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The purpose of this FORUM is to make every attempt to bring the Black Afrikan females back to a Divine way of Dressing and thinking.


The majority of the Black Afrikan females are clueless as to what was her Divine Original Way of Thinking and dressing.


Please do not get me wrong, I too, back in the day participated in the dress we see on this Forum. I was never really comfortable in doing so, because I really felt naked in my short lived Sexy dressing. I felt something was missing, and later I found that which was missing was my original Divine right mind-set. That Original mind-set that revealed to me to Divinely Dress Right Dress, inside and outside, because everything is MIND and what is in the MIND is revealed in our conduct, behavior and actions.


I/We the Black Afrikan females wasn't born in a profane environment originally. We were born a Divine Environment an environment when the Black Afrikan males truly appreciated the all of us and did not use and abuse the Black Afrikan female body because when his eyes glazed upon the Black Afrikan woman (All) he knew that his eyes was seeing the Universe, not the profane worldly ways most Black Afrikan females have been conditioned and programmed to be. Ahsra Kewesi Video (Heaven is between the legs of a Black Woman). Please do not be too quick to think the first profane thing that comes to mind. That title is Divinely deeper than many know.


The Europeans used and still using their European females for a whole lot of reasons and one of those reasons was to have the Black Afrikan females emulate the European females in all the European ways from head to toe, inside and out, starting with the Black females ironing their hair and perms. The wigs, weaves, Indian hair may have been started by the Black Afrikan females (some) not all. So tired of the ironing the hair.  The Oppressors has been extremely successful in conditioning and programming most Black Afrikan females into thinking they are Europeans to the point, some Black Afrikan females emulating European voices.


TRADING places, most Black Afrikan females wanting to be Europeans and some European females wanting to be Black Afrikan females with getting their lips enlarge, butt enlarged, you name it to look like the Black Afrikan female. Then there is the Breast implants. Wow! You heard it hear on WACP. Any Black Afrikan who gets especially Breast Implant is a FOOL, unnatural Black Afrikan female. How dare she interfere with Divine Nature that produces the Divine Milk from her breast to breast feed her babies and her spouse.  So if we are wondering why we do not have a Divine Black Afrikan kingdom anymore, know that the oppressors has MADE most Black Afrikan females in his Image destroying the Divine Queen Goddess BEE in the Black Afrikan kingdom, where our people no longer can get Divine Honey from her BEE E because her BEHIND, and the rest is Unnatural/profane. Can’t build a Divine Black Afrikan Kingdom with an Unnatural/profane Black Afrikan females.


Ever generations goes through a fad true. However if there was a generation of Black Afrikan females setting the Divine fashion Trend for Black Afrikan females maybe two or three generations to come will latch on and we will see Divine Dressing Black Afrikan females. I am of the mind that around 30-35 years of age, most Black Afrikan females should be transforming back to her once Divine right everything. I have witnessed some Black Afrikan females who do long before 30—35 years of age. Lets take our due from them NOW.


The Sexy outfits we see in this FORUM, if these females was lined up in a House of Ill Repute/Whore house and they kept their mouth shut, we will not be able to tell which ones from the Prostitutes. Facebook got a lot of so called Christian dress this way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them if they are strictly for the Bedroom and the male in their lives. There is just some things that are SACRED.


The Sexy outfits we see in this FORUM, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them if they are strictly for the Bedroom and the male in their lives.


If a serious Strong wind came upon this earth, and it will, call WW3 and then some, the way these females are dress (sexy), during that time they will not be able to hide/shield their body parts.


If our nipples are showing through our clothes, get a better Bra.


But this we see is part of the Sodom and Gomorrah days we are in now again, and when we live in a profane environment we can expect profane thinking and doing to occur.


What we see in these sexy pictures is what is called MADE IN HIS IMAGE. Females period, many are clueless as to the fact they are MADE IN HIS IMAGE, and who is HE. The evil oppressors image because the evil oppressors motto is to kill, steal, and destroy the feminine gender in every shape, fashion or form. The evil oppressors have all types of plastic surgery to make the low self esteem females, make them into His evil image, by changing that which is Natural to that which is Unnatural


Sure there are some males who do not mind all these Sexy clothes in a public place. Some people have a one track mind. There are some males I interiewed who are totally against seeing females in public just like those on this FORUM and off this FORUM.


