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Black People Making Claim To Be In Slavery, But Not Of Slavery, Is A False Claim

Black People Making Claim To Be In Slavery, But Not Of Slavery, Is A False Claim
Chief Elder Osiris
The most evil of institutions, is that of Chattel Slavery, its product being the Enslavement of Black Afrikan people, which is why that period of Time is hurriedly pass over and ignored, because of the permanent stain of verified Truth that is tattooed on the cultural behavior that serve as a fact about the evil of white racist  prejudiceAmerica, conducted and acted out against Black Afrikan people.
The sign that verify how deeply rooted the evil of Racism is in the conscious of white America today, is the fact that white America refuse to acknowledge the wrong that the institution of Chattel Slavery had  and still has on the Descendants of those Black Afrikans who actual experience how barbaric in spirit, white people can be toward Black people, and has no conscious of condemnation for the way Black Afrikans were treated without respectful consideration of having the right to live free, which is not meant to be prevented by other people of a different appearance, label to be inferior, based upon the natural fact of being not white but Black.
The term slave has a different meaning of treatment, based upon the culture of the people social construct of moral acceptance and their perception they have about a God created by White Luciferian Human Beings who instituted the behavior of enslaving Black Afrikan people to become their chattel slave, the most evil of treatment to be acted out against another people because of their pigment and feature appearance, which in the mind of a racist supremacist, there can be no wrong done by them against Black Afrikan people.
Here is the problem of Black Afrikan people with a mind that have them believing and is telling Black Afrikan people lies about the position Black Afrikans held in the institution of ChattelSlavery treatment.
You have Negroes going around today lying about our position and involvement in the institution of White Racist Slave treatment of Black Afrikans, by telling Black people and anybody with a dishonest mind, to believe that our Enslaved treated as white racist chattel Ancestors, was only in the slave institution but never was of that slave institution, no greater act of denial can be put forth to cover up the evil slavery did do and has done to Black Afrikans who were the prisoners of the institution of ChattelSlavery.
Yes, I am sharing with Black people a counter frame of reference to the status Black Afrikans held in the Racist institution of white racist behavior toward Black Afrikans who were take prisoners in the institution of Chattel Slaver and were in fact treated as white Racist Slaves, first in that Enslaved institution where the treatment as a slave was experienced by our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, and over Time, our Afrikan Ancestors who were held captive in the Racist institution of Chattel Slavery and was treated as white racist slave in the institution of chattel slavery, eventually began to occupy a twin status in the white racist enslavement institution, which had our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors to be not only in the institution of ChattelSlavery, but became of that devilish institution, Chattel Slavery, in and of which Black people held the rank of being a slave to white racism.
We Black Afrikans who are victims of our mother and father treatment of Chattel slavery, an experience treatment that was passed on to their children and have today, Black Afrikans not only being a victim held "in" the institution of Chattel Slavery, but many of our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors became "of" that institution Chattel Slavery.
There is  no amount of denial by certain class of Black Afrikans who are claiming that our Black enslaved Ancestors were in the slave institution but not of that slave institution.
The Black  experience, it does not change the fact that our enslaved Afrikan Ancestors were prisoners in the white America Racist institution, Chattel Slavery, and it is a lie to mislead Black Afrikans in the Diaspora here without a chose of our own to believe that we never became of America Racist Chattel Slavery institution which is a Lie, and the condition and the spirit we Children of those Enslaved Ancestors of Afrika today and the division of Black Afrikan people, and the fact that white racist boldly deny payment owed to our Enslaved Ancestors and Black Afrikan Americans accept without taken action of rebellion against such disrespect toward our Enslaved Ancestors, seve to be proof enough that manyBlack Afrikans who were enslaved in the institution of chattel slavery, became of that devilish slave institution with a spirit of total submission to being a slave to white America Racism today.
Black Afrikans totally submit by showing a spirit that is willing to emulate White Racist Americans, by attempting to change the original design nature designed us to be, and to emulate is to submit to be of that you pretend to become, and Black Afrikans are a expert at  attempting to be of the white Racist behavioral personality and appearence.
So yes, Black Afrikans who were cargo coming through the Middle Passage to become the Chattel property of White Racism and prejudice toward the Black Afrikans capture to become Enslaved in America,  many if not most Enslaved Black Afrikans eventually became and is today, of America, which represent slavery to the Black Afrikan people, and today, we accept such a status having no desire to become free from such an America status of being in and  of America slave institution.
The Black slave of America today do not give one damn about the condition of Afrika and do not have a desire to be Govern in Afrika  by a United State Afrika Government, we give excuse why we do not fight to receive our Enslved Ancestors Reparation, and our patroitism to America over ride our right to become the next governing state to be a part of A United State Of Afrika, and to have a Unified Collective Black Afrikan Nation residing in Afrika being in authority and control of our Life living destinty, is what verify that the the Black Enslaved America Afrikans is of the status of being in and of White Racist America slavery status today.
Today, the captured Black Afrikan slave in America, has no doubt been made to become an Afrika slave who is in and of America and show no sign of "wanting" to be looked upon as being none other than a Black slave who is now of America slave institution e

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