MOVIES & MUZIC                  I                  WOW - MUST WATCH!               I               ALT DIRECTORY               I                  NEW OPPORTUNITIES

We are Creative People living in perilous times. It has been predicted that 100 Banks will fall over the next few years while 1.5 MILLION BLACK PEOPLE are in prison in America, a recession has already been declared and we act like business is usual. We have no choice than to create multiple ways out of no ways and do it with the swiftness. We Are Creative People and we should be BUSY CREATING A WAY OUT OF BEING CAUGHT UP IN THE COMING DOWNFALLS AND CRASHES. The advent of the internet has brought ON-LINE COMMUNITIES into existence and people are connecting world wide on various interest levels. This INTERNET is a fast and easier way to communicate but we must speed up the process of organizing EVEN FASTER because the window of opportunities will not last forever... see video below.

WACP.TV is new to on-line Community Organizing while we are no stranger to WORKING AND ORGANIZING IN THE REAL COMMUNITY and seeing the needs of a Community on and off-line. We have a need to cross communicate wants, needs and opportunities and profit from doing what we all do best and have the most interest in. For that reason, We Are Creative PEOPLE who are pro-actively establishing POWER TEAMS to gather needed resources from Members who want to share. We will be sharing information, videos, wants, needs and opportunities individually and collectively. There is POWER in TEAMWORKING rather than working alone or with limited participation and support.

When you signed up with the WACP Community, you were asked to LIST YOUR FAVORITE POWER TEAM: (Select 1 of 12) from a list of 12- POWER TEAMS in a categorized empower-movement. After 1,200 Members have signed up within the WACP Community, We will initiate the GET PAID TO REFER OTHERS CAMPAIGN. With ZERO FUNDS FROM THE 1st 1,200 WACP Members, You can RECEIVE $25. (ON A DEBIT CARD ISSUED TO YOU IN YOUR NAME) FOR EVERY NEW MEMBER YOU SEND TO WACP.. GET PAID ON THE CARD INSTEAD OF PAYING ON IT to spend however you wish... wherever major credit cards are accepted.

OUR COLLECTIVE MEMBERSHARE GOAL IS 1- MILLION MEMBERS within that 6-month period after the 1st 1,200 Members. We will be raising approximatly $69 MILLION and SHARING IT WITH WACP MEMBERS & POWER TEAMS.

Please feel free to add questions and comments to this forum because this is just the intro and there is much more info to share.

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Brotha Hassan, I think many of us hear your call. What you have created here is an innovative form of internet business. I can only speak for my self, by saying that I relate to your vision, and share it with you. I recognize that time, as usual, is of utmost importance, and what you have created here posses potential power, in terms of us having a viable medium to increase collective wealth. From my observation, and participation, it seems that priority is the issue here. I have priorities, like everyone else on this site, with my personal life, business and projects. And, realistically, it going to take time before I'm able to make WACP.TV a top priority: My heart and cooperation is with you, and your plan is obviously logical, and makes sense. I'm currently trying to figure out how I make greater contributions, and move WACP up my priority list, simply because I believe in what you're doing, and obviously want to continue to be a part of the process. I'm a natural team player, with the ability to be a leader, or follower. Therefore, I personally think the team concept is great: The "Old School" way. But realities are evident here: Most of us are seeking some sort of investment to increase our revenues for our respective businesses,now! and secure our positions, as well as keeping a roof over our heads, and food on the table: Basic Survival. And I'm sure you are aware of this.

What "We Are Creative People" are dealing with here, in my opinion, is major, massive, competition. Competition for our time,energy,expertise, and most of all, money. You & I, and others, as business people, know that this a fundamental challenge for any business.

Let's rethink our strategy, and see if we can make it more appealing for everyone involved. Obviously, this is going to take some creativity, and logistic considerations to make it happen.
We all either aren't seeing the same vision,not sensing the same urgency, or don't recognize the need for such a venture.
It's time to find out where we stand realistically. I love this site, but a think it diverts our attention away from the WACP.TV plan.

