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September 2014


Rugby players 'risk skin infections'

Rugby players who share towels, razors and cold baths are at risk of sharing serious skin infections too, public health experts warn.

Doctor abused child cancer patients

A child cancer specialist at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge admits sexually abusing boys in his care.

Ashya proton beam sessions begin

Brain tumour patient Ashya Kin undergoes his first proton beam treatment at a Czech clinic.

Child heart surgery views sought

A consultation begins into the future of children's heart surgery in England after a review last year was dismissed by the government as flawed.

Walks and cycling 'well-being boost'

Switching from driving a car to walking or cycling to work improves the well-being of commuters, a study suggests.

Brains may 'resist Alzheimer's'

A small study suggests some people's brains may have the ability to resist early Alzheimer's damage.

Social care access 'limited for many'

Almost 90% of councils in England are now only offering social care to those whose needs are deemed substantial or critical, according to the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

Trade talks 'should include health'

Major trade talks between the US and EU must include healthcare, a UK health minister says amid claims doing so could threaten the NHS.

Botox 'stunts emotional growth'

Experts warn that treating young people with Botox injections could restrict their emotional and social development.

Police investigating baby feed deaths

Police are investigating the production of intravenous feeds after the deaths of two babies in hospital in London.

Nicotine device 'medically approved'

A nicotine inhaler which closely resembles a cigarette is the first product of its kind to be licensed as a medicine in the UK.

Cuba to send doctors to Ebola areas

Cuban health officials say they are deploying 165 health workers to help tackle the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Brain 'still active during sleep'

The brain is still active while we sleep, say scientists, who found people were able to classify words according to their meaning during their slumber.

Ashya hospital staff 'receive abuse'

Staff at the UK hospital where brain tumour patient Ashya King was treated have been inundated with abusive calls and emails, it is revealed.

Fat shaming 'leads to weight gain'

Making people feel shameful about their weight could lead them to gain weight, not lose it, suggests a University College London study.

GP patients 'sicker due to waits'

Patients may be getting sicker and becoming more expensive to treat while they wait to see a doctor, says the body that represents GPs in Wales.

UK proton beam centres open in 2018

Proton beam therapy centres to treat cancers will be available in Manchester and London in 2018, NHS officials confirm.

Call for lung cancer screening in UK

Delays bringing in screening for lung cancer in the UK could cost tens of thousands of lives, warns a leading cancer expert.

Blood group 'link to memory loss'

US research suggests there may be a link between a rare blood type and memory problems in later life.

Gates Foundation pledges Ebola cash

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committing $50m to help step up efforts to tackle Ebola in West Africa.
McDonalds and the crispy fries!! Now you
> know why!
> McDonald's announced in the 1990's that it changed
> its frying oil from animal fat to vegetable oil for
> those who are vegetarian. However, it turned out
> that this information did not turn out to be
> completely true French fries are fried slightly in
> animal fat then frozen and shipped to all the
> McDonald's stores for the final frying. The
> following information was announced on the Arabic
> BBC channel: Basically, what they do is they cut the
> potatoes into slices and then coat them with a thin
> layer of lard (pig fat) or cow fat so that when it
> is fried it will crunch. Then these fries are
> shipped to McDonald's stores in different parts of
> the world including India and the Arab countries.
> McDonald'sapologized to the Indians after receiving
> complaints, since a good number of Indians do not
> eat anything that has ingredients derived from
> animals. And of course no apology has been made to
> the Arab countries. So in summary, McDonald's fries
> are coated with a layer of either cow fat or lard
> (pig fat which is thicker and cheaper) then shipped
> to all McDonald's stores over the world, which is
> then fried in vegetable fat. Please alert all those
> you know of this information

Qur'an Shakir aka Madame Q
"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."
--El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz aka Malcolm X
"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"
-Fredrick Douglas

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