MOVIES & MUZIC                  I                  WOW - MUST WATCH!               I               ALT DIRECTORY               I                  NEW OPPORTUNITIES

As a former member of the Nation of Islam holding many positions to include Southwest Regional Community Relations Director over 5-states, I gained an insider’s look at quite a few of its many
benefits, accomplishments and inequities. I JOINED THE NATION OF ISLAM IN 1964 during
which time, this article would have gotten me put out and in big trouble. While outsiders leveled
many charges against the NOI (from TEACHING HATE to being the reverse KKK), members
would be called hypocrites and non believers if they question any standing procedures and I too
would be in that number.

In 1977, the then leader of the Nation of Islam, W.D. MUHAMMAD, delivered his 4th Sunday
Conference Call to over 50 Temples. Listening from Temple No. 48 in Dallas, Texas. He basically
told the members that they had all heard his father’s teachings and now it is time to GO OUT AND
DO THE WORKS. I heard, I understood and I went forth to never return to the ranks but to follow the teachings by doing whatever I thought was needed only now...without having to get permission.
This meant that I could still utilize the most valuable teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah
Muhammad to work in the community but now as a free agent.

Please bear with me as I set this up because it is not just about me. My first event outside of the
Organization of the NOI was to establish the TOM JOYNER ROAST & TOAST followed by over 50
other small and large public and private community events from 1977 to 2010. This freedom has
afforded me the opportunity to work with many people from all religions, all races and across the
gammed of other social divisions and not be labeled as a Muslim organizer but simply an organizer.

The Nation Of Islam has been and still is one of the most powerful and most effective organizations
in the history of African Americans within the past 75 years. It has produced some of the most notable icons namely... Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Dr. Naim Akbar, Yahweh Ben Yahweh, Ben Ami, Dr. Malicaiah Z. York, Min. Louis Farrakhan and hundreds more. Without the presence of the
NOI, we as a people would probably all be back in physical slavery because there would be no one
to seriously take up the cause of freedom, justice and equality for us ready to give up their life as
the Brothers in the F.O.I. do on a daily bases... not to leave out the Sisters.

Well there is so much good that I'd like to say about the benefits of having been a member of the
NOI for over 11 years, having attended the Million Man March, The Million Women March and the Million Family March during the past 20 years and even now as an observer. The good far out way
anything that anybody could say... ANYBODY!


We as a people have been through several levels of changes from 1555 when the first so-called slave
was brought here to 1930 when the teacher of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad appeared to now 2011. We
have learned soo much about ourselves and our abilities and about our oppressors and their abilities and
capabilities. We have marched and made speeches related to every subject you can think about yet
we have not COME TOGETHER ON ONE SINGLE ITEM that we all agree on and can move forward with NOT EVEN ON KING DAY... WHY IS THIS?

1. We need the Nation concept without the religion of Islam, the religion of Christianity or any other religions name attached to it. Religion divides us and brings about unnecessary dis-a-dam-agreements. We can all be spiritual and keep our old time religion in the closet. We all have the same problems and no one is coming back to save us but us. WE ARE JESUS, MUHAMMAD, MOSES, BUDAH, CHRISTNA ALL PRESENT ALL RETURNED ALL WITHIN US RIGHT NOW. 

2. We need one spokes person who will speak for us as a Nation. This individual can be like our own
President but not that title. He or She would have a (Cabinet) team of experts in 12 different categories. i.e., 12 - Power Teams; http://wacptv.ning.com/group/12grouppowerteams as advisors on

every level of Human Empowerment. In my opinion Min. Louis Farrakhan (although there are many qualified) would make one of the best spokespersons because of his ability and experience to address any and all people correctly on any subject with or without notes. He will not have to apologize or back down on what he say as we see with so many ohter so-called leaders.


3. Our first order of business (after organizing) should be REPARATIONS PAYMENTS from the US Government and the African Governments who had a hand in slavery. Reparations should be in the form of MONETARY TO INDIVIDUALS, MONETARY TO RUN OUR NATION AND LAND IN AFRICA AND AMERICA TO BUILD AND DEVELOPE NEW SETTLEMENTS GOVERNED BY US FOR US.

However, we should not just wait on this to happen. Funds should be raised and utilized immediately.


We salute the Nation Of Islam for its long standing works of making Men out of boys and Women out of girls. We give thanks for the teachings of DO FOR SELF. We praise the discipline and consistency to overcome obstacles put in our way overtime. NOW LET'S INCLUDE THOSE WHO ARE NOT NECESSARYLY INTERESTED IN THE RELIGION OF ISLAM although we know Islam only means PEACE. Words have divided us far too long and it is my suggestion and proposal that we start using A NEW LANGUAGE.... ONE WHICH HAS NOT BEEN TAINTED BY PAST AND PRESENT CONFLICTS.