The WACP Power Team Plan of pro-action is one that PAYS YOU to promote your own particulars. Most network marketing concepts pay you to recruit others to participate in the sales of their products be it toiletries, phone service, juice, legal and dental services. However, the WACP campaign helps you to create your own and promote it to through the POWER TEAM SYSTEM. When functioning as planned, a Member can GET PAID to simply tell people (via email, pass cards, group sessions, conference calls) about a new promotional concpt that will PAY YOU TO ADVERTISE YOUR OWN BUSINESS. PEOPLE NEED MONEY WHICH WILL FREE UP THEIR TIME WHILE PEOPLE ALSO NEED MONEY FROM THE BUSINESS THEY ARE PRESENTLY OPERATING and as an added BONUS, people need money coming from an automated distributorship... The WACP PLAN OF ACTION balances ALL of these needs into one when funtioning.

Now, how simple is it to get started and functioning? If each of our 300 Members only recruited 4 people today, we would be ready to start this RELAY TEAMWORK MARKETING CAMPAIGN with no out of pocket expenses ever coming from YOU the first 1,200 Members. Your investment will be to get the 1,200 Members.

The plan is to sign up 1,200 Members of whom at least 500 will have some viable product, service or event discount or giveaway which adds value. With that TOTAL VALUE in place, new Members will be recruited to sign up to an ADDED VALUE SYSTEM OF PROMOTION which pays out nearly 50% of the REGISTRATION FEE (to participate) back to the referring Member and another25% back to Member employees and to the POWER TEAMS for operational budgets. Selfish Greed has no part in this systam at all.

Because we are a MEDIA OPERATION, we will establish own own media products as in DVDs, CDs, eBooks, amd many other state-of-the-arts creations which will add even more funds to YOU as an automated Members distributor / producer / artist. No selling, No handling of products... simply receive funds regularly on your FREE DEBIT CARD from Meber and non Member participation.

WE CAN DO THIS!!! ... I CHALLENGE ANYONE to find a better plan of pro-action for our creative people wanting and needing to make positive swift changes for the better. All we need is to Get Busy and invest a little time building the needed foundation of 1,200 Members and you will see changes grow like never before. How hard can it be to find Members who want to GET PAID TO PROMOTE THEIR OWN PARTICULARS?
Thanks for your response...
This is serious business. Cutting off such a worldwide connect between people will ruin a lot of goals and aspirations as a global community. Imagine a world without the Internet. A lot of the connections we have made through this medium will not be as fruitful.

For myself, as a communicator and artiste, a lot of my communication and sharing will be cut off.

To have to pay for such service is not what I want to do, or be regulated.

I'm down with the WACP movement and networking with the community here.

Keepin' it jazzy and smooth,
The Artiste, Christopher Donshale Sims
Hello Joseph,
Step One: Click on Members and find the Social Reform "logo"
Step Two: Send an Add a Friend request to Social Reform.
Step Three: You indicated Social Reform when signing up, so you've got to get
hooked up with the right Power Team.
I hope that this more specifically answers your question.
I keep hoping that everyone would at least take those three steps.
I am a proactive individual.
As the Communications Power Team leader, I walked through the entire membership and sent ""communication members the ""add a friend request.
The Communicators didn't have to take the initiative.
However Social Reform doesn't have a leader yet.
Therefore you've got to be proactive and join the Team.
First things first.
I sincerely hope that this helps you to get started.
Ar Lena
The Sports ePublicist
PS: Just by being in this space at this time...you are one of the 1200.
Bro. Adilifu, I agree with you, without production and distribution of goods you will not be able to make a living. I understand the big picture, and have a strong cognizance regarding the situation(s). In regards to WACP diverting away from the WACP.TV, I think the focus should be more on building up the internet television. It seems, that we have a sellers market here on WACP, oppose to investment for the development, growth, and establishment of WACP.TV. In my opinion, all communications, discussions, video posts, messages, should be done on the WACP.TV site, in order to maintain the focus on product, and content for the internet channel. It looks as though we have two operations going here, although it's intended to be one. WACP is close to a social network, where we are marketing our products and services for each other to support, and exchanging information & knowledge, which is all good: but we're not investing in our internet television network, and here rest the issue. So my above comments were made as an attempt to help identify reasons for the slow growth of WACP.TV, and, hopefully, we can create the necessary solutions to the point where everyone will win. I hope all members reply to this discussion, so we can determine what needs to be done in order to make this cooperative venture a success.

