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Well, well, well, another CNN Super show bout Blacks. What more can be said that we all don't already know? Did you see or hear anything different or were you shocked out of your wits?

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Greetings Family,
Well let me start my saying this, NO I DID NOT WATCH THE SHOW BLACK IN AMERICA PART 2!
Let me tell you Why? Because I agree with the video attached with this discussion. I'm just fed up with all this talk about Black folks. What about the rest of the Folks? No matter what race,creed or color, we all should be THE BEST THAT WE CAN BE!!! But right now on this earth, all I see in our lives is the path of DESTRUCTION!

DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS AND TURN OUR LIVES AROUND. Be willing to help someone and then in return that person will help someone and then maybe WE ALL CAN GET SO HELP AND LIVE OUR LIVES!!!


I did watch both parts. I was curious to see how information about us would be presented to the nation. I had to ask questionsf: Who was this program produced for? Why was this program produced? What was to be accomplished from producing this program? Remembering that a "Show" such as this is a product is to make money, and to gain a share of market viewership.
This show was for Black People, and I would take a guess to say Black Women. I don't think White folks are that interested in watching a "Show" about Black People for two hours, unless it's threatening to them.

It was produced to show that some Blacks are doing things to help our own plight. It's was a feel good type "Show;" things aren't all that bad for Blacks propaganda. It's hard to say what was accomplished from producing this "Show." "Issues Facing Black Americans" is the slogan. Still, it had to show one Black young man as criminal. The sponsors included Ford Motors, Mc Donalds, State Farm Insurance aimed at the Black consumer. Ratings, of course, for CNN plays as a factor. The "Show" falls short in covering Blacks in America 360 degrees. I'm left with a empty feeling, although I enjoyed the positive aspects of the "Show."
Thank you Shay for your comments and I will check out the link. We must know that motives motivate all programs and we need to always ask the question..."WHAT IS THE MOTIVE."
Thank you JC, your analysis is always refreshing to hear. I will watch it this weekend as a storm knocked out the cable in our building. I will be watching for some of what you have mentioned. We must tell our own stories and control our own media.

The article starts off with the racial issue currently being discussed (framed & contained) by the media, however it addresses the CNN speacial " Black In America 11" also.....

"Whether or not the cop is racist is not the issue the issue is that Professor Gates raises an issue about racial profiling in this country that does exist. This is an issue long overdue for initiatives and discussion. The Justice Department should actively engage in this issue to stop these things from continuing, more people should engage in addressing these issues in thier communities. Pain is subjective and this is what Professor Gates has stated he felt about this situation so I cannot judge him. Furthermore, he has been an expert and a scholar on these same issues before so he should know. He has always just like you say about the officer never having displayed such racist behaviour in the pass, the same can be said of Dr. Gates. He too has never had this happen to him and have been very open minded is issues of race and have written many papers on the these sort of things across the country. So perhaps the officer is not a racist as some say and may the nicest guy in his neighborhood, still people at times react as a result of inherent beliefs and experiences. He may somewhere in his subconscious have an inferiour out look when it comes to crime and black males.

Could that be possible even your nicest racist are not going around calling people niggers, its just in thier approach and belief system about various things that they sometimes dont even realize that their thoughts are not equally the same for all people. Would the officer had walked into a white male home and been as aggressive even after he was shown identification? Would he have continued to harrass a white CEO? So we continue to accept blame and let people continue to make us feel that we deserve a good whipping every now and then. We as african americans are now led to believe that we should talk about race that its pulling the race card. Yet we run quickly to the TV to watch a documentary on a so called animal called "BLACK IN AMERICA." When all people are sufferring the same across this country.

We accept the seeds that are planted by media and run with it and continue to allow images to mirror who we are. Leading us to further critisize our own and a claim equivotally to all aspect of gangs, drugs and failed marraiges, poverty, lack of education as our failures as a people. The term itself "Black in America" cannot begin to conceptualize who we are as people in America when we all are so different econimically, socially and culturally in this day and age. We can't stop looking at the fact that environment, American society, racially profiling, brutality, inequality, school to prison pipelines, institutional affects may be affecting black in America as a people. We can say that because no matter how much money or title you can be looked at by society and be affected the same from one to the other. Affect vs. Identity. Instead when we allow ourselves to be blamed fully accepting the media's profile and like a beaten woman saying to a domestically violent spouse "I know you didnt mean to beat me, and I know that you are sorry, maybe it was my fault honey". STOP THE MADNESS! We keep letting folks play us.

