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It Is Not About What You Believe About Me, It Is What You Do Not Know About Your Black Self, That Concern Me !!!

It Is Not About What You Believe About Me, It Is What You Do Not Know About Your Black Self, That Concern Me !!!

Chief Elder Osiris

I share with Black Afrikian People all that is given to me by our Divine Black First Way Ancestors to share with Black Afrikan people, and if you carry the quality of Mind Nature Designed you with, then you should know my seriousness is of no match with the failing Black Afrikan believing mind, the quality of mind that parade around you making claim to be your leaders, and you contradict them not, which make you to be a party to the creation of your own ignorance concerning your lack of knowledge about what God the Divine Essence is, and who in the hell are you black people, which you know nothing about, other than what the king of lying and deception tell you to believe about your Black self, and such lying information have you hating your Black self.

So, am I to be concerned about a mind that operate under the control of those who oppress and deceive Black people believe about me, when I know that you know nothing about your Black self ???

Hell No !, if I allow what Black so call leadership believe about me, affect me, it will show that I am not in the know of what the Divine Essence, God Is, and why Black Afrikans are in the Mental and physical condition that we are today.

A believing mind has not the power to affect a Divine Mind adversely, one is of Lucifer the Human Being making, and the other is of Nature Design, and it is nature that serve as the Divine Essence prime attribute, a force of power that reveal the evidence of the Divine Essence of everything, which is the spatial eternal infinite Dark Energy Intelligence, over its magnetic waves flow information concerning all that you need to know about the Divine Truth and Reality, which serve as the Divine internal organs of the Divine Essence, God of everything that move and appear not to move, it being God of Life and God of Death, One action have you to come forth in the present while the other action have you going back into the past, all of which is a member of Divine Everlasting Existence, such be the essence of God presence, in infinite Divine intelligence.

You the Black Afrikans have been made to be so opinionated to the extent that you know nothing about that which you need to know, which is your self, so, how can someone who know nothing about your self, has an effect on someone who know it self, such is not compatible with Divine reasoning, which is required to be in use when getting to know about any and everything that move and appear not to move, such an undertaking require the activity of a Divine Mind in action of seeing what need to be known about, while living in the present by having pass through the past state of living.

You have no credibility in judging me, when you have not the mind to judge those who portray themselves as your leaders but have not the Divine Mind to qualify them to be so, as you refuse to judge that which prove to be your enemy by the lies your leaders tell you to believe about God and the process of living, and based upon our living condition today, your so call leaders do not have the ability of Mind to know what is Divinely True and Real , information needed to rescue and elevate the mind of Black Afrikans to a Liberating level of knowing, and not believing.

I share with you a gourmet of Divine information, while your profane Black leaders give to you left over crumbs of information that has fallen from the table of lies and deception, crumbs fallen from the plate of your lying and deceiving oppressors, they who instruct your so call Black leaders to serve only to your Black behind information that will keep you ignorant to the Divine Truth acceptance, which have you despising all that I divinely share with Black Afrikan people, which is not grounded in belief but require for you to know about the Truth of information that require for you to Think about and not believe about. the reason all that has happen to you Black people.

Today, Freedom is not a desired goal of Black Afrikan people, and for it not to be so, contradict the organic nature of the original Black Divine Being, and when freedom is not the main staple to living, you set your self up to be somebody slave, and slavery is not a natural order to living life, and anybody who claim to be a leader to Black people, and is not teaching the fundamentals to being free, then there go your enemy, Black people.

When living in a state of confinement against your will, and have been made to live in a state of oppression, and all you are being told, is to believe in a God that has his own appointed time to come and free you, and you must learn to suffer until he come to free your Black behind, and it be your Black leaders who are fanning the flame of such lying deception, and you choose to despise me, the one who share the Divine Truth with you, and such a spirit you show toward me is suppose to have an effect upon me?

No, No, beloved Black people, I am well insulated from such deceiving sacrifice  by you, and  It Is Not About What You Believe About Me, It Is What You Do Not Know About Your Black Self, That Concern Me !!!

Organize  Black People, And Choose Your Leaders carefully, if Freedom is your desire today.


Chief Elder

Written @ 7 / 16 / 2017

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