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It Is The Direction In Our Movement, That Will Determine The Fate Of The Black World !!!

It Is The Direction In Our Movement, That Will Determine The Fate Of The Black World !!!

Chief Elder Osiris

If you are a believer today, then you have no Divine knowledge about your Divine Ancestors past way of living, and it is your past that you ignore with disgusting ignorance, and it is your present way of living that verify your mental weakness, Black Woman and Man.

We Must again, Become A Thinking Independent Black Race, our check and balance in reference to verifying what is True and Real, Is The Universe, regardless of what your scientific discipline is !!!

It Is Not How Far And Fast We Can Travel Forward, Considered To Be Progressive Movement, But How Far And Fast We Can Move Backward, Is Where Our / Black People Divine Salvation Reside !!!

Waiting on tomorrow will have you always looking and waiting on the unknown to usurp your living opportunity, which is a direction Lucifer label to be the Future, a Time that will never come to you, as you wait on something that is not, which is the Future / tomorrow, the future / tomorrow is inclusive in the past and present, Black People.

I know, that is not what Lucifer the Human Being, our oppressors tell us about Living movement  and the direction you should move in, if you "want" to have a better than now opportunity to experience what Freedom, Justice and independence feel like to be enjoyed.

So, based upon what the White Racist teach you about which direction your mind should be taking our body and spirit, while in the act of living, the devil have you always concentrating on.

Black people do not use our present window of Time wisely, as we put all of our living action into what we "want" tomorrow to be to us, as if tomorrow is already planned, which Lucifer label to be the future, 

Lucifer the Human Being have you to believe that you are not to put  energy on knowing your past living experiences, which is where the Divine Truth and Reality of your past living reside, and the saying is, you learn from your past, not your future, and it is the past that teach you how and what to live for , not in the future, which is an illusion, but in the present, which is today, which never change, just the events that happen in your today's, and how you interact with those events which sometime you cause by the spirit your mind have you to display, which with life, living is your reality and the quality of your way of living is depended upon the choices you make that affect the quality of the way you live right now, today.

Black people know not how to interpret our Past, which is in various and different dispensation of window of Time, and Black people place all of the "want" we have, in tomorrow, as if tomorrow has a plan of how you will live your life, with you having no responsibility to think about your living condition today, the day you are sure of, and make choices in, regarding how you will live and in what quality of condition you will live life.

I beseech you Black Afrikan people to give no thought on tomorrow, but place your thoughts on your past, so that you can see Divinely clearly what your obligation is to your self, concerning how you are to live today, for it is today and yesterday you can be sure of, but not tomorrow, which never come, it is always today you will and should live in and concentrate on, regarding how you will live your life, Black people.

Beloved Black People, what I am sharing with you today, may have you believing that it has no redeeming value to you, because, it is information that is not from our oppressors, they who lie to you, telling you which condition you to believe in, and that the value to living is in front of you, and I am informing you that your Divine way of living is behind you, so the redeeming qualities to Black people way of living, is not in a future way of living, but is in the Divine way of us living, which is behind us Black people.

Past and Future is directly oppose to space, Time, continuum, one verify reality to the present, and the future  has no effect on the past, but does determine the spirit you will display in the present, a spirit that now have Afrika to be as it is today, and have Black people placing all of our value on Tomorrow, while ignoring our Divine past that verify the reality of today and not tomorrow, a time and place that is embedded if fantasy, which mean, that Black Afrikan people choose to believe in fantasy instead of live in the reality of today, which verify our past yesterdays, a reality we should know about, so to live our life today, based upon reality and not futuristic fantasy.

Our Divine Living Movement must be in backward motion and not in forward motion, which never is.

The relationship of the Stars and Planets are never in a direction of forward motion, they never leave their orbit direction, which is in a movement of coming and returning, in a cyclical motion, and not forward motion, the planets past, in relationship to the Sun, is its present point of movement, which, bring it back to its past point of movement, a directional movement that is based upon past and present, on becoming and being, on past and present, present and past, never  forward in motion, which is an illusion, all movement is oval cyclical, meaning where you started from in motion, you will return at that point of and in time.

So, our present movement should be backward regarding Time, and not forward, which is only an illusion regarding the movement in time, past and present is time reality, and our Divine cosmic Black First Way Ancestors was / is in the know of such Divine Reality.

In order for Afrika to be as it should be, it must become as it was, and the same principle of knowing, concerning Time, must be the living principle of the Black Afrian Race.

Because, Black Woman and Man, today, we been made to believe in a future regarding Time, which never was, and never is to be.

Let You who Have a Mind Enough To Think, Know What Has Been Shared With You Black People Today.


Chief Elder

Written@7 / 14 / 2017

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