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You know I really can't believe what is happening here. It's not just here but I feel the same way about my forum and a lot of others.

I feel it is a shame that in a year where our next president could be a man of color we have become what I feel as lazy, lazy, L A Z Y.

We have a couple people that I would like to give a pat on the back. That is few and far between.

As a young man, I was told that it was my duty to read the news paper every day to keep up with the current events. That was considered a means of getting the edge Maybe the old folks where wrong, they meant I should advertise in a newspaper everyday and ignore the information in front of me.

Also I was told that if you didn't what Black people to know what was happening just
write it down. Why? Because Black people don't read. (Hmmmmmmmm)

Also I have been told that if you want change you have to complain and/or talk about it
enough to get something done. Maybe that why I like driving in white nieghborhoods. It is so rare to hit a pot hole there.

I look at all the folks on this site and I wonder what is going on????? No opinions, no comments, no thoughts. The only information I see passed is by the same people over and over again. Now the one thing I do see is loads of advertisements. I mean loads of advertisements........we are talking a lot of meanless advertisements that don't even tell you what your products is about. Just send me your money and look like Tyra Banks.

I can understand that all of us don't have the time to spend the hours I spend on the computer. I realize that some people have issues with speaking up. I understand that
some of us don't have the skills and that makes you uncomfortable. But if Brother Hassan offered free tickets to a concert you would figure out a way to overcome all these issues and get that ticket. If someone tells you to copy and paste an advertisement and you will get rich you will dive in that hole.

I hate to sound like I am upset, life will find a way. I just feel that this tool called internet is the greatest thing to happen to us in my 50 plus years on this earth and we chose to let it past us by.

Now I have said what is on my mind and I am sticking with it. So, don't just sit there, that is for those of you that have been able to read this far, and nod your head. Tell me what you think about it. Even if it no more that Amen. That is fewer key strokes than it takes to get on that dating site

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Unty and wealth unto you my brother!
I am extremely happy that you joined this site.
We need true Black people like you telling the truth to our people.
You are a true Black leader.
Keep up the good work my brother.
Unity and wealth unto you my brother!
Your bottom line is correct.
If you are ready to overcome, contact Concerned Black People On Duty and learn how to receive the pro Black social education.
From Bro. L. L.
Check out my page.
Sam your comment is angry and the language disrespectful to the children and young people following this thread. I have never seen you use this on Black America’s website so why are you doing it here? When you say we dropped the ball bottom line, whom are you talking about? The white man in this comment sounds like the amazing genius and us Black folks, fools. I don’t buy any of that crap. I lived through the violent sixties, participated in marches, sit-in and founded and participated in black organizations, as you will find most of the people here have. I would like to see you comment in away that lifts our spirits, if for no other reason than respect for me. No, I am not your dad and here you are free to speak your mind. Best Wishes.
Unity and wealth unto you my brother!
The pro Black dictionary gives us wisdom enough to know that in order to feel disrespected we must accept this anti Black system's stupid logic which makes people believe it's ok to demand respect from people we are not qualified to control.
When our wise people receive the pro Black social education they will be able to think in a manner that WILL bring unity to the Black community. The pro Black social education will reveal all the lies of this anti Black system.
Please don't feel bad if you don't already have it, after-all, it was only created in 2007.
From Bro. L. L.
I believe I invited him to join. The pro Black dictionary? How much does it cost? Or is it free?
Unity and wealth unto you my brother!
The pro Black dictionay gives us a different take on disrespect.
Disrespect is not possible unless we accept this anti Black system's logic that makes people believe we can demand respect form people we are not qualified to control.
When our wise people recieve the pro Black social education they will be able to think in a manner that WILL bring unity to the Black community.
The pro Black social education was only created in 2007.
I lived through the sixties also and I realize in 2008 we are still dependent on the the same anti Black system that enslaved our ancestors and today our people are afraid to speak.
As long as we try to prevent our people from saying what they really think we will never overcome.
The old people like us always maintain the Anti Black status quo.
If we dont have new logic, procedures and definitions we need to get out of the way.
From Bro.L. L.
That centers around the argument that, I am trying to prevent Bateman from saying what he really thinks which I am not or that I am old fashion maybe so. But, I have never seen him post to the other website a curse word. No, I do not have control of him, but I shall take a position against the activity here and express my opinion which I do have control . Best Wishes Bro L.L.
Unity and wealth unto you my brother!
The only cost to recieve the pro Black social educations is a desire to learn new logic, definitions and procedures that will give us as a people the ability and desire to become united and self-sufficient enough to overcome the status quo.
As far as the actual dictionary, at this point we are working to prove the value of the definitions before we give it to our people.
That is the reason from time to time I place definitions from the pro Black dictionary on WACP.TV, I am always looking for our people's input.
From Bro L. L.

Permalink Reply by Sam Bateman 1 day ago (EDITED VERSION) Greeting my brothers,
I 'm not going to sit here and try to respond to everything that was said , I will say this, black people got too damn comfortable and lazy ! ! ! the white man knew that we were growing to a strong people, so they knew they had to come up with away to stop the unity that the Black people had then, so they let us work on their *#%@* jobs, and let a few of us have white colliers jobs, fed us that *#%@* pie in the sky ****, and Black people thought it was all good, instead of us staying together and using that moment to build our own while we had the chance, we drop the damn ball bottom-line,

And if we don't learn how to come back together and work on our problems this time, our *** is out BOTTOM-LINE
Very good, Please keep me posted when it becomes available Bro L.L. The work is much welcomed. Best wishes.
I'm fairly new to the internet scene, as far as the various social networks are concerned, however, I'm impressed with the number of Blacks who read, and respond intelligently to the many forums, and discussions. It's my opinion that there seems to be a trend of putting each other down, and criticizing each other in regard Blacks being "lazy" about reading.

Just the other day I saw a young Black man, (in his early twenties) reading a book on What to do in Case of an Emergency (fire) in Your Home: I was taken aback that he was reading that book - of all books: it wasn't one that I had read. My point here is that some of us read, and some of us don't. I think many of us read frequently enough to pass the knowledge verbally to others. I don't think we need to fall into a trap of thinking and/or believing we are lazy. I think is an issue of some will, and some won't; some can, and some can't; some do, and some don't. But to put Blacks into one barrel, and state that Blacks don't read is a fallacy; without any data or statistics to prove it either true or false.

Perhaps, we should look a little closer in order to determine the truth as it relates to this discussion. Or maybe I just tend to view black folks in a good light, while wearing rose-colored glasses.
Well said JC Callaway.

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