This is only my opinion, and I will work to follow the plan presented by Hassan.

Blessings & Success
Thank you JC, Adilifu, Seyoum, Ar Lena and Christopher... We must remember first of all that no matter what is happening or predicted to happen should stop our plans to move forward in the best way we know how with the best tools available at this very moment. The video is simply a warning to us that lets us know that we must speed up the process.

WACP.TV was created as an alternative to regular TV. We set up the Player, Channels and Links as a sample of what could be. a sample of what can be made much better working with POWER TEAMS. The WACP Community is the necessary component to help build WACP.TV into the Super Station Network that it was designed to be.

What is the best and fastest way to organize Teams of people around the world?.... That's right, THE INTERNET. What system has been used successfully over the past 38 years to move the most products the fastest with the best compensation plan?... That's right again, NETWORK MARKETING.

We (WACP) are planning to use the system which was developed to sell other peoples products TO MARKET HUMAN RESOURSES.... Never none before but we must do this in order to FREE ourselves and chase away the poverty which no matter what happens, prevents us from making deals, trading and traveling. If this move is not made soon, we would not be able to communicate, feed ourselves or escape.

WACP.TV and WACP.ning.com is one. WACP.TV was built first, like I said, as a SAMPLE and a PROTOTYPE. This is a sharing system and not a greed based system heavily financed and owned by others. It takes a little longer at first to build but once the people see what we have (unbought and unbossed) they will come by the multitudes. This is the unified message that we want to put out to our people. The Internet can be destroyed but our hopes is that before that happen, we will have built another communications system based on an EMPOWER-MOVEMENT for the good of all Member participants.. Members because we may not be able to save everybody.
Greetings Seyoum, just like Ar Lena said, you and the current 330 Members are all already a part of the 1,200. Now we must work deligently to gather up the remaining 870.
This figure was chosen because this is the amount of people that it will take to add value to who we are enough to request and gladly receive a small registration fee from others who will want to be a part. PLEASE NOTE: With the advent of the internet and the unified force of this community, this could happen within 3-days or working as selfish individuals, It would take up to one year. Never-the-less, it will still be done.
Well, I think we have to start looking at the bigger picture in that WACP can become a service provider as well as an internet webpage on somebody else's owned server and with enough money behind its goal, WACP also could become a Google or Yahoo size dot.com. Hell, Oboma is running for president the sky is the limit; WACP, Google, Yahoo, whats the difference there is nothing to stop this growth except maybe a buy out of WACP by people rich enough and smart enough to see its true growth potential, if that happen we will deal with it when it happens.
Back in the real world though, our country(USA) is involved in two wars, the economy crashing under the wars weight and our scientist are telling us that the worst is yet to come environmentally. If we are visited by a tenth planet telecommunications as we know it may cease to exist. I think we must keep all this speculation about our future within the context of the fast changing world that we find ourselves living now. Drinkable water may be a problem by 2012 in which case internet neutrality may be of far less importance to us. If there is no internet what then? I like the way the machine gives you a taste of something good and then threaten to take it all away...LOL No we are not going down that road, not me today. We are to smart and to experienced to fall for that crap. Wake up yall and keep doing what your doing, because it must be working, organize.
Very good Dwight! ABC, CBS, WACP, CNN, GOOGLE, YAHOO... and when ever another change may come, what the helll... we gave it our best shot! Reach for the sky and when the sky falls go to plan B. We never gave up or gave in as a people and we ain't gonna do it now.
Absolutely....you work with what you got and when it runs out ...just reach in your back pocket and keep on rolling.
They key is to to always have a Plan B.
Ar Lena
The Sports ePublicist
NEVER GIVE IN NEVER GIVE UP!... And this ain't no joke!

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