to return back to our once Original mind-set. One who knows what all happened to us, why what happened to us, who all did what to us, and how we are to get out of hells we are in.

The whole purpose of a Divine teacher/leader (both gender) is to teach/redirect the people conscious how to reconnect back to the Divine Intelligent Energy (the Divine) that revealed and created us, so that the people will know the Divine Knowing for self and save self.  A Divine teacher/leader teaches the people who they once were originally in the beginning on/in earth. Not knowing, not believing, not Knowing our True Divine Original beginning, we will not know how to finish the Divine race towards our Divine success, and that is one of our people major problems, and that is we are disconnected from the Divine Intelligent Energy Source the Divine. A people who are disconnected from their roots are Spiritually dead.

If we are serious about seriousness, then we should seek the Honorable Divine Sages, Seers, Visionaries, who Know, not believe, Know the Divine way we need to think and do.

The oppressors are fully aware of Hon. Chief Osiris Akkebala being that One person in the USA/All of Afrika who can uplift, elevate, escalate our people minds back to their once Original mind-set, and yet many do not know this to be true.


What I found is that we use to be able to  interprets sacred mysteries, One who was One with the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors, One who was One with the Divine Ethereal Essence Divine Intelligent Energy that revealed/created us, that is not a 'human being. One who was One with Channeling/Remote Viewing. We have lost that connection, and when we have one, two, three in our midst who can direct us consciously back to all that, we ignore them, and the oppressors laughs at us, because we deny, rebuke, rebel against the Divine Ones that are tireless and fearless sharing with us the Divine Solutions to our people problems, which the evil concepts and ideas have prevented most of our people from recognizing the true Divine teachers/leaders who do not need notes and evil men concepts and idea reference material when they speak. They are channeling from the Divine Intelligent Energy that revealed/created us. Divine teachers/leaders who share with us Divine Intelligent Information that is intangible can’t be Google Search, found in dictionaries, libraries, bibles and the likes of, Divine intelligent information that is our Divine Savior.


Intangible Divine Intelligent Information comes from meditation (intuitively)THAT CENTERNESS/CENTER (WITHIN) WHERE IT IS REAL AND WE LEARN WHAT IS WHAT AND WHAT IS NOT, (MEDITATION), that which most of our people no longer do/do, NEED to do  in order to Divinely See (within) the Divine Intelligent Information, and the Divine Leaders and guides within.


It is the intangible Divine Intelligent information (within) that will lead and guide us all out of the hells we are in, hell being the profane flesh only, human being only duality to our being.  The Divine Harvest is in the MIND, the (Trinity) Subconscious, Conscious, Super Conscious, those mental servants that is waiting to serve us when we are ready to mentally (Work), that four letter word the majority of our people hate with a passion.


There is no way we will be free critical thinkers, lien holders of our own conscious, non conformist to evil concepts and ideas, until we become Divine free Critical Thinkers. When that happens we do not need profane teachings/leaders, because we will be able to freely think for self. We do need Divine teachers/Leaders to redirect us.


We are where we are because we are not free Critical Thinkers. Free Critical thinkers knows, not believe, knows how to get into and out of whatever they need to get into and out of.


Absent of all religions, we are Free Agents. Free to be. Free to see beyond all  controlling and manipulative religons.





What did Morpheus say:

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."



We continue to use our Divine Birth right Free Critical thinking minds or keep using the evil oppressors profane mind-set implanted in us.

you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."


The rabbit holes  are the trinity, Subconscious, Conscious, and Super Conscious, where all Information flows.


It is a form of self hate and fear if we do not explore the "rabbit holes" within.

Bro. Hassan:

Excellent proposal! ...One that should be considered and acted on not only by the NOI, But, by all Afrikan people throughout the diaspora. It's good to know there are rational and spiritual minds who are still amongst us to offer wisdom and guidance.


PS .. Thank you for raising the "Reverse Racism" issue.  After proposing questions to organizations like the "Southern Poverty Law Center", who in my opinion are wolves in sheep's clothing, our black progressives need to be very cautious about who they align themselves with.


The above link goes to a very interesting discussion on LIVINGINBLACK.NING.COM.
In case you are not signed up, here is the videos that have sparked heated debate: AND HERE IS WHAT THE ADMINISTRATOR SAID:

Comment by Keidi Awadu 19 hours ago Let me be the dissenter here. Nothing new is being said. I didn't hear any real solutions brought forward. Too much hyperbole and not enough practical organizing of already-available resources. While I appreciate the posting and the intention of our Brother for sharing this, I still think that we have advanced beyond this dialog which is about a negative orientation toward our social orientation.

I say our number one problem is mismanagement of resources which results in an inculturation of victimhood.

This address on the celebration of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad's
Birthday October 2011 is a game changing message for the group
called The Nation Of Islam. Most have not heard anyone spaeaking
like Wali Bahar spoke which leads us further into the naked truth.

Greetings Bro. Hassan, I give thanks for your commentary. You stated the Truth in that we need Unity, life without 'denominations' which hints of 'division'. I too have been introduced into several religions and discovered that they have a common objective and that is through its' 'unadulterated' teachings, to develop 'right character'. With this character traits we also develop good relations with our brothers and sisters, good dialogue and no wars and strife. We must have Peace and Happiness within ourselves before we can be at peace and happy with each other, remembering that no one holds a monopoly on the truth!



Thanks again Dr. Otim for your response to this vital discussion.
Seems they are standing in the way of our uniting as one.

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