The way the females are dress in this FORUM and off this FORUM, they are History and not a Mystery.

So if we continue to dress this way, again I say. IF YOU ARE NOT SELLING ANYTHING, TAKE THE FOR SALES DOWN (Clevage, short skirts) an Raise your conscious to its higest magnitude.


Please never get angry at me personally. Get Angry at the Divine Truth/Reality, that which we can not beat. Just like in a Boxing Match and one is losing, sit down in the corner and wait for the Countdown/Beat Down that which Divine Truth/Reality will do if attacked.


Come on Black Afrikan Sisters. Our Black Afrikan Brothers have had it rough having Cold Ground being their bed and Rocks their pillows. Lets bring our Black Afrikan males and children back to a Natural Breast...and the rest of us.


I will keep adding to this FORUM to try to get the Black Afrikan females to know their DIVINE VALUE.


I am loving my Sis Stars/Sister Muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh





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I don’t know about you but do I love me some cleavage. For those of you who’ve never quite understood what cleavage is [online dictionary] “The hollow between a woman’s breasts when supported, especially as exposed by a low-cut garment”


Lets analyze the key ingredients, the ‘hollow’, the ‘supported’ (breasts) and the ‘exposure’.


*HOLD UP!* I hear some dudes have cleavage, the weiders (gym enthusiasts)…exchusss, please let us think hard about the direction of our aesthetics! Its one thing to have a manly chest, its quite another thing to be B-cup ready…


Back to mathematics of cleavage…


The right bra-size is essential in achieving the "ideal cleavage"


To achieve the ideal cleavage you should have hollow, support & exposure, the ingredients MUST co-exist. Hollow comes from the very presence of the breasts, and in part stems from support when boobs are “squished” together by a bra (essential)…and the low-cut comes in via the garment/ tank-top etc.


Trashy cleavage falls short of one of the three ingredients; support. A good brassier should be able to complement your natural size, your back arch and fit for your breast dynamics (size, weight). So when you wear a good fitting bra, cleavage comes effortlessly. Trashy cleavage comes from incorrect/ poor support via wrong brassier hence exposure, or is it over-exposure??


Too technical: here’s a simple explanation…..you wear a small bra so your boobs look big to achieve cleavage: trashy! But then again, some women just have great boobs, so its really just a matter of covering up and being appropriate.


The mother load!


My friend (a dude) says that cleavage & over-exposure in general are signs of low self-esteem… “some women use their breasts to supplement their lack of personality”. I’m pretty sure I crossed a moral line a few paragraphs ago so imma keep going #fuckyourfeelings I agree with my pal, you rural C-cup bitches who walk around Nai need to get to a bra clinic, and respect appropriate dress-code.


I get you’re a “curvy African woman” but honey when you bare three-quarters of your chest, thats an I.P.O!


Quincy Jones is all for Naomi Campbell's I.P.O :D


There are so many other ways to “show” your curves, for starters, wear the right size brassier (FYI: I know its expensive but it is well-worth having 2 good bras, than 11 second-hand ill-fitting shredded bras)


Halle Berry has some of the best looking cleavage ever, only appropriate for RED CARPET!


Kerry Washington (gorgeous black woman!) seen here in a sweater dress (minimal cleavage, classy!)


Tyra in a dress shirt: buttons determine the classy or trashy...I'm sitting on the fence here.



First Lady of Fashion, and the United States, in classy cleavage! Taking notes??



Brandy vs. Michelle Obama: I think they are both somewhat pulling off classy cleavage #win

I may love looking (staring) at cleavage like every other dude in Nai, but when it is your girlfriend, wife, sister, auntie…and yes, even mother, partaking in over-exposure it leaves you a bit embarassed, woi!


Rihanna in a rare classy moment, the mid-cleavage bow draws you away from the boobs.