PS. Just for the record, i have been through multiple religions that i now call universities and do not claim any as being my all inclusive. i take the best from all and call myself an Artist... open to rereceive and make the necessary changes for the better at will.






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'There's a lot of windows of opportunities open for those of us that would like to make moves in this direction on a small or large scale. In my opinion, separation -- as we know it -- went out of the window with Civil Rights and Integration to the point of no return; at least in this country."

Thanks again JC for your indepth thoughts about this discussion of Nation Building. As you have probably noticed, WACPtv has not put a BLACKS ONLY tag on it like some of the other Communities. We accept conversation, MEMBERSHIP, communications and assistance from whomever is interested while still dealing with issues pertaining to Black or African American. In order to solve problems and move to the next level, we must utilize the best from whom ever has it to offer in sincerety. A particular skin color alone does not denote the enemy... character does.

The MOVIE concept has great appeal because you can show what you want people to conceive and consider. The actors can be portrayed by the people who are actually in the senerios while the producing staff can be the best of any racial makeup. As script writers and directors, we have the final say. It is also much easier to get actors to do and say than to get the so-called leaders to do and say. THE MOVIE AS A PROTOTYPE FOR REALITY IS THE WAY TO GO!

Power Sister Adisa, Mr. J.C. Calloway and Bro. Hassan. Many thanks to you and ALL of the other members of this group site for giving a workable, inspirational plan. My own thoughts and those of the BFNA are in line with what you all have said. The facts of the matter is that we need to establish local chapters in the cities and states who have their own heads ( chairmen or chairwomen ) but all pledged to work together to really help one another and selected communities to begin with. As The Original BPP for Self-Defense and Democracy taught us a division of powers and labors in such a national entity as we are talking about is a must so that our strong men and women can have the space to do our thing and still work with each and fully support each other's works, ideals and visions 100% and then some.! 

 Now we must be upfront about our laborers whom are ourselves too. Brothers and Sisters WE HAVE Martin's,Malcolms, Obamas and Corettas, Bettys and Michelles RIGHT HERE. In our national crisis our middle, upper and lower class peoples will LISTEN to any of us now. It does not matter which one of us is talking it is the message, the truths and covering all the real issues that are important. Remember the Plantation Political, Religious and Street-Gang Negro leaderships have FALLEN too right along with their masters. Be Prepared for some of The TOM's/TOMMASINA's to join or affiliate with our movement as time goes along. Some to really ATONE for their mistakes and others to save their own skins with our people.!

 We must also take into account that networking and FUNDINGS now will come for us from several quarters in and outside of the community especially as we gel our people into a critical mass. There will be oppositions of course but the failure of an entire cultural class here-Politicians, Academics, Economists, Sociologists, Religionists, Industrialists, Police Forces, Street-Gangs and the likes-have made our JOBS much more easier now than ever, ever before.

 We must benefit from the failures of false leaderships and a blind, confused and uncertain black American society now to press on to the finish line. The last 10 yards so to speak. In our upcoming conversations and discussion we can focus on where to start the first chapter (s) at in Atlanta and elsewhere. As stated on our Facebook website of which I am still working on BFNA IS NOT focused on a single individual, group or organization in our communities but a Inclusive, Regional and National Movement for all Black Americans from every background and reality in this country. No time now for off-brand charismas, personal egos or single group affiliations when we are all in the heat or the frying pan so to speak, and really, this time.!

 Until our next meeting May God and the Ancestors keep you all.




Thanks again for doing what we msut continue to do and that is to share our knowledge and opinions with each other in a manner to cause us to THINK AND GROW RICH. Rich in all aspects of our Collective Organizational Building. They say talk is cheap but in the beginning was and will always


Peace and Blessing Queen

Yes Islam is a religion. Now we as a people need to build our own Nation or we will continue to suffer as a people and get nowhere in America. It took the Mormon's 3 yrs to have a functioning government 53years for total set up! it's very possible to do let's get busy Now

What's OUR next step my Brother?

Tavis Smiley has brought some of the top so-called Black leaders together on a panel on several occasions. They all talked very good and all said just the right things but nothing has come from that. We have the great minds, THE GREAT TALKERS and the great organizations but non working on one single common goal.

"What's OUR next step my Brother?"



Let those of us who have these film making skills, come together and make the movie say and do as a prototype of what need to be done. Just maybe enough people will see it and start to get the real picture. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WE CAN DO WITHOUT GOING THROUGH SO MANY PEOPLE WHO ARE SATISFIED WITH THEIR DIVISIONS. Movies (positive and negative) have a history of helping to influence the minds of the multitude in a very short period of time.

It is always a pleasure to be discussing  issues such as realistic and practical means to solve the problems that plague my people; black people, here in the make-believe society manufactured by devils. "Power" is an ambiguous term we use to differentiate those we perceive as strong (physically or mentally) against those we perceive as weak. Society is conditioned to believe certain groups and individuals have "power". Blacks, due to the fact that we do not have direct access to those resources that are the basis of power and control, have a bad case of admiration for white materialism.