I am waiting for the documentary "White in America" and lets start from whites killngs in the name of christianity in America, slavery, Klansman, denial of civil rights, Mayors pushing dope, and Rabbi's in black Community, CIA bringing crack to America, Police brutality statistics, inequality of education around this country, Corporal punishment high rates in black schools, White gangs, murders by whites, statistics of sadistics sociopaths between white and blacks, lets go to the trailer parks and talk about white in America. We dont need the media (CNN) to give us an idea of who we are just sit in classroom long enough across America and open any page of a history book and they will do it for you. You will find much about slavery and the migration from Africa of how they saved us. You would also find a few nice stories of MLK and maybe some chapters about civil rights era. What you wont find is about our contributions to build this country and all the inventions to better all of the lives of Americans from science, math, inventions that we engaged in. You wont find much about all the companies that we started and how hard the panthers protested for civil rights the same as you see today from protestors who are tea bagging. But typically there is never the same rules to the game on the playing field for minorities in this country, we very often get locked up for freedom of speech its called disorderly and challenging an officer, on the other hand you have Bill White (a white man) who has a hate site (neo nazi) who can put someone's address and personal number out and cause another citizens harm but telling the public to go after him to then have a judge say well its ok for him to do so because he has freedom of speech. The same laws that exist then sent Rev Pinkney ( a black man) who quoted the bible in court to jail.

So what is that White in America or black in America? Both. Well keep letting CNN and Soledad who is looking more black these days glad to see she changed her white appearance for her part in Black in America part 2. I am glad you all enjoyed the movie cause it sure wasnt any documentary and didnt represent me. Failed marraiges folks is not a black thing, drugs have no descerning of persons or crime all of america is being affected. In terms of the title of her so called documentary the left out part of the title it should have been "THE AFFECTS OF AMERICA ON BLACK AMERICA" STARRING SOLEDAD. She trying hard to build a name for herself and you all want to accept the part as the dancing monkeys. Dont just critisize black folks like we the only ones in America with these issues, dont just talk about black fathers and black mothers, need to do this and that and how blacks need to take a responsiblity, also talk the things that blacks are affected by in this American society because white men, boys, mothers like Palin are having problems with thier kids too. HELLO ! Black in America part 2 what the .... we the new zoo animal we need to be studied like a special breed or something in America, ya'll agree with that. We dont need Soledad to teach non multicultural folks that these are your neighbors and this is a black person. Spike Lee or Michael Moore please do a documentary on "White in America" Thank you and Dr. Gates

I hope all you elite have been reminded that at the end of the day you still on the plantation whether you in the kitchen or in the field. There is no post nuttin, you all talking real loud but aint saying nothing. Lets really talk and dont be scared to tell the truth, lets be honest this is America and its not a black thing. "

Sistah Michelle

I will be discussing this tonight on my show at 8 pm ET call me and you can comment to this email or just share your view. Keep it real!

Part 1 orf 12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWMKCcT3_b8

Greetings Shay, here is someone helping, I thought you might be interested.


Thank you for the Uhuru Radio talk comments link... I gained a lot of inner sight reflections.
"WHITE IN AMERICA - Documentary"?... Give um Hell Michelle! Me thinks that is a great idea. It would probably start off talking about genetics and how it is impossible for two White persons to birth a Black child while two jet Black Blacks can produce a White child call Albino. "We can not produce them by birth but we can surely control the hell out of them while they live... with torture, lynching, lies, deception, exploitation and unjust laws." While all of us are not guilty directly of these inhumanities, we all enjoy the privilages from them. Therefore, untill all people are free and justified, none of the people should rest, blame or point fingers. All people need to be working to ERACEISMS IN AMERICA FOR GOODNESS SAKES!
As you probably know Adilifu, WACP Community is an organizing mechanism to poll, gather and launch the new media from. Our eyes are fully open and we are seeing what is needed to overcome the false and weak projections of who we've been, who we are and who we must become.

Thanks for your comments. They are always welcome here as WACPtv continue to lay the groundworks for THE TRUE MEDIA FOR THE PEOPLE... STAY TUNED and INVOLVED!

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