I really don’t know what more to say on this issue…was gonna give tips on how to stuff yer bra saving THAT for another post :)

Tips for classy cleavage:

  • Oil your boobs, nothing screams shagz princess more than ashy boobs.
  • Shave, please! You cannot possibly claim to be sexy with a forest on your chest.
  • Avoid jumping, running and bending over …
  • Always check if your nipples are showing, excuse yourself to adjust your top/ dress.
  • If you can feel a gust of wind through to your belly-button you’re probably over-exposed!
  • Accessorize with caution, too much may accentuate the boobs..while too little may turn your cleavage into the accessory.



Beyonce on the verge of trashy cleavage, saved by the huge diamond-encrusted necklace.


Have a great classy cleavage week.

Clevage : Portrait of a sad young goth woman with dramatic eyes and ruby red lips on a black background.

Black Afrikan females (most) role models.
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Clevage : Woman with a sexy expression, isolated, clevage and thigh. Stock Photo

FR 1968 - B.B.  ► FOTO
UK 1967 - Charlotte Rampling  ► FOTO
US 1970 - Brenda Sykes  ► FOTO
UK 1967 - Judy Geeson
UK 1967 - Twiggy Lawson  ► FOTO
UK 1968 - Judy Geeson
UK 1968 - Barbara Ruskin
UK 1968 - Twiggy
UK 1966 - Twiggy
MINI SKIRTS.Many Black Afrikan females role model. shirt for dresses and skirts.
THEN THERE IS THERE BUTT CRACK on females, some black Afrikan females too .

Coin Slot

Main Stage of the Coin Festival

the crowd forms for the movie

butt-crack movers

dolophin tattoo

Then there are the Tattoos on the Black Afrikan females.


A lot of the Black Afrikan females have totally destroyed her MIND, BODY, SPIRIT SOUL with artificial everything.


In these Dispensations of times, no one is forcing her in the operations to destroy her once Divine body.




My Beloved Sisters/Sis Stars:


WE ARE IT. What is IT? Intelligent Truth. There is a profane worldly intelligence and there is A Divine Intelligence.


The Black Afrikan females are the Divine Intelligent Truth, when she has returned back to her Divine original mind-set, that Divine Intelligent Truth that Trumps the profane Truth.


Right now, this day and thereafter the Black Afrikan females must (action) word, must make a decision TO BE DIVINE, OR NOT TO BE.


As long as we the Black Afrikan females continuous to mentally operate in the evil oppressors controlled and programmed mind-set, we are hypocrites, great pretenders, Satan assistants in the killing, stealing and destroying self and our people. The evil oppressors MADE US IN THEIR MENTAL EVIL IMAGE.


When we are aware of our two dualities, one flesh physical only the (5) senses only that feeds of envy, jealousy, strife, malice, confusion...and the likes of, and the other duality is Divine Spirituality, the true real us, we will know what is profane and what is Divine.


When we practicing Knowing, not believing, knowing the Opposite of what is and the reverse side to the reverse side of all things, we will know what is and what is not, then we are mentally operating in the (senses) beyond the (5) senses, the (5) senses that is the Master of a hell mind-set, heaven and hell being a Mind-set.


Knowing the above, we will also Know, not believe, know that there are two (NWO)'s and one is the evil oppressors (NWO) which is killing, stealing and destroying, and the other (NWO) is about Divine Truth/Reality, Harmony, Order, and Balance in/on Earth, which the Feminine gender must make happen and the way we dress is part of the Divine Truth/Reality, Harmony, Order, and Balance. The way we speak is also part of the Divine Harmony, Order, and balance, because what flows from our brain/mind/tongue, lips, mouth builds up or tears down self and others. We as the feminine gender especially the Black Afrikan females must Occupy the World with Divine Truth/Reality, Harmony, Order and Balance returning to that Divine Original right mind-set and once we do the whole world (feminine) Gender will emulate us as we are in our Divine original Harmon, Order, and Balance aura inside and outside. That will be a Divine Trend setter.