I am not impressed by Asians, Hispanics, nor Arabs and their quest to imitate their colonizers. In many ways, I look upon many of them with pity. The so-called strides they make in this country is part of the devils plan to continuously make black folks feel worthless; like they cannot accomplish anything without being dependent on white society.

If we can form our own semi-nation here in this madness, it would be only tantamount to a reservation. We shouldn't settle for this. We have attempted, at various points in the past, to do for self here. Each has been met with assault and destruction. Black Wall Street, case in point.


The road and task for liberation is not that difficult. It ultimately comes down to control of the means of communications. We do not know how many Blacks are fed up with living under whitey and would love to live in a nation we can call our own. I know just about all of my friends would. We have to first eliminate our fear of and challenge the european and demand separate,autonomous, sovereign states.  If we are not brave enough to do this in mass numbers, everything else will be futile.

Nationbuilding will not be easy, but the fruits of the hard work will reap infinite benefits. Education helps to speed the process along. As long as we think whites won't "give" us this or that, we've already lost the battle.


We cannot afford to pretend we are a part of the Amerikkkan fabric when we know our role has always been to entertain and toil for these swine. Everything we do should be geared towards complete and total separation from the devils grip. I cannot see we can respect ourselves or expect respect from others if we do less.

Reparations and Separation equals Liberation. 

"The road and task for liberation is not that difficult. It ultimately comes down to control of the means of communications."

Thanks again my dear brother Kwame. Your analysis is clear and to the point. The greatest part is when you mentioned OUR OWN COMMUNICATIONS OR MEDIA. We must utilize what we have access to now while it is affordable and accessable to the masses... the internet and the movie industry. Most of us take this for granted and we use it to play on but it is a window of opportunity not limited to Facebook shout outs.

 Greetings again Sisters and Brothers. In answer to the question HOW do we do what we know that needs to be done???

 Good, good question. I will propose an answer. Bro. Raheem thanked all of the members for our words. That is it. OUR WORDS. You know the stories of our Shamanist ( Vodou-Animists) Ancestors always begins with the words. The same is true of the faiths and teachings of our Islamic, Judaic and Christian Ancestors. They all begin with the words. You know our leaders from Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and

Before a law becomes law, WORDS must first be drafted and presented to others for their consideration. WORDS make books. WORDS make movies. WORDS make up all conversations. WORDS make us feel good, bad or indifferent. SO YES YOU ARE SOO VERY RIGHT... IN THE BEGINNING WAS AND STILL IS THE WORD or WORDS.


 Sorry Brother. I had to stop for a moment without finishing. I edited the post as soon as I could and I hope the finished product was saved. Thank You for your commitments too.


 In answer to the question HOW do we do what we know that needs to be done??? Continued from above:

Martin Delaney, Frederick Douglass, Benjamin Banneker, Toussaint Louverture, Ida. B. Wells, Madame C.J. Walker, WEB Dubois, Mary Bethune Cookman, Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Martin-Coretta King, Malcolm-Betty Shabazz, Barack-Michelle Obama and many others all began our human rights and social movements with WORDS.  In fact the Political/Social Scientists of all of our Ancestors cultures and civilizations began with their words be they a Hapshesut, Moses, Ramses or Queen Zghinga. This brings me to my next topic. In order to make words we all know that we must have a head and a mouth. This means that essentially any group or people must have a political organ. In social terms a political organ is to a people what the head is to the body.  We have the communications center right here at WACPtv as a center that can host, display and interact with any of our peoples groups be they schools, newspapers, fraternities, sororitites, street-gangs, chuches, mosques, businesses, banks and corporations in our communities or those that serve our interests at least.

 Therefore my suggestion is that we start a political organ of some sort be it a local party, intergovernmental delegation (IGD) or PAC. I know that we have some already but one that focuses on our issues as the members here have put forth would be wonderful if not downright outstanding. With the power vacuum that has been left in the Black Community by the fall of the old civil rights/black nationalists and the failures of our modern representatives someone has to fill the void.  I believe that we can effectively cover all of our black organizations and general society as well as gain the new ground that we all want and need so badly here.

 The use of the Big 3 -  Politics, Economics and Communications is our trinity so to speak. Bro. Warren Green of Morehouse College said that we need something to unify all of our groups who have the same goals in mind and he used the word ASPAN's. A term that means Afrocentric, Self-Determinist, Pan-Afrikan, Nationalists to represent our various factions and schools of thought.

  I humbly and sincerely invite all other suggestions,  opinions and criticisms of this idea from all of the concerned members on our group site here.

 May the Ancestors and Our God keep all of you until our next meeting.



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