Five hundred years is far too long for our Black Afrikan sisters to not be in her once Divine original mind-set. It is a waste of  time for us to be someone else and not our true Divine selves. Many have died, are dying, and will die a copy and not an Original.


I realize that the generations before us and them before them (most) did not do what we need done Divinely right now. We must break that evil cycle by us not impersonating the European females and all that they do. When we do, we are practicing a lot of evil by doing so, because to impersonate the Europeans and rearrange ourselves to look like them means that we are jealous, envious, malicious in some cases, cause strife, confusion…and the likes of because of (many) commitment to be like the Europeans.  Black Afrikan females do not have to verbally admit that she is jealous, envious, malicious in some cases, cause strife, confusion…and the likes of, because what those who emulate the European do is revealed in our MIND thoughts, conduct, behavior and actions. That is how we know, not believe, know a person.


THE HEALING TOUCH: In every Black Afrikan female we have the Divine Healing Touch within to heal self and not only our people, but the whole world. The Black Afrikan females are the Divine Atomic Bomb the world has been waiting for. By that I mean when we return back to our once original Divine right mind-set Divinely Uniting with each other being the healing Touch to each other without evil jealousy, malice, envy, strife, confusion…and the likes of, yes, we will be the Divine Atomic Bomb the World needs to see and be.


I will return to show us who we were once as Divine Soul Beings, and after reading about how we once were, the way we were, and still can be again, those who read what I will share still refuses to embrace our Divine Original Once way of life everything, refusing to embrace, I PRONOUNCE US SPIRITUALLY DEAD.


Damien Marley: If we think that this we see now is all there is too life, and the way we are, we are crazy.  


I can only concentrate on the Black Afrikan females because She is the Divine Savior for the whole world.


How do I and a few other like minds know, not believe, know that what I have shared will not work? Have we tried it?


Two quotes answers that question.


Condemnation without investigation is the ultimate ignorance (Einstein)

Truth is a treason to lies (Ron Paul).


When we do not investigate what is shared with us we are practicing ignorance. If we are filled with mental lies and deception, the real raw Truth/Reality will not be able to receive that which is Divinely Truth/Reality.


The evil lies and deception within must be torn down in order for us to be Divinely built up again.


Black Afrikan sisters, we are both the Problem and the Solution. We must decide which one we will choose so that we can once again be the Divine Shining Meteors Savior Stars. We must be our own Divine Sheroes for the sake of the Black Afrikan kingdom.


Never ever say I have no loving for our sisters/people, because sharing the Divine Truth/Reality is  loving .


I have never known any other loving like the Divine Truth/Reality, my shield, my Savior, my protectors, My best friend, My lover, My All.


I have never known any other loving like Harmony, Order, and Balance.


Divine Truth/Reality like SADE song: This is no Ordinary love.


As we can see past and present, the evil male genders do not have Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance on their mind with all the craziness they do. So who Is In Charge of bringing Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance in/on Earth?


The Black Afrikaan females are responsible for the Divine Harmony, Order, and Balance (NWO). Again once she is in that type of mind-set, even the European females will emulate her.



Natural Hair is a DISEASE catcher






Malcolm X: Who Taught You To Hate Yourself? (May 5, 1962, Los Angeles) –DIVINE TEACHING Mentally uplifting.


Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair.

Who taught you to hate the color of your skin to such extent that you bleach, to get like the white man?

Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose, and the shape of your lips?

Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet.

Who taught you to hate your own kind.

Who taught you to hate the race that you that belong too, so much so that you do not want to be around each other.

We teach you to love the hair (GOD) gave you.

Before you come asking Mr. Muhammad does he teach hate, you should ask yourself who taught you to hate what (God) gave you.

The most Disrespected person in America is the Black Woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black Woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black Woman.


I know what I know

I do not know what I do not know

I (believe) nothing

I AM Still a Student of learning.



Hollywood's New Sodom & Gomorrah persona
By Shaheerah Farrakhan | Last updated: Sep 7, 2011 - 9:46:46 PM

What's your opinion on this article?


(FinalCall.com) - People have always been fascinated with the beautiful, beguiling, and the fantasy-filled world created by Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Although the new faces in Hollywood and today's celebrities still inspire awe, admiration, and fanatical devotion, there was a certain mystique that surrounded the young starlets of yesteryear.

While some may look at Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, as the epitome of stardom, Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, Billie Holiday and the like of these women represented much more of the epitome of Black style, class and grace.



'An overly sexed population has become the norm instead of the exception and people who wish to maintain a certain mystery or morality are deemed prudish or behind the times. But what was so wrong with the vintage era? Men and women were seemingly more knowledgeable and distinguished.'

Has the time of regal beauty passed and are we really satisfied with what has taken its place?

As much as we would like to believe this is not true, celebrities help perpetuate trends and standards of what beauty is. In today's world mini-skirts, barely there tank tops, and sky high heels are all a part of the stylish trends. Nicki Minaj inspired an entire movement with her stage style, not to mention Rihanna prompting the fire engine red heads among Black women.

Unfortunately, entertainers that choose to speak consciously or dress modestly seem to fall by the wayside to create more space for the enticing and risqué. Jill Scott, India Arie, and Jasmine Sullivan will never attain the supernova stardom that their body baring counterparts do. They may have success and a great following but in today's world their conscious, uplifting, soulful music is overshadowed by club beats, dance anthems and records that just simply “let you escape.”






the destiny of the females, is the destiny of the world.



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Drug 'reduces hearing loss' after childhood cancer treatment

Given hours after chemotherapy, it showed promising results in children with a rare cancer.

Cases of cancer in elderly to surge by 2035, report says

By 2035 about 234,000 over-75s will get cancer each year - up from 130,000 now, a report estimates.

Hospitalised toddler gets 'lifeline' nursery care

A charity that provides nursery care for children who have to stay in hospital has been set up.

Gosport hospital deaths: Prescribed painkillers 'shortened 456 lives'

Relatives call for a criminal inquiry into the "unforgivable" actions at the Gosport hospital.

'Charlie changed our lives completely'

The parents of Charlie Gard say they want a change in the law and 'will try and help anyone else who is in the same boat as us'.

Charlie Gard's parents want 'Charlie's Law'

The parents of Charlie Gard want to change the law so other cases like theirs don't end up in court.

Billy Caldwell: Campaigner's company sells cannabis oil

Charlotte Caldwell has been treating her severely epileptic son, Billy, with cannabis oil since 2016.

Cough syrup recall over mould risk from ingredients

Eight products are affected and the advice is to return bottles to where they were bought.

Gosport hospital deaths: Prescribed opioids 'shortened 456 lives'

An inquiry found that painkillers were prescribed without medical justification to older patients.

Teenage volunteers make dementia residents 'feel alive'

Young people are giving up their time to provide comfort for care home residents living with dementia.

Medicinal cannabis use to be reviewed by government

Families of epileptic children welcomed the move, which does not change rules on recreational use.

Hague's call to legalise cannabis rejected by government

But the home secretary tells MPs there will be a review of cannabis-based medicines in the UK.

Cannabis debate: I appealed to the prime minister

Hannah Deacon, whose son suffers from epilepsy, says she was given a pledge by Theresa May

Couple's anger after 'stillborn' son died in their arms

Ellie and Chris James's newborn son died in their arms - minutes after being told he was already dead.

Wales 'behind' in technology to detect prostate cancer

The mpMRI scan is currently available in just three out of seven Welsh health boards.

Emotional eating 'learned by children not inherited'

Genes are significant in most eating behaviours but not emotional under- or overeating, say experts.

Cannabis oil row: Billy Caldwell discharged from hospital

The 12-year-old is treated in hospital for his severe epilepsy with the oil, which is illegal in the UK.

Tax rise need to help pay for £20bn NHS boost, says PM

The prime minister promises any tax increases will be introduced in a "fair and balanced" way.

HPV vaccine cuts cancer-causing infection

The vaccine has brought about an 86% reduction in cancer-causing infection, a study has found.

WHO: Gaming addiction 'a mental health condition'

For millions, it is a harmless hobby but for some it can become more than that.





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